SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 1)

Friends this is my first fanfiction and i need your support.
In this world everyone has its own definition of love.
Some thinks love is romance,some thinks love is hand and hand support and many more
But according to her love is her strength,courage and her LOVE IS NOT TO GIVE UP.
So lets start,

A beautiful morning of Mumbai,sunrays were passing through the curtains and are reaching on a beautiful face,at the same time the clock stikes 7:00 and started to ring.A girl open her eyes and wakes up and go towards the window and open the curtains and when she open the window a cold breeze touches her face a smile appeared on her face and she says “GOOD MORNING SWARA GADODIA.”Yes she is Swara the eldest daughter of the Gadodia Family.A doctor by profession,a loving and caring sister and daughter and you will soon know her many more qualities.
At the same time she heard a voice,a lady preparing breakfast table.She is Sharmishta the Minister of the House.
Shomi(shouts):Swara are you awake?
Swara:Yes maa coming in 15 minutes

Swara goes inside the washroom and comes after a while wearing a beautiful churidar and dring her hairs when her glance fall on her mobile,she opened it and open message app and typed a message of Good Morning.
Swara(Monologue):Will he reply to my message?
Swara’s mind:Why you are doing this you know he will not reply.This will be you 50th message with same answer.
Swara’s heart:No Swara do it!It doesn’t matter he loves you or not,you loves him and this is enough for sending the message
After the fight between her heart and brain,her heart wins again and she send the message.
Then she go toward the other side of her bed and says
Swara:How could I forget?She will never wake by herself.(Then she puulls the blanket and saw a girl sleeping peacfully she goes near her and kisses on her forehead and says)Good morning Ragini.

Rgini:Good morning Swara.
Swara:Ragini I’m going downstairs then I will leave for hospital.You wake up and get ready for your college.OK?
Swara goes downstairs and hug Shomi .
Swara:Good Morning Maa (and saw a cute little boy staring at her angrily)Oh so MR.Rahul is angry with me.(Rahul is Swara and Ragini”s little brother)
Rahul:Yes di!u are again late.

Swara:Sorry dear i was completing my pending work.
Shomi:How many times I have told u not to work till late night.It will effect ur health.
Swara:Maa!my health is not important than my patient’s health.
Rahul:But di if u r healthy then ur patient’s will be healthy na.
Swara(teases):Oh oh someone is talking intelligently.
Rahul(proudly):Effect of company di!
Swara:Ok Mr. Rahul,today Iwill drop You school.
Rahul:Really di?
Swara:yes!so ready?
Rahul:Yes di.
Swara:Maa we both are leaving together and where is dad?
Shomi:He Has some important work so he left early and Bye both of you and take care.
Swara:Bye maa (and then shouts) Bye Ragini.
Ragini:Bye Swara and Rhul Bye u 2.

Rahul:Bye MISS LateLatif and laughs
Ragini: Rahul youuuuuu.Swara and Rahul laughs
Swara:Ok Ok you both can fight later till wait both of u.
Swara and Rahul left for their destinations.Swara drops Rahul to his school>
Swara:Ok bye Rahul>Don’t fight with anyone only do masti.Ok?
Rahul:Ok Swara di bye.
Swara reaches at her hospital and everyone greeted her.She goes to her carbin and called her assistant.
Swara:Suzi come into my cabin.
After a while Suzi entered in her cabin>
Suzi:Yes Mam.

Swara:Suzi plz tell me my today’s schedule.
Suzi:Yes mam.Today you hav 10 appointments and a meeting with Dr. Vikram but after lunch>
Swara:Ok!Anything else?
Suzi:No mam>
Swara:Ok after appointments and meeting if any patient came without appointment so let them in.Ok?
Suzi nods her head in yes

Swara:ok now you can go and let the patiens came.
Suzi left the room and patients started to came one by one.Swara treated them very well,she is very much friendly with her patients espacially children.While treating her patients she was checking her mobile after every 5 minutes,waiting for the reply but no use.After treating her patients it’s lunch time and someone knocked on the door of her cabin.
Dr.Nidhi:May I come in?
Swara:Ya sure>
Nidhi:Swara we are going for lunch.Are u coming?
Swara:Thanks but Nidhi you all go.
Nidhi:OK,well I know your answer.Bye.
Swara(smiles):Bye and enjoy.

Swar started to do her lunch and after finshing it she saw a message in her mobile.She excitedly open her mobile and see the message but this message was from Shomi reminding her to take her lunch.
Swara(sadly smiles):Everyone is messaging except him.After sayin this she take a back and rest on her chair and closed her eyes and think about something.
Swara(weeping and saying to a boy):You will not leave me na?
Boy(smiles):No Swara never,
Swara:Never?(With teary eyes)
Boy:Never ever.
Swara:Promise? (Forwarding her hand)
Boy:Pakka promise(Keeping his hand in her hand)
Swara smile over whemlingly and hugged her.

Swara open her eyes and she have tears in her eyes and she says
Swara:You broke your promise.You broke your promise ‘SANSKAR’ and put closed her eyes again.

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