Shastri Sisters 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji telling Minty that they have played hidden a lot, now its time to face it. Shastri ji and Sareen talk about Rajeev. Sareen says if he is staying here for Alka since one month, it means he really loves Alka. They come to meet Rajeev. They see how he has been living alone. Shastri ji asks whats next, you want to marry Alka. Rajeev says yes. Shastri ji asks about his elders. Rajeev says they are in Kanpur. Sareen says if you can come here for Alka, we can go there to meet them, tell them we will meet them tomorrow. Shastri ji asks do they know. Rajeev says yes. Sareen says you go and talk to them, if they are ok, we will fix the marriage date.

Shastri ji says he came here for Alka, will he keep up this relation. Rajeev says yes. They come back home and tell his daughters that he is going to Kanpur tomorrow. Sareen says we will go by air, as we won’t get the train tickets. Devyaani says you should have told us in Kanpur. He says lets decide who is coming. He says Sareen, I and Anushka. He asks Devyaani not to take any work from Alka now. Sareen says its good when he said yes for this proposal, prepare to leave now. Alka apologizes to her dad and he blesses her. She makes him have the gulab jamun.

Anushka does the packing and Devyaani gives her a lecture on how to be in the plane. Devyaani asks why is she taking many clothes, she will also stay. He says if the proposal is fixed, we have to stay there. Anushka says we will take some money too. Peeya says Alka made the food for the journey. Devyaani says they are going by flight, not train. They come to Alka and tease her that they are not going to Kanpur now. Alka gets worried. Alka asks her dad what happened. He looks at them and asks what happened.

Devyaani says nothing, we were asking whats special today. Alka beats Devyaani. Anushka says don’t worry, I m going and will make everything fine. Alka makes her have curd. Anushka says you are being like mum. Devyaani jokes. He says make me also eat it, as I m going for a good work. He asks Alka to be happy always.

Alka is worried thinking will everything be fine. Devyaani jokes to make her cheer up. Minty’s plane showpieve falls and breaks. Minty comes and is shocked. Devyaani sees Rahat’s pic and asks who is your son in this. Minty says the most good looking one. She asks why is she interested in her son. Devyaani says I like pilots. Minty says stay on the ground, be interested in household work. Minty taunts Devyaani and leaves.

Pappu is happy thinking Devyaani is coming. Anushka comes and meets him. He asks about Devyaani and sees she has not come. Pappu greets Shastri ji. Shastri ji says he will meet Rajeev’s parents. Shastri ji shows Sareen his old house. Anushka says you have got all Devyaani’s fav things. Alka bargains for the vegetables. She is stunned seeing Rohan there. She thinks she does not love him, maybe there is someone else for her. Rohan smiles and greets her. She thinks her relation with be with Rajeev, I can’t become his.

Rajeev comes with Rani Bhabhi. Rohan and Alka have a talk in the veg market. She thinks he is very innocent and he should get a wife who should teach him romance. He says he is waiting for her reply. Alka thinks he should get someone soon. Shastri ji asks Rajeev why did his dad does not come. Rani says he is not coming here, as he is annoyed with Rajeev knowing about Alka. Sareen asks what did you tell them when you came Delhi. Rani says he lied to everyone. She says when Rajeev told them, it was tension, they want to meet you, in engagement function of our relative.

Shastri ji asks how can we go there. Sareen says lets go and talk to them, place does not matter. Rohan tells Alka that she knows his answer, he does not know how to talk to girls and still he wishes to talk to her, but he will ask her number after her reply. She nods yes and leaves. Anushka calls Alka but can’t talk. They reach the function venue. Rajeev goes to call his dad. Devyaani calls and Anushka says I will talk later, we just reached. They wait for lot of time. Anushka says we can meet them later. Shastri ji says no, can’t I do this for Alka.

Sareen sees the time and its more than an hour now. More time passes and they stand outside the venue. Sareen says I think Rajeev disappeared, shall I go and see him. Shastri ji says no, lets wait. Rajeev comes and apologizes saying dad is busy and is calling you inside. They go in to meet his dad. Rajeev’s dad insults them. Rajeev says he is Alka’s dad. His dad insults Shastri ji more, shocking everyone. He asks the waiters not to give them juice and Sareem gets angry. Shastri ji stops him. He asks him about Rajeev and Alka’s marriage.

All the guests look on. . Rajeev’s dad asks him to get his daughter trap rich guys and make them married. Shastri ji says they love each other and they should be married. Anushka and Sareen can’t bear the insult of Shastri ji.

Rajeev’s dad says he won’t agree for this marriage as they are not equal to them. He says its Rajeev’s no. He asks Rajeev to say it. Everyone look at Rajeev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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