PS I Hate You 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir opens the camera..Kabir kisses Simple…Simple and kabir hugs…Simple lies on bed ..Kabir lies on Simple Both get cozy. Dr Sood asks Ayaan to cme inside..Ayaan comes inside…Dr Sood thanks Ayaan for helping Dimple…Ayaan smiles..Ayaan thinks on bikeb that Dimple”s DAd talked to him very good..and Dimple iz very sweet..Ayaan tells he is doing wrong with DImple..
Kabir and simple are sleeping…Kabir thinks about last night…Simple tell goodmorning…Simple tells she will give breakfast…kabir tells he wanted to go jogging..after that breakfast..Simple tells okey..Aisha text Kabir that she want the chip..
At coffee shop kabir meets Aisha…..aisha asks where is her surprise…kabir thinks and give the SD card..Aisha asks whether Kabir really started loving Simple…Kabir tells Aisha are they doing good with Simple???AIsha tells kabir not to think…
Miss nadia is at diva club..Aisha tells that she will do photoshoot.while camera is recording .Miss nadia tells its Simple is doing…Aisha tells.Miss Nadia not to forget her dad gave money to diva club because Aisha should become Miss world..Aisha tells the real truth is that…She one will become Miss worls..At breakfast Dimple tells Dr Sood she want to practise hockey..Dimple asks where is Simple…Dr Sood tells that She has gone to group studies with her friends…Dimple tells Dr Sood not to give lineancy to Simple…Dr sood says okey..
Miss nadia give’s the SD card to payal tell in which photographs are there tells to check and see…Another side kabir and Simple does photoshoot….kabir is distracted..director shouts at him..tell to go..kabir goes..Simple tells she will go…Director tells if he said to others Simple will not get work…Director tells she dont know who is he..Simple tells she know that he is a rude director who only knows to insult the actors..Director tells Simple to get out…Simple tells she will only go…
Kabir thinks and realises..that Simple loves him and feel guilty about recording the Mms….
Aisha is doing photoshoot..kabir check’s Aisha’s bag…Aisha tells what he is doing..Miss Nadia tells that the card is with payal she gave…kabir and Aisha goes…Kabir sees all the SD card and gets confused..He checks..Miss Nadial..shouts at kabir tells it is college property…kabir goes..Dimple tells all her team mates to be hockey match will start in few weeks….Dimple tries to call Ayaan..but Ayaan doest pick up..Dimple gets shocked and tells may be aunty is not well..Dimple calls at special care but all is alright…Principal calls Dimple…Dimple is present with all her team mates..Principal tells in few week’s match will start..Aisha comes..Aisha tells that she brought Ayaan’s message..That Ayaan is not coming…
Dimple tells aisha what rubbish.Aisha calls dimple “Bhenji”.Aisha tells ask Ayaan…Principal talk to Ayaan…Ayaan tells that he is out of city and cannot come…All other sir’s goes..Dimple begs for last chance…One Sir tells that without Sport’s head sign they cannot give permission…Dimple is upset…Aisha tells soo sad..

preacp:Precap::Simple asks kabir that Dimple is tellin Something about him.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. tnkz ansari for d fast update

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  3. Yar this is d last week of this show can u stil nt update it fast!

  4. I gues they lyk people requesting them 2 update it!

  5. No update of 16 dec!bad

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  8. Update it plz!

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  11. Guys its available on othr sites read it there

  12. U update other serials very fast but y dnt u update this one fast!!
    U shld update it as fast as possible as it is ending this friday!

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