Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikita panics reminiscing seeing Saaachi’s ghost taking Aryan away and blood note on mirror. Sarita enters and shows her concern for her. Malvika/Saachi goes to kitchen and sees 2 stoves, realizes situation has worsened so much now. She switches on Neelima’s stove. Sarita comes and says she can use other stove not this one. Malvika asks what is the difference. Nikita comes. Malvika says she brought her to show Indian culture, this is what Indian culture is. Nikita takes Sarita with her. Neelima comes. Malvika asks if she can use her kitchen as she feels family should stay together and divide. Neelima gets emotional and says she speaks like her Saachi.

Nikita panics reminiscing Saachi’s soul tell she will take revenge. Aryan asks what happened to her, she has a meeting with Malvika. She insists him to attend meeting as she is unwell. HE says she knows he does not like Malvika. She insists and says he just has to show designs to Malvika, and he agrees.

Aryan and Malvika/Saachi during lunch break, sit for lunch. Saachi gets him kheer and says she prepared kheer in lieu of boiling milk and asks to taste and tell how is it. He says is not that sweet. She says he did not taste it yet. He says with her love, it is very sweet. They both feed each other. Neelima comes with lunch box and drops it in a shock seeing them together. Saachi starts acting. Neelima gets emotional and calls her Saachi, asks where she went, she was missing her a lot. Saachi also hugs her emotionally and tells she had to go to save family. Neelima asks if she can help her in her mission. Saachi tells Aryan like a mother Saachi will protect their mission. Neelima says she called her mother, so she will do anything for her. Saachi says first she will clear her differences with maasa/Sarita, they both are pillars of Sethia family.

Nikita in her room still panics. Aryan calls her and tells he showed designs to Malvika and she liked it, asks if she is fine now. She says yes and thinks once she grabs Malvika’s money, she will go far away with Aryan.

Saachi returns home and sees Sarita writhing with leg pain, hopes she could have helped her. She tells Neelima it is best opportunity to clear differences, even she may be feeling bad seeing maasa in pain. Neelima says bhabi saa will not like it. Saachi insists and sends her.

Precap: Saachi as ghosts comes in front of Nikita and says she told her that she will return to take revenge. Aryan drops kerosene on Nikita. Saachi walks towards Nikita holding candle.

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  1. On opening kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi page only blank page is shown.

  2. Precap was good waiting for tonight’s episode. Close Nikita’s chapter by firing her then archi kush m b kush

  3. nice episode… precap is better…

  4. Christie123

    Yippee!! I am having a lot of fun seeing Nikita’s fearful face. She looks so scared!!

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