Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Omkar fails Vishaka’s desperate attempts to expose him

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishaka asking Omkar to make a mother meet her daughter. Mayura insists to meet Tara once and requests him. Omkar says you know well that when she is tensed, she has difficulty in breathing and that’s why I have sent her to London for treatment. Vishaka says from where you got money? Omkar says when the matter of my daughter comes, I can even beg for her. He says for now, he has taken help of his doctor friend and the latter is bearing all the expenses. Vishaka asks Omkar to make Mayura talk to Tara. Omkar says you are more eager to talk to Tara than Mayura. He tells that he would have made her meet Tara, but there is a time difference beween the two countries, and tells that Tara might be sleeping now. Mayura says ok, make me talk to her tomorrow. Vishaka asks him not to forget. Omkar gets up, removes his googles and take an apple. Shankar and Megha come there. Omkar looks at them and tells that he got scared, says he thought Mayura returned again. Shankar asks why did you lie to Mayura, why you didn’t tell her that Tara is with Vishaka. Omkar says it is of no use, as I saw Vishaka hitting her head on to the tree and that’s why I thought of this plan. He says Mayura had brought Police here in Vishaka’s influence. Megha asks how will you make Mayura talk to Tara now? Omkar says if I want to win then I have to think a step ahead of Vishaka, tells that he has made this marriage too and will give a strong reply to Vishaka’s attack. He says once Mayura has saved me from Aishwarya’s trap, now it is my turn to safe Mayura from Vishaka’s trap.

Vishaka asks Mayura, how can you trust Omkar? She says you are doing a big mistake and says he is acting to be blind. She says he will not make you talk to Tara, I can guarantee that. Mayura says please, I was doubtful at first, but after whatever happened, I trust him. She says why will he lie? Vishaka says I can guarantee that, he will not make you talk to her. Mayura asks why? Vishaka says Tara is not with Omkar. She then tells that she is not in London. Mayura tells that Omkar can never think bad about Tara and tells that she don’t think that Omkar is acting to be blind. She says once he makes me talk to her, you will be relieved. Vishaka gets angry and tears the cushion. She thinks she will expose him.

Shankar asks Omkar, how will he make Mayura talk to Tara? Megha comes there to inform about Mayura. Vishaka and Mayura come there. Omkar wear googles, while Shankar asks him to have food. Vishaka says you would have known that we have come. Mayura asks him to make her talk to Tara. Omkar tells her that he can’t see Tara and tells Mayura that she can see her. Vishaka says lets talk to her. Omkar says Tara’s appointment is going on with Dr. Rao, but the latter has sent her video. Mayura asks if he is the same doctor, who is reputed doctor from London. Omkar says yes. Omkar asks Megha to make Mayura see the video and says it is in mail. Megha shows the video. Mayura gets happy and emotional seeing Tara, telling her that the hospital is nice. Vishaka messages her guard to send Tara’s pic. She gets it. Omkar asks she is silent? Vishaka asks him to make a video call to Tara. Mayura says Omkar said that she is having an appointment with Dr. Rao. Vishaka says you are not understanding and holds her hand tightly. Omkar gets angry and pushes the medicine tray on the floor. He then says sorry. Vishaka says I can see and doubts him. Omkar says there is no treatment for doubt. He says now it is the time for him to walk. Mayura takes Vishaka from there. Shankar asks Omkar if this video is old. Omkar tells that this is Singapore video, she used to made for her mother and now it came to use. Shankar says I am feeling bad to betray Mayura, she cares for you so much and asking doctor about your recovery. Omkar says once Vishaka’s truth is out, I will make all possible attempts to get my family back.

Vishaka asks Mayura why she is not understanding and says Tara is not with Omkar. Mayura asks her to stop doubting Omkar. Vishaka says if I prove that he is acting then will you agree. She asks her to look at Omkar coming there for walk. She takes a brick and shouts Omkar. Mayura asks what she is going to do? Vishaka says I will throw brick on him, and if he bends down then that means he is not blind. She throws brick on him. Omkar bends down and pretends to pick the thorn from his foot. Vishaka gets happy and asks Mayura to see. Mayura asks her to see and says Omkar bent down to take out thorn from under his foot. She says else you would have made all arrangements to break his head. Omkar calls Vishaka and asks if she called him. He says he bent down to get the thorn out of his foot. Mayura says Vishaka was saying bye. Omkar looks at them, as they leave, and smiles.

Mayura apologizes to Vishaka and tells that she is like her elder sister. Vishaka reminisces her brother. Mayura tells that she will not divert from her aim, but can’t lose humanity and don’t want to trouble them much. She says my aim’s life is to get Tara and that aim will not get weak, my aim is not to defeat an already defeated man. She says Tara will be with me soon. She gets a call from Shankar and gets shocked. She says I am coming there and tells Vishaka that Omkar’s health..goes from there. She comes to the hospital and asks Shankar about him. Shankar says omkar was not fine, that’s why I called you, but now Doctor gave him injection and he is fine. Omkar says you came running hearing about me and asks if she is here? Mayura says yes, I am here. Omkar holds her hand. Megha looks at Vishaka. Vishaka says sorry for doubting Omkar. Mayura thanks her for understanding her. Vishaka says until Omkar and Papa ji are here, you will be tensed, so I thought Omkar and Papa ji can stay in our haveli. Mayura says our haveli. Vishaka says they were staying in hotel, if they stay infront of you then you will be relieved. Shankar refuses. Mayura insists and thanks Vishaka for thinking so much about them. Omkar looks at her. Vishaka says you are welcome in our haveli. Omkar folds his hands and thank her.

Precap: Everyone is sitting at dining table. Vishaka asks a servant to give daal to Omkar. She signs him to drop daal on Omkar, hoping to expose him. The servant drops daal and Omkar stands up. Mayura asks him how did he know that daal was going to drop on him?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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