Saraswatichandra 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur asking the inspector to find out Rohit soon, and who was behind all this. He ends the call and says Saras does not stay at home, he does not care. He says I have decided, Kumud and Saras won’t go out, and even Anushka. Guniyal and Badimaa calm him down. He is worried. He gets worried till they come home. Danny and Saras come. Vidyachatur asks about Kumud. Kumud comes and says I had meeting with kids’ parents. Vidyachatur gets angry seeing her come alone. Kabir says no, I was with her. Saras asks him not to worry. He says why are you all not worried, you know about someone attacking on you, he is not caught. Saras says yes we know, police is finding out.

Vidyachatur asks them not to be careless. Saras says we are not careless, we have someone when we got out, we don’t send Anushka alone. He says we can’t sit at home being afraid. Vidyachatur says you have to be at home. Kumud says I don’t go alone, and stay at school if no one comes to pick me. Saras says we will know who is that, they have hit on our back, but now they won’t be able to harm us. Danny says Kabir and I are focused on Saras and Kumud, nothing will happen to them. Kabir says yes, don’t worry, we will take good care of them. Saras says Kaka, I have to tell something.

He says the school we made on mum’s name, I m thinking to start it next week, on her birthday. Everyone is happy and smile. Badimaa says only Saras can think this, this will give her soul very peace. She cries. Danny says its trademark of this house to cry on good news. He says I thought Sheera will be made today. Yash says yes. Saras says the credit goes to Kumud, as it was her idea so that mum stays with us. Saras hugs Badimaa. Guniyal asks them to have food. Danny says and……….. She says yes, I will make Sheera.

Its night, Saras sees Kumud working and asks her to sleep. She says you sleep, I m checking the answersheets, they are not studying well. He says now they will study well as their teacher ji is back. He goes to the bed. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She comes to him and asks are you thinking about mum’s school. He says no, I was thinking about Kabir, as I saw him crying today. She says yes, he got upset hearing Badimaa’s words. He says yes, I saw my mum, but he did not, I saw him happy for the first time when Anushka was in his love, but now he is making her away.

She says no, they love each other and will unite, we have to trust them and give them time. Kabir has bad memories, but we will give him love that he will forget all bad memories. She says she will spend time with him and check answersheets tomorrow. They lie down. She asks him to sleep and says good night. They sleep. Its morning, Danny says Saras that client said we gave to go meeting together. Vidyachatur stops them being worried. He asks Saras and Kumud not to go. He says Rohit is not caught and we don’t know who is behind him.

Saras asks him not to worry. Vidyachatur says we stay tensed till you come back home. He says fine, but no one will go alone. Danny says I m going with Saras to factory. Kabir says I will drop Kumud to school. Vidyachatur asks about return. Danny and Kabir take the duties. Danny and Saras leave. Vidyachatur asks him to call reaching factory. Avinash asks Kumud can he come. Kumud says tomorrow, I m going to other school today. Anushka asks her to take care. Vidyachatur asks her to call him after reaching school.

Kumud gets an envelope and opens it. She gets a letter and reads ……. Its important work so I m writing this, I have the valuable thing of Saras, please come and take it, your well wisher. She says there is no name and address, who wrote this and why. What valuable thing? Kabir hits the horn asking her to come. She leaves. The nurse comes to Saraswati and tells her that a woman wants to harm her and her baby, and she has come to warn her. Saraswati asks why. The nurse says she is finding for one chance, so she is alerting her.

The brothers work in the office. Saras asks them to go to school work and he will attend the meeting. Danny asks for school work or to see Kumud? Saras says go. Danny says Kabir you go, as I have to be with Saras, Kaka will be worried. Kabir says Bhaiya I will go and leaves. Saras asks Danny to learn something from Kabir. Danny says fine, I m going, and you check the file and call me. Saras says you are ordering me and asks him to go.

Anushka is worried for Avinash and talks to Kusum. She says everyone was tensed because of me, but they have forgiven me, but will I be able to forgive myself. Kusum says we should apologize to you, as the kidnapper wanted to harm our family and kidnapped Avinash and troubled you. Anushka says everything changes. Kusum says she will talk to Kabir, but Anushka says no, I accept his decision. She leaves.

Everyone sit for dinner. Vidyachatur asks Saras about factory work. Badimaa asks him about school work. Saras says everything good going on. Kumud is thinking about the letter. Vidyachatur asks her about her new school. She says it was good. Danny says he will become the school’s principal, as he is fed up of Saras’ scolding and clients’ business. Saras says he forgot he got much scolded in school. Saras says you won’t even get admission in first grade. Everyone laugh. Saras holds his head. Avinash says he feels to stay here forever as they make good food. Guniyal says its Saras’ fav food. Danny says yes, Kaki as he is your fav son.

Kusum says your fav Kerela is also made. Saras feels unwell. Kumud sees him and says Saras. Saras says nothing, I will come and goes to wash hands. He holds his head and falls on the door. Everyone is shocked seeing him.

Kumud comes in the mental hospital and sees Saraswati and the baby. She checks the same baby doll pic in her phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    luv danny scens………..hezz my fav among all………..nd luv his natkat jokzz……..i feel sad thnkng how wuld he react on ghumaanzz dis plan………….i get tears in my eyezz cng him cry………..

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