Sasural Simar Ka 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says to karthik we are from CBI. Roli says we have orders to raid this hospital. Karthik says there is nothing like that. sid says lets go to station you will know everything. What happened ? is your future flashing before your eyes? Tell me one thing, you must have earned a lot from selling the human organs. Will you distribute all that ? I guess you are not believing us. Lets go out you will see some people and you will find them your patients but they are our men waiting for my orders. Do you want me to make you a breaking news. karthik looks out from the verticals, some men are talking there. Sid takes off the handcuffs and says enjoy your freedom for one last time. Go out of this cabin. He goes out roli and sid are with him. In the parking lot police is waiting with a jeep. sid asks them to stop. karthik is scared. Sid says look how powerful I am. now your whole youth will be spent in our jail. karthik says how much money you need ? I will give you. Sid says your independence costs only 20 lac. Karthik says I am bringing it. Sid says not now. Come at 7:00 pm with the money. Karthik says why so late ? Sid says I hate doing corruption on duty. My people are here I can’t accept the money in front of them.

Scene 2
roli says to simar than God you didn’t let baa talk to karthik. Tonight till 7:30 we have keep baa and karthik away. The real face of baa and karthik will be exposed. Vikran comes in the room. He says why have you called me here? Roli says you gave me one chance to prove myself. Karthik has agreed to save his organs’s racket by giving bribe of 20 lacs. Vikran says don’t test me simar you know I love my brother. Roli says if you don’t trusts us, come with us this evening. Baa and karthik will be exposed.

Baa comes to lunge and sees no one is there. She says this is the time to call karthik. Khushi comes there, baa says are you helping others in the arrangements. Khushi says yeah I was going. Baa says can you give me youe phone I have to make a call. My phone isn’t working. Roli comes and says stop. Roli says sorry, taking roli’s phone. She says there is an emergency. Roli says do you have other number of the mehndi girl ? She says yes. Khushi says I forgot, let me go and ask someone. Khushi says baa I will give you my phone later. Baa says both sisters are keeping an eye that I shouldn’t talk to karthik. What should I do to this family. she goes to landline and dials karthik’s number. Simar comes there and asks are you calling karthik ? Baa says naming you sunnaina has made you one. She kept with you like a shadow and you are with me. simar says don’t think too much you don’t have time. This phone will be dead in 5 seconds. Baa dials hurriedly. Sid pulls off the wire and the phone is dead. Simar says this was such a good chance to enjoy the taste but you lost it.

Roli is going through the jewelry.
Sid comes in the room and says our programme is set. Let me call karthik and pressurize him. roli says there is no need of it. Sid says you don’t tell me what to do or what not to. roli says why are you calling from your phone. Sid says I was just checking my texts I will call from other. You brought two same phone to confuse me.

Scene 3
Karthik’s in his cabin. He recalls what happened earlier. Sid calls him and says I am talking from CBI. Have you arranged the money ? will you be on time ? Karthik says don’t worry money is ready. I will be there on time. Sid says very good.

Scene 3
Rajhinder asks shalu to decorate the rooftop with flowers. Sankalp says I have set the music system. Mata ji smiles looking at them. simar comes in and sees everyone working. Mausi ji asks uma ti mix the mehndi. mata ji asks khushi is the food ready ? Khushi says yeah me and sujata were cooking in the kitchen and karuna will join us after the kids sleep. Mata ji asks roli how is Anjali ? roli says she is fine now but jhanvi says she might take a day or two.
Achna asks khushi have you added my imported ingredients to the meal ? Khushi says in which imported closet are they placed ? Everyone laughs. roli says In heart I know what didi must be going through. This pain shall end today. mausi ji asks simar to come and join them. Surbhi says to mata ji i’m coming in a moment I have to call my friends and invite them for the mehndi. roli recalls everytime she and simar enjoyed doing the arrangements. Roli says sunnaina ji can you help us in doing the arrangements? Simar turns and guides them. Pari is unhappy. roli says perfect we should do as she says. mata ji says in heart simar and roli used to work together like this. I wish simar was here.

Karthik in his cabin says I have to call baa and tell her everything. He stops and says I can’t tell her I met her this morning. Before anything I should give the money to CBI and get out of this trouble then I will explain everything to baa.

Maata ji asks mausi ji where is jhanvi ? Mausi ji says she has some emergency in the hospital. she will come soon. Mata ji says she works so hard. where is sujata ? Mausi ji says she is with anajli. Sankalp says prem hs to find his name in surbhi’s mehndi. Uma says to the beautician write it so hidden that prem won’t be able to find it. Pari says she is shy listening to prem’s name.
Roli says to siamr I know these people are so happy but they will be happier when they find out that you are alive. Surbhi is a nice girl she will understand your position. simar says I am being so unjust to surbhi. What will she go through when she finds the reality. all of her dream will shatter. Baa comes in the lounge. Baa says in heart I have to get out of here any how. I have to tell him that simar and roli have made their paln against him.

Achna says surbhi will take simar’s place. The dance starts. Everyone enjoys it. Pari is dancing with uma. Simar is in tears roli sees her. uma brings simar to the dance floor. simar hugs roli and cries. Sid is looking at the time again and again. he texts roli we have to leave in 10 minutes. Karuna asks sunnaina and roli to get the mehndi on their hands too. Simar and roli sit there. karuna says you should get your husband’s name written on your hand sunnaina. The girl asks what is your husband’s name ? Uma says vikrant. Baa starts screaming holding her heart. vikran asks simar to massage her hands. he calls karthik. mata ji asks baa are you okay ? Baa smiles at simar. mata ji says vikran I think we should take her to hospital. Vikran says I am taking her to kartik’s hospital. He asks simar to bring baa to the car. roli and simar are with baa. Simar says thank you baa you made our plan’s execution easy. we wanted to bring vikrant to karthik’s hospital and you made It easy. Our plan is ready lets go and taste It.

Precap- simar says to vikran listen karthik and baa are lying. Karthik will come and he will say that baa is fine. I have to go for a work. Karthik comes and says the same. He says I will be back soon. vikran is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plz hurry m so excited

    1. Hehhehe… lila ur always toooo excited naa.. hahha… last night too.. 🙂

  2. Sangita Prasad

    I hope this time the truth will come out and simar will be back with her families

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