Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu gets upset with height issue

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanju telling everyone that he drives the car by sitting behind, as his legs get stuck due to his height. Sanju tells that the tea is tasty and tells that Servant has wasted much sugar. Kamlesh says that tea was mine. Kat says he is not Servant, but my friend Kamlesh and he became Servant just became you came. Mohini says it seems Servant is Kat’s friend. Happu tells that his father’s values are in all children. Sanju says your heart is big, but height…less. Amma asks Hritik and Chamchi to take Sanju to see the house. Chamchi says he can’t see the house, as our doors are not much big. Happu asks them to go. Sanju and Mohini look at their family pic. Mohini says Happu looks like Amitabh bachchan. Sanju says if his height was tall, then he would have looked like. Mohini says Rajesh used to like tall guys and a tall guy alliance had come for her. Rajjo takes her to show the house. Happu thinks what is in the height?

Later in the night, Amma drinks and does poetry with Dada ji. She asks him to stand straight and says she will check his height. Dada ji says my height is 5’11. Amma tells that happu’s height became less due to him. Dada ji asks why? Amma says you used to have gutka when happu was about to be born. Amma tells that due to gutka, your son has become chutka. Dada ji says gutka is bad for health, but you used to drink.

Later in the night, Happu thinks if Sanju wouldn’t have been Rajjo’s friend, then I would have slapped him. He thinks his height is not small. He takes the measurement tape and checks Rajjo’s height. Rajjo wakes up and asks what is he doing with inch tape? Happu says he was measuring her. Rajjo asks why? Happu tells that he liked a dress and that’s why thought to surprise her. Rajjo asks are you saying truth? Happu says blue dress. Rajjo says I don’t wear dress. Happu says my Rajjo will wear infront of me. Rajjo asks him to sleep. Happu asks her to tell her actual height. Rajjo says 5’6 and above. Happu says I am 5’5, you are taller than me. Rajjo asks him to sleep.

Later in the morning, Happu comes to the kitchen and acts as Amitabh bachchan. He says kids used to call him Amitabh Bachchan. Rajjo asks if anyone called you Amitabh bachchan in college? She asks him to act as chota kapoor. Happu says I am not small. She asks him to down the container. Happu tries, but can’t take it down. Rajjo takes it surprising him.

Kat comes to college with a tall guy. Kamlesh thinks who is he? Kat says he is her tall friend, tallest talwar. Kamlesh says looks matters, not height. Kat tells that Tallest Talwar helped her get her dupatta and tells that she is going to watch a film. Kamlesh says how will you see the film. Kat says she can jump and sit on his shoulder, and can watch the film. She goes with him. Kamlesh thinks the tallest guy might become kat’s bestfriend.

Rajjo hears about the competition announcement on the radio and thinks to call Happu to enquire about his height. Happu is in the PS. Rajjo calls him and asks about his height. Happu asks why are you behind my height? Rajjo tells that she wants to take part in the competition and tells about the competition rules. Happu says he don’t have any time? Rajjo asks him to check his height. Happu says my height is much, as I measured yesterday. Manohar says height is less and says 5 feet. Happu says 5 ft 11 inches. Rajjo says you are not that tall. Happu says he is 5’11. Rajjo ends the call. Manohar says you are shorter than me. Happu stands up. Manohar goes to bring tea.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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