Madhubala 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bittu is shocked with RKs reaction n asks Madhu what is the matter?

Dips comments that the climate has become interesting..

RK is trying to open a bottle and Madhu offers to help but he jerks her off..! Madhu asks what is the matter ? Why being so weird? She asks the problem .. so she can help..!

RK fumes n says. ..this.. that u wanna solve my problems..! RK says u are not solution to all my problems. dun try n play God..! I dun mind being crippled but u make me realise me all the time..!

RK says.. u think am finished.. but no. .m not..! Madhu asks to repeat what he said..! RK says. .said what i had to. .i dun like to repeat! Madhu wipes her tear n says.. wanna hear again..! Madhu asks when she tried to show off she is doing any favour? RK says.. actions speak louder than words!

Madhu asks what is wrong with u.. why not think that i do all coz i love u?? Doc calls Madhu n says.. coming for check up? Madhu says in 2 hours.. RK says not going with u.. will go with Pabho or Bittu or better alone.. without any help!

BG – Kyun nahi chahtein ye puri hain..!

Radha tells Pabho what use of this puja.. there is no peace or glow in this house! Pabho says its ritual.. we should do it. .maybe RKs life will light up..! She says.. RKs enemies are out of this house.. n the ones left will be out too..!

Dips makes a weird Rangoli ..n Pabho says will get it remade!

Doc checks RK n says slight improvement.. guess wife is taking good care.. but still take more time! RK asks how much? 10 days hours.. years? Doc keeps asking about Madhu n RK says.. what u got to say ..tell me..!

Bank guy calls RK n informs they are happy with films progress! RK says.. hearing u say good things is like Anaconda singing aarti..!

Madhu makes rangoli n Radha appreciates..! She is about to bless Madhu n Bittu says car ready n Madhu turns to leave! Pabho taunts.. Laxmi enters home in Diwali other way round! Dips says coz she is fake..! Madhu says we know who is fake!

RK comes and Madhu asks what did Doc say? RK says.. can run in olympics. Bhag RK Bhag..! Madhu says.. u will be ok soon..! RK asks why God only listens to her? Madhu says think positive.. n RK says.. such dialogs hurt .. u better change ur dialog writer!

Part 2

RK fume seeing diwali decor. .n asks what are we celebrating? Pabho says its diwali ritual .. n Radha says God willing u will be fine soon! RK says.. why God told u? What are u worshipping God for? Madhu tries to interfere..!

RK says .. telling truth..! Madhu says u have lost it. n RK says yes!

RK says remove all decor… ‘Khushiyon ke diwala nikal gaya ..aur sabko diwali manani hai?’ RK ruins the rangoli ..! All are shocked..!

Part 3

RK glares at Rishbala wedding pic.. recollects past .. n ends up dropping the photo..! He tries to pick it up n falls..! He fumes n asks why me God?

Later Madhu comes back home n finds it dark n Roma asks where are everyone? Servant says. no one is home! Madhu is in tears..!

Precap —- Madhu prays to God and says.. u know how much i love RK n need him festival is festival without RK ..! U will send RK to me right? Bittu comes ..! .

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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