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Baawre 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam’s mum scolding him asking him about the designs. Azam sees its Shaheen’s designs and says its not mine, its for costume design. She scolds him. Nikumbh laughs on him. Her mum says no one can compete with me, I m the best. Azam gets an idea and says do one thing, you can help us, he hugs her and praises her. He runs. Nikmubh asks is there any girl affair. His mum gets worried. Yamini records a song but does not sing well. He says your voice is not clear, any problem. Raghavendra comes there and she gets tensed.

Raghavendra asks is there any problem. Yamini hides her wound on her lip. Raghavendra and Dadi come to see her. She says no, I m fine. He asks what happened, move your hand. Dadi says tell us. Yamini says I got hurt while exercising in play. Raghavendra says why are you unable to sing. I did not send you there to get hurt. He says I thought she is free so she can do the play, but this is harmful for her, so let her sit at home, I will end everything calling the principal. Dadi says she will be fine.

Raghavendra calls the principal. He says Anirudh Kapoor, a famous Bollywood director is coming to see the play as a special guest. Raghavendra smiles and says fine, good. Raghavendra does not tell him about Yamini leaving the play and ends the call. He tells this to Yamini and says you are special for me, I get tensed when you get hurt, get well. Dadi looks puzzled. He says a big director is coming to see your play, it’s a big opportunity, you have to go Mumbai and become a star, so work hard, but be careful. Yamini and Dadi are happy. Yamini hugs her as Dadi encourages her.

Azam does pushups. Nikumbh asks him to have parathas. He sits on Azam and they fall. Nikumbh laughs and says come have food. They see the news on tv. Nikumbh asks Azam not to worry as everything is fine. Azam says govt will not listen to anyone. Nikumbh says this things does not solve in few days, they won’t break our shop. Raghavendra also see the news and is angry seeing Tripathi talking about the flyover and asking people to be peaceful. He says let the govt change, then I will see you.

Raghavendra sits to have food and does not like it. He scolds his wife. Yamini hears them and gets tensed. The narrator says flyover is going to be made and people are protesting, the city is changing, I see a new face of the city everytime I come here. He says people are protesting as flyover can shut their shops and ruin their business. He says I m worried about Nikumbh and Yamini. Yamini is on the way and gets stuck in the traffic.

Yamini thinks of Nikumbh’s words that she can’t come late again. She sees people protesting and blocking the road. She says I will go by walk. The driver Uttam says no, it will be a problem. She says I m getting late and goes. Nikumbh also gets stuck at that same point. He looks at the time. He says I m getting late, what to do now. He calls someone and asks did everyone come and Yamini. He says she did not come, fine, wait I m coming. Yamini sweats going by walk. Nikumbh says I have to reach before Yamini.

Yamini comes and tells everyone that she walked as she did not wish to come late. She asks about Nkumbh. He drives faster to reach there. Azam gets a customer. He tells him that shops are going to be closed because of flyover. Shaheen calls him and asks him not to go to submit the form, as roads are blocked. She asks him to take care. Azam gets happy.

Nikumbh comes late. Pyaare asks him where was he. Nikumbh gets angry as Pyaaare calls her a star. Yamini asks Pyaare not to call her a star. Pyaare praises her and says she is doing a favor on us by doing this play for our college. Nikumbh says Yamini taught you this, and scolds Yamini, asking her to leave. He says we don’t need your favor, but hardwork, just go. He shows her the door.

Nikumbh gets angry and scolds everyone to resume their work. He says work is done by a team, not by a single person. Ruke ruke se hum hai…………..plays………….. They practice laughing exercise. Yamini looks at him and leaves. Baawre………….plays…………. The narrator says they always fight, they are unique, Nikumbh has pride for his art, Yamini has self esteem. They are good and bad things. Nikumbh has made Yamini go, this play is important for their careers, will it happen or not.

Yamini tells Dadi that she is out of the play. Azam asks Nikumbh whats his problem. Nikumbh comes to apologize to Yamini and says I m s………….

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