Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Sujata asks jhanvi to contemplate what she wants. Wedding or divorce. Jhanvi is in tears.
Shaureya is standing in front of mirror and says wow you are lucky shaureya you are getting married to soniya obroye. Oh no actually she is lucky to marry me. I am the most eligible bachelor here. She is so lucky to have me. You are too good shaureya.

Scene 2
Roli and mausi ji are worried where have jhanvi reached.
Jhnavi has covered her face wit dupatta. She enters the house. She looks at the ‘mandap’ and thinks about the promise shaureya made to her there. She remembers their wedding. She moves forward trying to concede from meghna. A waiter asks her if she wants water. She gets feared.Scene
jhanvi in veil ask servant the direction of shaurya’s room, in room shaurya think meghna has come in room and says life changes after marriage, he turns back and sees jhanvi standing in tears, roli says to mausi that jhanvi can take out truth from shaurya easily but mausi says it will difficult if she do so then their game will be over, meghna ask what game? Mausi says that shaurya has got such a beautiful wife, such talented that he will be clean bowled, meghna says soniya is talented but shaurya is no less, she ask soniya to get ready.
Shaurya ask jhanvi why you are here, he closes the door, jhanvi start recording, he says today is very big day for me, dont spoil my mood by doing anything, just go from here, he says you are here to destroy my marriage, jhanvi hold his hand and ask how you can do this marriage without any guilt, shaurya says he is shaurya singhaniya and can do anything, jhanvi says we did marriage, shaurya says it was not marriage but a lesson for you, jhanvi says that means that sindoor, manglsutra had no meaning, you didnt love me once, shaurya exactly thats what i want to tell you,
Shaureya says that slap was just my vengeance from you. You slapped me that is why i did this to you. You look pretty i must have been in your love but you made a small mistake of slapping me that made you stand here. You waken up the animal inside me. Jhanvi says please shaureya. Shaureya says i don’t wanna hear a single word from you. Are you going or should i call guards.

Scene 3
Simar says that we should go in. They all start entering from the left. Simar thinks that i should text jhanvi and tell her that we are going in from the entrance. She looks at a window that opens in the hall.
Roli says to mausi ji that i am so worried where is jhnavi. Will she be successful in knowing shaureya’s confession. Jhanvi enters the room. Mausi ji asks have you recorded his confession? Jhanvi nods her head. Roli says i should get ready now. Jhnavi says that i know what you people have done for me i will never forget these favors but can’t we change our plan a little. Jhanvi says that i wanna give a second chance to my relationship with shaureya. Roli and mausi ji are startle. Roli says what’s wrong with you ? How can you forget what he did to you and his sister insulted our family. Jhanvi says yes this is all right i agreed to all this because he insulted our family. I saw a new ray of hope in his words today. MAybe this is a test from God. Maybe he wants me to change him with love. I will regret all my life if i don’t give him a chance. Roli says try to understand marriage is a bond of love that you both don’t have. Jhnavi says that we should live in today if i lose this chance then i will never forgive my self. please let me do thus. Mausi ji says he is doing second marriage without even thinking of you. He used you like a tissue paper. What he did to you was just for his lust. Are you getting what i am saying ? He has no love in his heart. Jhanvi shaureya is not from the one that change. Do you wanna live sad whole of your life. We have this last chance to punish him. We will regret if we lose this. Roli says i should get ready now. Roli says that we have to bring his real face in front of everyone today.

Precap- Wedding is ongoing and sid is worried why roli isn’t stopping and why jhanvi haven’t turned the recording on. Suddenly roli comes running in and says this wedding can’t be done.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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