Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikrant stands up and points the pistol to sid. All the village make a circle. they surround them. Simar says my faith won vikrant. God is always justified. Vikrant says you all cant do this to me? Sarpan gave me his world. A man says how many people will you kill for those words? you are a mean man not any God. you only take lives not give them. You cant harm our wives. These women were right you are an evil. You are nothing to us. Vikrant says shut up. These few words can’t make you against me. you hit your wives and make them work. A man says yes but roli and simar made us realize that women are equal to men. No one will hit them anymore. Vikrant says I gave you this village. A man says we knew it but a right deed cant make you God. God is never evil like you. They grasp vikrant.

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Prem hugs simar. simar says I am really thankful to all of you, roli says you have saved our didi. A man says you changed our mentality we should thank you. Roli swipes her tears and says we will bind you in a bond that will never break. it will happen right here right now. daksha says yes it might wash out sins. Prem holds simar hand and takes her to vikrant who is held my some men. prem says look vikrant Ram and seta are one today. stop us if you can. We will be one in front of you. this is our triumph, the good over evil triumph. simar says prem ji I miss family a lot today. they are not here with us. roli says ram and seta are one but far from their house. sid says I called papa they are coming. roli says wow that’s so good.

Pandit ji starts the mantra. simar and prem sit by the fire. prem makes her wear the mangal sutra. he puts sindur in her hairline. They stand up for the rounds. Vikrant sits in distress. everyone shower flowers on them. Prem hugs simar after pheray. simar goes and hugs roli. prem hugs sid. Roli truns back and says where is vikrant? Everyone is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Sid says where can he go? roli says look for him. sid says he cant go anywhere. He asks the men to look everywhere in the village. prem says he is culprit of all of us. daksha says we can’t let him stay here. THey all divide and look for him. A woman says he can do anything to seek revenge. simar says we are all one and he is alone. He cant harm us. You all were his strength. roli says she is right he has no option to just run. Vikrant comes and says simar. Sid and prem go to the factory. Vikrant is hiding something in his hand. He says our story will end the way I want. I lost everything for you but you made fun of my true love. ou never cared for me. Simar says I am someone else’s wife why don’t you understand. I can never be yours. vikrant says I wont let you b anyone else’s if not mine. Daksha says all the men are with us now. you cant harm us now. roli says you are done with your sins. Your end is near. Vikrant laughs and says yes end is near but not mine, its prem’s. He says simar I can’t live with out you. Entire family will miss you as well. in that story ram got simar and left but no one can take you from here. your dead bodyb will go out of here. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-vikrant takes out a snake and throws it on siamr. everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh god this is soooo stupid!!!! How did a snake come to vikrant’s hand all of a sudden ??? He was under the custody of those women the whole time and he couldn’t have kept a snake with him all that time and also he didn’t get a chance to go out recently sooo how did snakes come to his hand ??? Please be logical !!! This story is full of unrealistic things . According to the spoilers this story is again gonna take a leap don’t know what else is remaining to be shown because they have already shown almost all the things

  2. simar is always using the dialogue she is prem’s wife and she took promise when she get married that she won’t away from him and saying to vikranth he cannot love other’s wife before two years she went with vikranth as his wife that time also she was prem’s wife when she was went with vikranth that time it self she broke the promise
    Now prem,simar,sid and rolli felt bad for the village people but simar,sid and rolli knews very well that surbi is going to cheated but they never felt sorry
    for that prem and simar were ruined vikranth and surbi’s life but they are
    comparing with god like rama and sita prem only give the chance to vikranth
    to love simar now prem and simar were great and vikranth and surbi were too bad
    the director and writter want to show some good images to prem and simar
    so that they are showing that all the villages were slaves and fools and
    wantedly spoiling too much vikranth image. why they create that characters
    just make the story with prem simar sid and rolli do not create other character
    they are showing that god is always support bad people like prem and simar
    this is also too bad

  3. This is so dumb……..they’re just dragging d whole storyline……….they’re killing us by boring us…….

  4. vikran going to arrest…wat about sanju…who is the next villan or villi…

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