Uttaran 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 14th November 2013 Written Update

Meethi’s operation starts but the electricity goes. Doc’s are puzzled. They send the nurse to switch on the generator asap. Everyone outside is worried too. Nurse comes out running and tells the ward boy to do some arrangement asap. Jogi also goes to check. Vishnu gets a call from Aakash. Where are you? I am trying to call you since yesterday but you aren’t picking. Aakash asks about Meethi. Vishnu tells him about the light problem. She is still unconscious. Aakash cuts the call whereas Vishnu was still talking. Aakash turns and looks at something.

Agarth is sleeping when Maiyya comes there. He still has his eyes closed. I told you that no one should come here then why are you here? He gets suspicious and sits up but Maiyya is pointing a long rifle at him. She tells him he did very wrong. You came to break a brother and sister’s relation right? I will do it today. My son Aakash is my life and you tried to kill him. It wont take a second for me to send you to hell / heaven. I can end you right away just like I did with Nirbhay. He is shocked with the info. He gets up angrily and calls out her name. He tries to puch the rifle away but she stays firm. She tells him not to force her to pull the trigger. She puts the rifle under his chin. I told you a lot many times to think it out before making an enemy but you trust kundlis and stars. Did you read it wrong this time? Mumbai police is looking for you. It can come here anytime. If someone can stop you from being sent to jail then its me. Right then they hear the noise of a siren. See your guests have come. Kajri comes there to inform them about the police. She tells Agarth that he forgot brother sister’s relation I haven’t. She tells Kajri to lock Agarth in the basement. Go bhaiya save yourself. She tells Kajri to act innocent if the police question her. Agarth leaves followed by Kajri. Maiyya says Meethi was going from my son’s life. He ruined everything by shooting at her. Who will clean all this mess now? I will have to do it.

Aakash looks at the temple which is situated high on a hill. A conch shell blows and chants begin to play as he ties the sacred chunri around his head. Folding his hands he prays to Mother that this time his love will win as he hasn’t come here to ask for something this time. I have only come here to tell you that you will have to make Meethi well. I have lost a lot in life but cannot lose Meethi. I will do everything I can to get your blessings and save my Meethi. But I wont go empty handed today. You will have to make her well…come what may! He looks determinedly at the temple.

The light of the OT comes back as soon as Aakash takes the first step. He is walking barefoot. Ya devi sarva bhuteshu is playing in the background. The machines have come to life. Everyone else is relieved too. Mukku assures Damini Meethi will be fine. Damini nods in agreement. Another chant plays as Aakash is heading upstairs. Meethi is being operated upon. Mukku is worried as the operation should have been done by now. jogi tells Damini to trust God. She replies that I told Aakash so many times that she should stop following Meethi. He dint hear me once. He tells her to calm down but she continues. If he would have heard me then all this wouldn’t have happened. He tells her to eat something but she declines. I wont be able to eat anything until she is fine. How long will this go? I have to meet her. Everything will be all right? He speaks positively and Mukku also assures her that nothing will happen to Meethi. Doc’s are surprised as Meethi’s monitor beeps nonstop.


A nurse comes out and everyone rushes to get some info but she leaves after telling them to wait a little more. They are super worried. Kanha comes there. Jogi tells him everything. Kanha is confused. Why another operation? Jogi is clueless and cries. Kanha tells him to stay calm. Everything will be fine.

Aakash notices that a lady is having a hard time (she is pregnant) while holding onto her daughter. He looks at the temple and then picks the girl in his arms. He steps over something and is hurt. He offers his hand to her and they both start climbing the steps. Chant plays as the doc looks at the monitor and Meethi. He compliments that the job is well done. Aakash and the lady sit. She tells him to rest a little as well. He denies. My Meethi is fighting for her life. I don’t have time to wait. You go carefully. He starts climbing once again with folded hands praying that Meethi gets fine very soon. He stumbles and comes on his knees. He starts climbing in the same position. He is having a really hard time. In the hospital everyone is waiting anxiously. The screen keeps shifting to Meethi and Aakash. A man offers water to Aakash but he shakes his head.

Doc comes out of OT. 24 hours have already passed. She isn’t conscious yet. We cannot say anything. Some things are not in our control. Jogi tells him to do something. A nurse comes to tell doc that the pulse rate of the patient is dropping. Doc is worried. We anyways had a very little hope and now this. The family members are shocked.


Aakash has reached on the top. A chant plays as he folds his hands in prayer. Doc is shown attending to Meethi again. Aakash prays I have reached at your door today. I have heard that you fulfil everyone’s wishes. Meethi is my wife, my love, my life. Just make her well. I wont ask for anything from you after this. I have lost a lot in my life because of my mom. I don’t want to lose Meethi now. I have come here with a resolution. You will have to make her well. Neither you nor the God of death (Yamraj) can take her away from me. Take my life if you want to but save my Meethi. I wont ask for anything ever. Once she gets fine I will go from here for forever. I would go from her life. Meethi in OT is shown on and off. I wont come back in her life ever. Save my Meethi. Just then Meethi takes Aakash’s name. Doc’s are stunned and the monitor comes back to life. Meethi takes his name once again. Epi ends on Aakash’s face.

Precap: Vishnu informs Aakash that Meethi is conscious now. The operation was successful. Aakash turns to look at the idol thankfully. I was trying to call you for the same reason. He falls on his feet and loses consciousness. The mobile falls next to him. Vishnu is still on the line and gets worried as Aakash is not replying.


Update Credit to: pooja

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