Saraswatichandra 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud saying such a big lie with me and everyone is involved. Saras comes and acts seeing her asking what is she doing here, I told maybe I m married or love someone. She says I know, your geyser is not well and I will bring hot water for you. He says no, I will get it. She says get well, then I won’t do any work, even if you say. She leaves. Saras says you will do, I know.

Saras waits for Kumud in the room and starts acting. Kumud comes with hot water and gets hurt and acts like her hand got burnt by the hot water. Saras shows his concern and says show me your hand. She says she won’t show, who is he to her. He says I m your husband and sees her hand and stunned to see its not burnt. Kumud gets angry blowing her hairs and asks does a husband jokes like this with his wife. Saras looks on tensed feeling he is caught. Saras says who am I, where did I come. She runs to beat him with the sweepstick. Everyone come asking what happened. Kumud says yes, I m reminding him who I m. SAras waves hi to everyone as he was hiding near the bed.

Badimaa asks Saras did he remember anything. Vidyachatur says he is hurt on his head, how will he remember. Kumud looks at their acting. Danny asks Saras to remember, this is his room and he is his younger brother Danny. Vidyachatur signs Yash to sign. Everyone do the drama. Danny says she is Kumud ji, your wife whom you love a lot, and I m her fav Devar. Danny says liar Devar and pushes him on the bed. She asks them to stop this drama now. Everyone is stunned. Danny asks what drama. She says you all are involved in this, and Saras is the director if this drama. Saras asks what did I do. Vidyachatur acts innocent and says whats this, it means they have lied to us. Everyone say huh to him. Kumud says you too lied, not only them, I heard how you were praising his acting. He asks you heard, when, I will take my medicine. Everyone make excuse and try to leave.

Kumud says no one will go anywhere. Saras says right, Kumud they all have told me to do this, they pressurized me, else I would have not done this with my lovely wife. Vidyachatur says Kumud is not innocent to trust you. Saras and they put the blame on each other being afraid of Kumud. Danny says Saras did everything and now blaming us. Saras says I will see you, you made me eat methi parathas and kerele dish. Kumud says I will see you. Kumud scolds Danny for supporting Saras. She says everyone should get award, especially my dad.

She asks Badimaa about her acting, she did good acting with me in hospital, you should get national award. Saras says she should get Oscar, she is my Maai. Kumud scolds them for playing with her feelings. She says she hoped he will get his memory back and they made fun of her. Saras says no one laughed on you. He says we are not having fun doing this, when I got conscious, they told me you are blaming yourself for my state, and I felt bad. I m sorry, I know you are adamant and would have not shown your face to me, so we all did this drama.

He says this family is mine and stood with me like a rock. He says if everyone had one question, how to make you get rid of fear and make you sure that nothing bad can happen with me because of you, if you go away from me, I would have really died. Kumud asks him not to say this. She says I can’t think of going far from you and hugs him. Everyone clap for them and smile. They say they are happy to see them together. Badimaa looks upset. She says when I see Saras smiling, I miss Saraswati. She says if she was here, she would have been happy seeing him.

Ghuman is in the lockup behaving mad. The jailer and the doctor lady sees her. The lady constable tells a lady about Ghuman’s condition. The lady asks the jailer to shift Ghuman to mental asylum. He asks her to come and do the paper work. Ghuman draws a house and few people on the wall. Saras sees Kumud sleeping and moves her hair. She smiles and gets up looking at him. She asks what is he seeing. He says you and your smile which was gone because of me, I have hurt you a lot. She says yes, a lot of pain, I was afraid if you did not get your memory back, what would I do. I did not get sleep. He says I understand but this was needed, I don’t want to live with any fear.

She says I lost strength, but once again you completed me with our love. He says promise me, you won’t let this love weaken, as this is our strength and we can fail any fear with this. She nods yes and goes to bring tea. Ghuman is brought in the mental asylum and says she is not mad. The lady doctor sees her as Ghuman laughs acting mad. Ghuman says I m a queen and I will go to my big home. She says her condition is getting critical, we can’t keep her with others, so shift her in special ward.

Anushka cries and says I know Kabir, I did a big mistake, but I can’t live without you. Badimaa hears this and talks to her. Anushka wipes her tears. Badimaa tells about Kabir and he does not have anyone, so he took time to accept everyone, he got family and a life partner, he was believing it and this accident happened, and his trust has shaken. Anushka says tell me what to do. Badimaa says give him some time and trust your love, Kabir will come back to you. Anushka hugs her crying. Ghuman is in the special ward and says leave me, I m not mad. The lady doctor treats her and asks her to rest and sleep, and she can go home tomorrow. She leaves. Ghuman says once she gets out from here, she will she who can save Saras and Kumud from her.

Ghuman is ready to leave and sees a lady singing a lullaby. She thinks she heard this lullaby and this voice somewhere. (Entry of Saras’s mum Saraswati)

Update Credit to: Amena

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