Jhalli Anjali 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

THE Epsiode starts with Anjali in the chicken Costume Everyone at college laughs at her while Anjali is humilated..Amisha thanks her and says her not to ditch at last minute The sponser enters and Thanks amisha says that this chicken is awesome and gives Anjali cold drink to serve everyone..Amisha calls VP a Boy comes..Amisha asks his name he says Vardhari jhandari pandey…Amisha says that it is make them fool…Anjali serves everyone coldrink She dreams Angad he says that in Ambala he uses to run behind her Now she has become a fool in Delhi…Anjali falls over a bucket of water..Everyone in the party laughs at her sayin “cook ro ko”….Anjali feels awkward and goes away from the party..Dhruv sees and calls her jhalli…Nikki says that where is Anjali going Amisha says its good if she goes to Ambala. Preet calls Anjali..she is Crying Preet ask what happened Anjali says that this Delhi people has made her chicken Preet says not to worry as from childhood she used to take part in function and wear”s costume She says as she remember the dress of rabbit because of which she got discount in canteen..Preet says its her college time Anjali says that she miss her a lot But preet disconnects the call Anjali says Babaji now whom should she yalk Anjali is weeping..On other hand a boy comes and offer cold drink to Anjali and says that seniors has done Same with him and introduces himself as yuvraaj…and says that He will make her life hell and laugs…Suddenly crackers burnt Anjali shouts and runs away…Yuvraaj laughs..Anjali goes in the party and hides…Everyone is Dancing at “baby doll” …

Yuvraaj enters and says everyone that they will play truth and dare…..The boys ragges VP…He is on floor Anjali comes and stops him Yuvraaj comes and puts ball in Anjali costume says that now everyone would see magic…He pressy Anjali and balls comes out…Yuvraaj says that chicken is laying eggs everyone is laughing at her…Suddenly someone throws balls on Yuvraaj Its dhruv…He comes and throws balls on yuvraaj and scold him..Anjali is happy VP and Anjali is dancing and Yuvraaj is pissed off between them….Anjali dances on “o kendi vich bolldi saara London thumakta” Dhruv is happy…Nikkhi and Amisha dances suddenly nikki gives idea to Ammu of blindfold She goes and says to Dj…Everyone plays the game..while Anjali and VP enjoying coldrinks in a corner…Then suddenly VP gives the scarf to Anjali to tie her…suddenly the scarf blows off and stuck at the top…Anjali tries to takes it out…


Update Credit to: Ansari

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