Balika Vadhu 20th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th April 2013 Written Update

Kanchan and Jagya are sitting at a distance and having conversation. Kanchan says I tried a lot, but neither my husband nor his family accepted me. I used to think everything will be fine as time goes, but it didn’t. In end my father decided to get me divorce from him. Jagya says to her, I married twice, but both marriages failed. And after that I decided that marriage is not for me. I got ready for this marriage because of my family.. and their choice is my choice. I will do whatever they say. You might be finding this strange, but I don’t want to hide anything.. whatever the truth is, I told you. Kanchan says, it’s not easy to tell truth. It requires guts which you have. We both have gone through bad phases in our lives.. so it won’t be difficult for us to understand each other. I don’t know whether our rishta will go ahead or no.. it’s possible that you marry elsewhere and I marry elsewhere, but what I can say is our lesson past will be useful in our future.

Kanchan’s father is talking on the phone with someone about Kanchan’s ex-husband family saying they are is very rich people.. a lawyer should be someone who can get us lots of money from the family. They bothered Kanchan so much, I can’t let them go easily. Ganga listens that and finds something wrong. She follows him. Kanchan’s father feels someone is following him, but Ganga hides when he looks back and then continues following him.

Meenu doesn’t know how to thank Anandi for taking care of her. If Mahi was here, then he would also have not cared like this. Anandi says you’re my own.. can’t I take care of my own people? And mistake was mine too. Meenu says, I have told you so many times not to blame yourself. Anandi gives her the breakfast. Meenu says her from tomorrow I want breakfast outside with everyone. Shiv comes and smiles. Meenu says, what are you smiling for? See how your wife has became my teacher. Shiv says, here Anandi has became your professor and has forgot me. Meenu says see what your husband is saying.. I was saying not to take extra care of me. She takes both of them with her and locks them inside their room. Meenu smiles and tells Anandi to take care of her husband as well. Both Shiv and Anandi asking her to open the door, but Meenu doesn’t open and smiles.

Kanchan’s father is talking with a lawyer and seems like he wants to take out money from Kanchan’s ex-husband’s family. He says, I don’t want a simple agreement… we can even blackmail them saying we will file a police complain as they tried to kill my daughter.. and then money will come out from their pockets. Laywer then says, I also heard about Kanchan’s rishta in Badi Haveli. Kanchan’s father says, still talks going on.. who knows what happens next. Lawyer says, if she does get married there, then you will be very rich. Kanchan’s father says, that’s true.. and you will also benefit from there as I believe in sharing. But first do this work of mine. Ganga listens all that.

Jagya’s family is waiting for Jagya. Jagya comes and says she told little about her and I told her little about me. From whatever that we talked, it seemed that Kanchan is a understanding and good girl. If you all feel good, then we can move ahead. Family is very happy. Ganga enters and says this rishta can’t happen. You will do a huge mistake by doing this rishta. Kanchan and her family are not good people at all.. they are trying to get money from her ex-husband’s family.. and they are doing rishta with doctor sahab for the same reason. Doctor sahab is from big family, so their family will also benefit. Jagya’s mother says to Ganga, do you have any sense what you’re saying? Dadisa takes Ganga’s side and asks her to tell more. Ganga tells everyone about her and Kanchan’s yesterday’s conversation. She says I was very bothered by that and that is why I went to temple this morning. And there I saw Kanchan’s father and he went to see a lawyer and tells everyone about his conversation with the lawyer. She says its good that truth came out before the marriage. Everyone thanks Ganga for letting them know about this truth. Ganga says you all allowed me to stay in this house, and this is nothing. Dadisa say, if you weren’t here, then I would have spoiled Jagya’s life.. May God bless you.. you’re so matured, understanding.. just like Anandi. In fact 2 steps ahead of Anandi. Jagya’s mother is not pleased to hear this. Jagya and others smile.

Voiceover: Uneducated people can identify differences between good and bad better because they go through so much in their lives and it makes it easier for them.

Precap: Anandi is making cake. Sanchi sees it. Anandi asks her not to tell anyone, especially to shiv as this is surprise for him. Anandi goes to put a laptop in room. Sanchi says, so you’re trying to impress Shiv by becoming modern? But I won’t let that happen.. I will also prove that you will still stay old fashioned. She changes setting in oven in which Anandi put the cake.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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