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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita calling Raman. He asks him to come home early. He asks is there any work. She says why, I can still talk without any work. She asks him to come soon, this is her order, she wants to talk. He thinks how to tell her I m breaking this husband and wife relation. He says he will be late. She asks what happened to him. He says he wants to meet Adi before leaving. She says yes, its also imp, ask Shagun to send Adi here, she won’t agree, but you can still try, come soon, I will wait. He ends the call and cries. She looks at his shirt and says I will wait. She thinks she will keep a surprise for him tonight before he leaves tomorrow. She lights the room with candles and gets dressed in a purple dress. She says its too late, how did he get so late if he went to meet Adi.

Ruhi says she is feeling sleepy, where is Papa. Ishita says he went to meet Adi, he will come, you sleep now. Ruhi says she wants to sleep along with Papa. Ishita asks not with Ishi Maa and takes her. Raman sees room’s lighted window and waits in compound and says she did not sleep, she is waiting for me and I m hiding from her. He says I have to break this relation Ishita, I have to go far from you for you, for your happiness. Ishita rests down to make Ruhi sleep. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………………plays……………. Ishita says stories to Ruhi. Ishita feels sleepy too. Raman comes home and sees them sleeping. He smiles with tears. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays…………………

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He comes downstairs and sits on the sofa thinking and crying. Mrs. Bhalla comes to him and asks what happened, why are you sitting here, you look worried, won’t you tell mum. Raman says I m going far, I will miss you all. She says you are going for 10 days and crying like this, send someone else if you don’t want to go. He says I have to do this work, its my responsibility and no one else can do this. She says then go after some days. He asks her to go and sleep. She worries seeing him cry and leaves. Raman says how to tell you that my love is infront of me and I m freeing my hand off it, but Ishita your life’s all sadness will go away, I m taking it away, I m going far from you.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and says I did not even had alarm. She goes out and asks about Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says he went in morning, he said he had to go office for work. Ishita says I did not know when he came and went. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe he thought not to disturb you, he slept here, don’t know why he is worried, but I know he can’t stay without us. She cries. Ishita says yes, its true, he can’t stay without you. Mrs. Bhalla smiles and says he can’t stay without you, you book your next week tickets, go to Singapore and give him surprise. He asks Mr Bhalla to tell Pammi’s brother in law, who is a travel agent and book tickets. Ishita asks them to come along. Mrs. Bhalla says we don’t want to come in between. Ishita says no, really come. Simmi teases her. Ishita gets shy and runs to her room.

She says when you go, I will miss you a lot. She says how to let you go without telling, I wish to stop you. She laughs and says she learnt shayari since she fell in love, she is dying to tell him and he is avoiding her. Pathak is shocked and asks Raman does he want to give divorce to Ishita. Raman asks him to make the papers. Pathak says he won’t make, he will call Ishita. Raman scolds him and asks him to do what he says. He gets Ishita’s call. She asks whats this way, he went without telling her. Raman says I had some work. She says you are doing this in india, what will you do there. He says then call me and tell me everytime. He talks well and Pathak looks on confused. Ishita says I have to tell something imp, I m not big CEO, bit I m dentist, I have work and I m not free. He ends call saying I will call later. She says he did not taunt anything, maybe he is really busy.

Pathak asks Raman to slap him, but don’t say he does not love Ishita, he can see it on his face he loves her, why is he doing this. Raman says sometimes we have to go far from people we love for their happiness, you won’t understand. Pathak says won’t I understand, you always helped me, I know what you do is my mind, what are you thinking this time. Raman tells him that sometimes we have to sacrifice for other’s happiness, make papers tomorrow, take my sign and after I reach Singapore, give it to Ishita. This should just be in between us. Pathak leaves. Raman says every bad thing will end in her life, she can have a new beginning, if possible forgive me.

Ishita writes a love letter and throws many rough drafts papers. She tears and says its sounding like job application letter. She gets Mani’s call. Mani asks did she confess her love. She asks how can I say, he did not meet me, he went office in morning, he is not coming home. Mani says your husband is idiot. She says don’t say this. He asks does she have solution. She says I have many and tells him she is writing letter. He smiles and jokes. She says I know I m behaving like teenager, I feel so, there is something in these three words, I m feeling nervous to say this. He says waiting has its own fun, ask me, I m waiting since long. She says she will slap him for this joke. He says your Raavan Kumar won’t let you go. She says I invented this word Raavan Kumar, you don’t say. They joke and laugh. He says you are getting violent like Raman. She says just tell me what should I do, I have an idea, I will send him message. He says fine, send me, write I L U and then lol. He says love confession should be face to face, then you will know from his face whats in his heart, just tell him meeting his eyes. Just say him, Raman I love you. She says yes, he will say I love you. He says yes, he should, else tell me I will beat him. She says Romi said Raman will leave at 9. He says fine, all the best. She ends call and smiles saying I have to see in his eyes and say I love you.

Ishita tells Raman that he has to tell something. Ruhi comes, and Raman finds excuse to leave. Ishita says ask him to wait and makes him stop. He says work is imp. She cries. He wipes her tears. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………………

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  1. Dance of ishra in BCL is awesome and amazing.

  2. All ishra fans can see dance of ishra on sony at 11.00 PM TODAY

  3. Nice, heart touching episode. …..


  5. raman tumhe ishita se itna pyaar kaise hogaya. …..tum uss ki kushi k liye uss dor jane ke liye taiyar hoga ye. ……tum ye nahin samj rahe ho k ishita ki khushi tumhare sath hai. ……..tum se door rahe ne main nahin. ………

  6. Please take out mani from this show now. his work is over. with his presence, we ishra fans r worried. raman will be back but love confession nahi hoga, kabhi nahi hoga.

  7. Bcl ka repeat kal nhi aayga kya????

  8. patak. .u r really good buddy. …tum hi ishita ko raman k Singapore jane se pahle divorce papers doge. …hope so. ..

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  10. Spoiler Alert: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  11. Abdul qayyum….aaj raat 11:00 Pm koaye ga. ..

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  13. arey yaar how senti today epidose was.whenever they cry then they make us also cry.precap tho amazing.waise bein pathak was right c urself in mirror that will show how much u love ishu yaar.when will they show airport scene.

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  15. Oh so tchng epi, by the way Raman y u do these thngs? U knw wl tht ishu lvs u vry mch and thn y u do this thnkng it wl make her hpy. Anyway vry gd that this make the cnfssn. Ths wk wl be a real mohobbat wk! Expctng it.

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  18. kal k episode ka intezar hai. …..har scene xcitement….se …bhara hoga. ………

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