Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says whatever you did was not your fault. Malti made you do it. We wont leave our house. We will stay here. Uma says but these souls. simar says we have be united, they can’t harm us then. Mata ji says simar is right. we will fight them and take our house back from them. Simar says you don’t have to worry. This thread guru maa gave me, it will protect you will. Roli says we are safe with this? Simar says yes. Mata i came in doli in this house, now only my body will leave this place. Simar says I am with you. They all hold hands. Mata ji says where is sid? Call and ask him if he os okay.

Roli calls sid. She says are you okay? He says I asked you not to call me. I am bust in meeting. Call me later. Roli says what is wrong with him.
Simar sees blood on wall. Malti says scared? Simar says my family’s blood is not that cheap that you can spill it. I am standing between you and them. Malti says you think you can protect them? simar says God will protect us. You cant break our faith. Malti says today or tomorrw you will have to give me that chandan maani. In 24 hours you have to give it to me. Simar says I will never give it to you at any cost. Malti says then I have to harm your family. SImar says we are united. And that chandan maani, its someone’s trust on me. I wont give it to you. I will die for it. Malti says then get ready to die. You will give it to me in 24 hours.

Kal Pisaj is in his alcove. He laughs. Mata ji says where is khushi? Simar says she is in room. Mata ji says don’t leave kids alone. they can acquire anyone. They hear someone say i am here. Mata ji says malti come in front. Malti whispers I am here. Winds blow. She laughs. Everyone gets scared. Malti appears. Mata ji says why are you doing all this? Simar gets a call. Simar says what you wanna prove with all this? Prem says whose call was it? simar shows him, its roli’s call. She says roli is standing here and calling me. Simar says you cant fool me malti. Malti looks at roli. She disappears.

Mata ji says come everyone lets eat. All the chairs starts shaking. All the chairs fall down. The plats float in the air and break. Entire crokery is broken. Simar says pick up the food. When simar opens the pot there is all non veg food with bugs in it. the bugs start stinging them. Malti says simar this was just trailer. You still have a chance. simar goes to temple. She brings arti from there. all the bugs disappear. Simar says come in temple all of you. These fruits are our food today. They all sit and eat the fruits.

Next morning, Kal pisaj sees Khushi in his mirror and laughs. He lit match stick, Khushi’s sarri starts burning. Simar sees it. She says how did this happen. Simar says do something please. Simr cuts her sari. mata ji says how did this happen? Khushi says I dont know I didnt even turn gas on. Simar says thank God I reached on time. We have to kick these souls out. Malti says you know what to do. Give me chandan maai I will leave. Simr says I will never leave. My family is with me. Malti says this is why you didn’t tell them about it? you dont wanna lose that chandan maani. even if you lose your family. Simar says before 12 find that chandan maani, if you get it then its yours and if you don’t then get out of our house. Malti says lets see who wins.

Precap-Karuna is screaming and crying. On her mirror its written from blood, death is near. She says I am so scared simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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