Baawre 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini and Nikumbh bargaining at the furniture shop in the market. Raghavendra comes there and sees them. There is a traffic jam and he has to take his car forward. Nikumbh and Yamini go inside the shop and checks other tables. They see few cabinets. Ragjavendra gets a doubt and goes to the same shop to see them. He goes to see the rocking chair and looks for them. Nikumbh and Yamini go to the other side. Yamini sees him and gets tensed. She signs Nikumbh to see him. They hide from Raghavendra. Raghavendra calls Dadi and asks where is she, he will come to pick her. Dadi says no, don’t worry, I will come home. He says fine, I am coming.

He leaves from the shop. Yamini looks on. Nikumbh asks her not to worry. Yamini says Dadi will be in problem, as she lied to dad. Dadi calls her and asks her to come soon, as Ragjavendra is coming home. Yamini says fine, I m coming. Nikumbh goes to drop Yamini home. Dadi waits for Yamini. Raghavendra comes home and asks about Yamini. Dadi says she is in her room. He says fine, and goes to see her room. Nikumbh and Yamini reach home too. Dadi is tensed. Nikumbh makes Yamini enter her room by the window. Raghavendra comes in her room and does not see Yamini.

He gets angry and turns. He sees Yamini sitting and reading a book. He asks did she go out to the market. She says no, she is at home. He leaves. She gets relieved. She signs Nikumbh to go and smiles. Nikumbh leaves. He comes to the haveli with Yamini’s scarf and Azam teases him. Azam likes the furniture and asks Shaheen to sit on the chair. Shaheen makes Nikumbh sit. Nikumbh says we will start the work from tomorrow.

Azam asks where is the script, make you dream true. Shaheen says our dream. Azam says yes, our dream. Nikumbh talks to them and says sacrifice sleep first. Azam says he is going to drop Shaheen and leaves. Its night, Nikumbh writes the script and gets stuck in the lines. He thinks about Yamini and writes the lines. He calls Yamini and she takes the call. He says the lines and she smiles. She says I m stuck at last line and I want your creative suggestion. She jokes.

They have a talk for long hours. She gives him some suggestions. She reasons herself and realizes her love. She thinks she is in love. She sees Raghavendra. Raghavendra turns and looks at Yamini’s window. She gets tensed. She acts like sleeping and Raghavendra leaves seeing her. Yamini ends the call. Nikumbh says maybe the batter is gone. Its morning, Yamini is happy and thinks about Ram and Sita. She thinks about Nikumbh’s words. She comes to meet Nikumbh and sees him sleeping in the chair. She sees his work done and leaves.

Yamini says she wants to complete Nikumbh’s work, as he has called me late night to take my suggestion. Shaheen teases her. Azam joins her and says my friend has changed. Nikumbh wakes up and comes to them. Yamini asks them to read what Nikumbh was written, its so well. Nikumbh thanks her for inspiring him and understanding the girl’s point of view. He says our chemistry is good and she smiles. He asks have you ever fall in love. Yamini is quiet.

Shaheen asks Yamini to share her feelings with Nikumbh. Yamini talks to Nikumbh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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