Udaan 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Suraj how to save Kasturi and Tejaswini. Suraj says how can Bhaiya ji kill Tejaswini, I will not leave him. Chakor says we can’t see any of them dying. He says even I can’t see, how what will we do. She says we have to save them. He says we have no medium to get help. Ragini gets Bhaiya ji’s call. She says I have left Kasturi and Tejaswini, shall I take video and send. He says don’t act smart, I m asking again as this is imp. She says if you don’t believe, then come here and see. She disconnects call. He gets angry and tells Ragini. She asks him to calm down.

Ragini asks Chagan where is he going. He does not answer. She reminds he is bandhua and asks him to answer. He says my dad is unwell, so I m going to get medicines. She asks him did he feel bad, and offers lift. She says you are my childhood friend, come with me. He refuses. He thinks of Chakor’s words. He says what will people thinking seeing me in car with you. She says fine, we will go by walk. He thinks how to make Ragini against Bhaiya ji.

Suraj says its tough moment, its not easy to decide, we have to choose between Kasturi and Tejaswini. Chakor and Suraj sit crying. Suraj thinks of Tejaswini. Chakor thinks of Kasturi. They say they can’t see their mothers dying. She says we don’t want any of our mothers to die, how will we decide whom to save. Suraj sees a bottle cap. Chakor asks what are you doing. He says this cap will solve our problem now, we will do toss by it and save Kasturi if its heads, else Tejaswini. She asks him to stop joking. He asks her whom will she save. She sees time and says I don’t understand, do what you find right. Suraj tosses the cap. The cap does not show any side.

Suraj kicks the cap and says I think we can’t save both of them. She asks Suraj to come and put hand on the stone, we will try to break the hadncuffs, then we can go in different directions and save our mums. She hits stone. Suraj’s finger gets hurt and bleeds. She says sorry and sucks the blood. Suraj thinks Chakor cares for me a lot, how can i see her sad, if anything happens to Kasturi, I can’t see Chakor shattering, Chakor supported me and Kasturi supported Tejaswini. She thinks why do I get hurt when Suraj gets hurt, Suraj did a lot for me, how can I hurt Suraj. He says we will save Kasturi. She says we will save Tejaswini.

Ragini says I want them to save Kasturi, as Tejaswini is big threat. Bhaiya ji says yes, but I want fun in this game, if my plan works, it will be big thing. Vivaan manages work. The man gets oranges. Vivaan says its for my wife, take it to haveli. Imli comes there and asks him to listen. He says I could not buy orange before, now I can get crates, times changed. She says I want my Maai. He asks what are you saying. She says you know about Kasturi, tell her. He says she would be at home. She asks don’t you know Bhaiya ji and Ragini fixed bomb to Kasturi and Bhaiya ji, and playing game with Suraj and Chakor, take me to them. He says I really don’t know, have patience. She asks him not to lie and say where is Kasturi, if anything happens to Kasturi, I will not leave anyone. She prays for Kasturi.

Chakor says we will save both. Suraj says we don’t have time, we will save Kasturi, as Tejaswini is alive because of Kasturi, no one helped Tejaswini, Kasturi gave her food and bed, Kasturi gave her new life, even Tejaswini would have wanted same now, we will save Kasturi, come, we wasted much time. She stops. He says I will lift you. They leave.

Ragini gets a foot sprain. Chagan cares for her. She smiles and says I thought you are annoyed with me, so you were silent. He says nothing like that, I m afraid of Bhaiya ji’s men. She says I m Bhaiya ji’s daughter, not his servant. He laughs. She asks him to stop laughing. He says what shall I do, is there difference between you and his men. They also obey Bhaiya ji, its bitter truth, you are like his puppet, I will leave. She says wait, I m not his puppet, you will know this. He thinks plan is working and smiles.

Suraj and Chakor run. He cries. Tejaswini shouts for help. Suraj asks Chakor why did you stop, did you get pain. He ties cloth to her wound. She says if you save Kasturi, I will regret all life, we will save Tejaswini. He says I m not crying that I m failing to save Tejaswini, its my sorrow that I could not become good son, I never respected Tejaswini and her love, I did not do anything for her, I wish I had time to apologize to her, but I can’t do this, I have no time. She says I can understand your pain. He says this had to happen, Tejaswini and I have hurt many hearts and had to get cursed, come. She stops him and pulls him back. They hug and cry.

Suraj shows Kasturi. They go and see Tejaswini there. Chakor says Bhaiya ji said we will get Kasturi here, we can’t save Kasturi now. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i dont know who will be saved. please updt fast

  2. Both of them will be saved

  3. Both are saved… ragini will give the information of kasturi to chagan… so chagan saves kasturi… suraj is released from chains after this but not from bandhuagiri.

  4. Don’t worry…k.t..both of them saved..suraj and chakor save tejaswini and chagan save kasturi..and suraj will free but twists or tortured remain….

  5. Even imli was present when kn said about the locations of both the mothers…so she should find the location like sukor was doing…

  6. Latest spolier kn releases suraj
    Suraj has to live in the village know but kn comes and says suraj cant live in chakors village house km says suraj know has to work for the villagers if he wants money and food
    Kn says to villagers if you dont hire suraj he will double thier salary suraj asks the villagers for work but they refuse to give him chakor comes and feeds him then ragini will come and provoke the villagers that if chakor meets suraj the villagers will not be able to celebrate holi suraj agrees but chakor doesn’t and chakor says that she will meet suraj no matter what
    Kn and ragini new plan is to separate chakor and suraj

  7. Hey guys I was a silent reader all this while but now can I join your lovely family and yes I do like the show. Ultimately Kamal Narayan will lose!!!!So happy.

  8. Hey guys I was a silent reader all this while but now can I join your lovely family? And yes I do like the show. Ultimately Kamal Narayan will lose!!!!So happy.

  9. Im just so so glad ki Udaan trp is very gud…. making top 10 weekly for some time now this year. IM SUPER PROUD of the WHOLE UDAAN team and the chemistry bw chakor suraj is just heart-warming!!!! KEEP this track going cvs plssss…. sukor fans r begging uuuuuu

  10. Janani9789

    Good episode!!! Suraj he crying??, once he never show his feelings, worries, he doesn’t care… About anyone or anything…. Now Waah man… He changed a lot…. It’s about fully of suraj in today episode….
    He even sacrifice his mother… For chakor and for her mother…. He cries… ??.
    I loved the scene where both suraj and both… Thinking of other helps and sadness… Even both remince of mothers… ?
    I love with that hug… Love the way chakor hugged suraj… ???,
    Both save the moms… But ragini planned to separate suraj and chakor now… She asked villagers not allow suraj and chakor not to meet… If they want to celebrate holi… ???,
    Chagan is the one who can control ragini and separate her from kn…
    Hope for new twists…

  11. Hello friends,Sukor r going to come in chote Miyan dhakad n both r looking hot.

  12. Gd epi, it was so emotional love the way chakor hugs suraj . In spoilers ragini is gng to seperate sukor, I jst hp fr a twist in tht.lets see.

  13. Love suraj-chakor.the way in which they are coming close to each other.please reply for my comment.anyone???

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