Saraswatichandra 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud making things look perfect at home. She has nothing to do and feels lonely. Saras comes late to office. Nikkil says good morning and gives him coffee. He says thanks, God bless you, nice coffee. He says I don’t understand Mumbai’s traffic, the city runs and we don’t know how soon time passes. He talks to his staff. Kumud says how will the day pass, its only 10am now. She holds her head. Kabir asks Anushka to open the door. She says no way and calls Kusum. She says why is Kusum not taking the call, whom to tell, Oh God Please help. Kabir says I m feeling hungry, open the door. She says I know he is thirsty for someone’s blood, I won’t open.

Kabir says why do I have to deal with this mad girl. Kumud tries to pass time. Kumud looks at the plants. Prashant says my meeting is cancelled, so I will work from home. He sees Kumud in her balcony. She talks to the plants and says I heard you talk to plants, they grow up soon, so we are friends now. She waters the plants. Prashant looks at the four black dots on her neck. She says I heard time passes soon here, but not mine, what to do, I will tell you all my poetry and you tell me your song, then we won’t be bored. She laughs. Prashant smiles and stares at her.

Anushka says Kusum and Danny not are unreachable, I have to call uncle now. She calls Vidyachatur and asks about Danny. He says he is in meeting, what happened, why are you worried. She thinks he will react shocked if I tell him, no it won’t be good to tell him, he will be hurt. She says what to do, looks like I have to tell him no other option. She says Kabir is going to do something which no one knows. He asks what. He keeps the phone on speaker and says tell me what happened.

She says Kabir is not like he looks. She says he has a gun. He says yes yes. She says do you know. He says yes I spoke to him about this. He checks accounts and does not understand what she is saying. Anushka says I have to do something. Kumud says Saras’s meeting might have ended and calls him. Saras says Kumud wait, and asks the staff to make the proposal. They leave. He says sorry. She says fine, how is it going on. He says meetings, calls……… Nikki comes to him and work again…… Saras asks Kumud to hold on. He checks a file and I made minor changes, Mr. Mehta’s son’s birthday is coming, so give a gift to him from our company.

He gets a call on landline and says don’t take the work light, else our proposal will reject. Kumud hears him talking to someone else and hangs on patiently.

Everyone come home. Anushka says where were you, I called you many times but what happened. Anushka says Kabir……. Kusum says did you fight again. Anushka says Kabir is going to kill someone, trust me, ask uncle, he is coming. Vidyachatur and Danny comes. They ask him. He says what, I don’t know anything. Danny says what rubbish. Anushka says he said he will kill someone, he has a gun and knife. She tells them everything what she heard and saw. Danny says she is mistaken, he can’t do this, you all won’t believe as you don’t know his real face, he drinks wine and plays cards. Vidyachatur asks did you have Bhaang and laughs.

She says I have shut him in room, come and see. Kabir thinks to do something and leaves from the window smiling. Saras forgets he kept Kumud on hold and does his work. He looks at the time and says its 3, time passes so soon. He realizes about Kumud and gets the phone, but she ended the call. Nikki says Mr. Singhania came to meet you. Saras says we met even in Dubai and sees his proposal. Kumud sleeps holding the phone. Everyone come in Kabir’s room and he is not here. Danny looks at Anushka. She says I m saying the truth, I have shut him here when he was taking the gun. Danny says he can’t kill anyone.

Vidyachatur says you might have got mistaken. Danny says it’s a prank. Anushka says trust me, don’t know what he will do. Kusum says calm down. Anushka says how we be quiet if he is going to murder anyone. She says I have to find the proof. Vidyachatur says only Lord can end their fight. The guard talks to a couple and takes their luggage. The man asks did anyone come to live there. The guard says Prashant gave it for rent. The man sends her wife home and comes to meet Prashant. Prashant says Mahesh, how was the trip. Mahesh asks how can he give the flat for rent. Prashant says relax and tells him everything.

Mahesh asks you have given it to whom. Prashant gives him a file and asks him to see. Mahesh sees Kumud’s pic and is shocked. He says now I understand, you gave the flat for rent because of this. Anushka hears a man shouting for help and saying don’t kill me. She shuts her ears and says I think this is place, did he kill anyone already. She looks around and turns. Kumud says where to hand this frame. She goes to the wall where Prashant stopped them to hang anything. She says why did Prashant stop us to hang anything here, there has to be some reason, maybe I should ask him. She is shocked seeing something and runs saying Saras.

Kabir asks why are you here. She says I came to stop you, what would I do if you were going to kill anyone. He asks did you see or hear anything. She says I heard someone shouting. He says if you knew it, then…. He puts a gun at her head and she asks will you murder me, how can you do thi,s you have such a good family, how can you do such a big crime, I know you are Sadu, gives angry young man looks but you are nice, don’t take anyone’s life. Leave all this. He says I can’t. She asks why. He says we have only one way, no u turn. She says I will help you I promise.

He says you know what is to be around criminals, so better stay away from me. He leaves. Kumud shouts for help and calls the guard. She says there is something on the wall. He asks what. Prashant and Mahesh come there. Mahesh says you did a big mistake giving the flat for rent. Prashant sees Kumud and asks what happened. She says there is something on the wall. He looks at Mahesh and asks what.

Saras says I will see. Kumud says no, don’t go in. Prashant says I will see. Mahesh and Prashant check the wall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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