Sasural Simar Ka 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikran says he is sid bharadwaj. Whatever he is saying is a lie. This all is a misunderstanding of my wife sunnaina. simar says there is no misunderstanding. he says i gave you chance and you lied i don’t know why i listened to you again. My brother is a respected doctor. Simar says try to understand. He says stop all this sunnaian. Sid says stop vikran. Karthik asy i am sorry inspector i take back my complaint its a family matter. Sorry to waste your time. Karthik says to vikran bhaiya you wrere with them in all this. i never thought you would do this. Bhabhi met her family after two years and she wants to get united with them. You are my brother you wanted to send me to jail. you’re my blood and my idol. you know me more than baa. You think your brother can kill people ? you think i am a murderer. I can’t believe this you even doubted baa. How can you forget that she brought us up and gave birth to us. She made us who we are. She did so much to educate us you know everything but you didn’t think for a moment that this would hurt baa. You showed that you don’t love me. Vikran says what are you saying there is nithing more than you an baa for me. Don’t tell all this to baa. Karthik says there is nothing left to say or listen. Thank God baa isn’t here she would not have been able to bear all this. When they trun baa is there. karthik says why you came here ? you should rest. Where is jhanvi ? I asked her to take care of her. Baa says calm down karthik don’t scold at the ward boy. there is no mistake of jhanvi in all this. Jhanvi didn’t eat anything since morning so i asked her to go and eat. Its better that i came here at least i acme to know how much vikran loves. I was so proud of my bringing up. He ruined everything. I have lost. she sheds crocodile tears. vikran is repentant. Baa is about to leave. Vikran stops her. Vikran comes and bows down. he says baa i made a mistake. Baa says since you came here you have been hurting. You used to bow me in Ahmedabad. ANd look here we have no respect ? Till when we have to tolerate all this ? Vikran says i promise there will be no such tins anymore. We will go to Ahmedabad tomorrow. simar says how can you say that. Don’t listen to her. she is still deceiving you. baa knew that me and roli and going to play a trick with karthik so she pretended to be ill. she has been lying all the simar. Vikran comes and si about to slap her. Sid defends her and says how dare you. she is daughter of bharadwajs. You can go wherever you want. She will stay here. Vikran says she is sunnaina Mehta my wife and she will always. she became sunnaina because of your wife. roli killed my sunnaina. She took sunnaina from me so i took simar from her. You will be punished all your lives. Sid says who are you to tell me that ? roli can’t kill anyone. Your brother and baa killed sunnaina. vikran sasy i won’t leave you if you say anything about baa and my brother. simar says stop please. baa says this is their reality. we came from another city for their daughter and they are hitting us. This simar is saying all this o reuninte with her family. karthik says we will go to Ahmedabad tomorrow, that’s final. sid says simar will live here that’s final. simar asks sod to home. she says i will be fine i will talk to them. Sid says okay. Sid says feel pity for you vikran truth is in front of you still you can’t see it. The more you delay it the more it will be difficult for you to gulp it.

Thye reurn home. vikran tells everyone that they will be leaving by tomorrow. Mausi ji says even fabricated we are satisfied that we had our simar. sujata says you gave anajli love of a mom. Our simar would have done the same. you are going but you have done a great favor on us. Vikran says sunnaina pack up the stuff. we are going in morning tomorrow.

Precap-Simar gets a call from baa, baa says i have abducted sid. You played once now its mine turn.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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