Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush gives the juice to Roshni. She is about to drink it. Piyush throws away her glass. roshni says why did you do that? He leaves.
KB says to Vadahi he is crazy after you. Vadahi says I will get the good news soon that vadahi is dead. Piyush rings the doorbell. Vadahi says did you do what I said? Piyush says I mixed poison in her juice. But I broke the glass I can’t kill someone. I can’t do this. Please Vadahi. Vadahi laughs. She says there was no poison in it. Piyush says means? She says yes I was just testing. I wanted to see how much you love me. You passed the test. I am sure you really love me.
Piyush hugs her. He says please never ask me to do something like this again. I was so scared.

Roshni comes home. she sees a cat dead on her juice. She says this means there was poison in my juice/ Piyush tried killing me? She is shocked. Roshni sits down crying.

Shnaya meets saroj. Saroj gives her necklace. Shanaya says anjali is so lucky. Saroj is lucky as well. Shanya leaves. Saroj says I will see how vikram reacts when anjali won’t wear her sindur and he won’t call vikram her husband. this will create so much distance between them.

Roshni comes to Vadahi’s house. She peeks in. piyush says I was so scared. I know you can never harm anyone. When I mixed the poison my hands were shivering. Vadahi says in heart my plan was to see her dead and you in jail. Vadahi says I can never kill anyone. Anyway lets have tea. She gives Piyush tea. Roshni is scared. Roshin says in heart is she giving him poison as well. Roshni comes in and says stop. Roshni sleeps Vadahi. piyush gets angry. Roshni says how dare you. You gave him poison and wanted to kill me. Now you want to kill him? How low will you stoop? Piyush says what the hell roshni. He slaps her and says just shut up. How dare you slap or accuse Vadhi. She loved me. She won’t harm me ever. Roshni says she was mixing something in your tea. Vadhi says yes I mixed something in your tea and that is this. Sugar free pills. Roshin says she is lying. I am sure it has poison. Vadahi says okay then. Vadahi eats one of them. Piyush asks Roshni to get out. VAdahi is crying. Piyush hugs her. Vadhi smirks at Roshni. Piyush says relax vadahi. I totally trust you. And roshni why the hell are you here? don’t you feel ashamed keeping an eye on us? Roshni says Vadahi is a liar because she gave you poison. Vadahi says I am sorry Piyush I wont’ tolerate this anymore. She tried killing me before and now accusing me of this. Roshni says I have proofs. Vadai says really? I think she came here to kill me. thank God you were here. Otherwise she would harmed me. I am so scared of her. Roshni says stop this drama. You are manipulating Piyush. Piyush says enough roshni. Roshni says you mixed poison in juice. Piyush says VAdahi says it was not poison so it was not. You came here to keep an eye on us. roshni says she wanted to kill me through your hands and I have proof of that. Roshni says when you left the room. A cat licked the juice and it died. Piyush is shocked. HE says what? No way. This is not possible. Roshni says that cat is still there.Come and see it with me. Piyush says I know Roshni is a liar and I have to prove that. That is why I am going with her Vadahi but I will come back.
They leave. Vadhai says what if Piyush sees the dead cat there.

Precap-Roshni shows Piyush the cat. RAju says on call to Khushi I did what you said. Roshni overhears him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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