Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sankalp and khushi have taken their son to hospital. He calls mata ji and tells her that he is under observation. Sujata says what actually happened to him ? Mata ji says just seasonal problems. They hear roli running after Anjali. sHe is not drinking milk. Roli asks how is santhap ? Mata ji says he is better now . Anjali asks what happened to santhap / She says he is ill. Of you wanna be strong you drink this. Pari says in her heart how will surbi take care of this Anjali. Mausi ji says you don’t have to run after her anymore. Surbhi is coming now. Roli says I trust that she will be good with her. PAri says surbhi loves kids. Sid comes and says whats woth our princess / Is she going to summer camp. Roli says how can she ? There only the children go who take care of themselves and drink milk. Anjali says I will drik the milk. Sujata says Anjali is so young to go to summer camp. Roli says its only for 3 to 5 years kids. one parent can go with her. Pari says I will go with her. Sujaat says how will you go. Aarav won’t live without you. Roli is the best option to go with her. Mata ji says sujata and mausi ji come to my room I wanna talk about prem’s wedding.
Pari says to uma that roli already own the keys and now hse will enjoy the summer camp we will be stuck here

Scene 2
Anajli and roli are on their way to school. Roli says its your last day. Then we will go to summer camp by tomorrow. The car breaks down. The driver checks it. Suddenly a car stops. Its Anjali’s friend and her mom. She says I will drop Anjali. SHe takes Anjali with her. Roli calls sid and tells her that she has sent Anjali with a friend and the car in broken. Sid syas stay there I am coming. Roli moves forward and figures that its the same place where simar met the accident. She recalls prem crying over her dead body. She recalls all her moments with simar. Suddenly a red duppata flies. she sees a lady talking on phone and a truck is behind her roli tries to tell her to go on a side. She says on the call, why you don’t understand she was my best friend. she died here but nothing has been sorted by now. She is not listening to roli. Roli goes running and saves her. Her phone falls on the ground.
Roli says what were you thinking I was asking to move aside from so long. SHe says I am really sorry. She says thanks you saved my life. I should have know that this place is so bad. An accident met at this place in fact it was a murder. She says hi am aditi shah and I am a journalist. 25th may two years ago my best friend died at this place. Her name was sunnaina. It was just to show that it was an accident. It was a murder. Roli says what a co incidence., My sister died here at the same place in an accident two years ago. she says we were unknown a while ago but we have same kind of pain. We share a relation of pain. She leaves. Roli wonders why is her words messing with her head. She says didi died on 26th and sunnaina on 25th. that means the I hit the car. It was sunnaina I killed her. I have to know what happened. She looks for aditi but she is no where. Sid comes there and asks what are you doing here alone ? She tells everything to sid. Roli says I am so worried. Am I the one who killed sunnaina ? I have to sort all this out. id says lets go to the police station we will ask them. If there were any accident here they’d know.

Scene 3
Baa asks servant is the room of sanjaina ready ? SHe says yes. Sanjina comes in and meets baa. She says it was my last day. She says I know all the toys are there. Sanjina says I will take all the toys to summer camp. Baa is she is so yuoung for summer camp. Siamr says I will go with her. Vikran says no one is going anywhere. SHe is you and I will take her wherever she wants. Baa asks why are you stopping her ? He say Shimla is so far away and there would be cold there.Baa says its summers the weather must be good there. He says in don’t wanna talk about it yet. I came to take a file we will talk about this in evening. Simar syas in heart I know why are you stopping her but you have to change the decision.
Siamr goes to vikran and says are you feeling like I would g from this hosue in the name of summer camp and won’t come back ?

Precap-/ Simar and sanjina are leaving for summer camp. Baa prays for their save journey. there Anjali and roli are ready as well. They sit in their respective cars to go to Shimla.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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