Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: A frustated Shobha poisons the Churma

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Shobha to come, as all the ladies are called to move the skimmer in the churma sweets. Shobha refuses to go, but her husband asks her to go. Badi Maa prays to Goddess that the sweets shall be tasty and that people like it. She takes the skimmer and moves it in the sweets. She asks Sandhya to give ghee. Sandhya gives ghee. Badi Maa pours ghee in the sweets. Simar, Shobha and others looks on. Badi maa asks Sandhya to give the dry fruits. Shobha says I will add. Badi Maa says this is just badi bahu’s right, I will not let anyone add the last ingredients to the sweets. Roma asks Aarav if the security guard will stop her sister, who is coming now. Aarav says I will go and see. Badi Maa tells that this is the last and important rasam, all the ladies of the house will add sweets to this churma. She calls simar to put some sugar and then mixes the churma well, followed by Sandhya and Chitra. Shobha is about to step infront to do the rasam, but badi maa says rasam is completed. Shobha feels humiliated. Badi Maa asks the guests to wait until the food is served. They all go. Chitra asks Shobha to put the leftover sugar. Shobha says I don’t want to mix bitterness in the sweets made by my mother. Badi Maa comes there and takes her along with her.

Vivaan comes to the photoshoot and asks about the model. Someone informs him that the model went in that direction. He sees her sitting in an auto and going. Simar comes to the venue and asks the watchman to check if someone came to take her. Watchman says no. Aarav comes there and asks watchman about Reema. Watchman says no. Aarav asks him to send her inside if she comes. He turns and looks at Simar who is standing at other side, but doesn’t see her and goes inside. Badi Maa brings Shobha to side and asks how dare you to insult me infront of my guests. Shobha says this is my father’s place and tells that she can’t forget that her baba died due to her. badi Maa slaps her hard and asks her to stay in limits, else she will forget that she has given her birth. She goes from there frustrated. Shobha cries. Simar says we have to start the serving and asks her to come. Shobha comes to the churma place and mixes acid or phenyl to the churma. She says you have crossed limits today, now you will see my enmity. Chitra comes to a girl Kajal. Her father comes and introduces her. Badi Maa introduces Sandhya as Aarav’s mother. Chitra introduces Kajal’s father to them. She then calls Vivaan. Badi Maa asks Simar to keep an eye on Shobha. Roma talks to Simar and asks why did she come? Simar says Reema is busy. Roma says she will come there. Simar looks at Aarav from a distance. Mahiya plays…..

She thinks he is seen everywhere and thinks Mata Rani, what is this sign? Roma comes to Simar and asks where is Reema? Simar says she was busy. Roma takes the blouse from her and says you would have come wearing nice clothes. She finds her slipper broken and asks what is it? Simar says she has to go and asks her to change fast. Roma goes to change. Simar looks at Aarav and thinks if she is day dreaming…..Roma comes to Simar and asks if she is dreaming. Simar says no, she is seeing the party. Roma tells that the party is big. Simar says yes, both party and people are good. Roma goes from there.

Aarav is about to taste the churma first. Simar and Sandhya come there and stop him. She says first they will keep the bhog and then everyone will eat. She keeps bhog infront of God’s, then tulsi plant, cow on the way, keeps for ants and then house dog. Bhairav comes and asks when churma will be served. Simar says very soon. Aarav says he can’t control. Simar asks Sandhya, if they shall make him taste. Sandhya says yes, but first guests. Gajendra asks Shobha’s husband to sit and have churma. The latter is about to sit, but Shobha comes and stops him, says guests first. Badi Maa thinks she is getting crazy day by day. Simar 2 is leaving when Roma asks her to go through back door, as if her mother in law sees her, then…..Simar says ok. She goes from back door and finds the dog/puppy’s condition deteriorating. She finds churma there and understands something is mixed in it. She runs inside and collides with Simar 1.

Precap: Simar tells Simar 1 that the puppy became unconscious after eating churma. She feels there is poison in it. Simar 1 runs inside and stops a waiter from taking churma outside. She checks the churma and finds out there is pesticide in it. Aarav and Vivaan are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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