agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 1)

Hey guys thanks you for supporting and reading my ff. I am glad that you all liked it and thank you once again. I’ll try to make less errors as possible.
so lets start:

scene 1 : morning
Kriya is dressed up and about to go out but is stopped by Amaya.
Amaya(calling out loud as she sees kriya moving out) : hey where are you going? I mean i m sorry to ask you but you don’t know much here so?
Kriya: no its ok. And yeah i don’t know much here but i can learn by myself and i think i should not depend on others.
Amaya:true but where are you heading so early? Its only 8 am. Shops and other places will be closed though.

Kriya:ohh yeah but restuarant will be opened na? I have to do breakfast you see.
Amaya:ohh but why are you going out come sit here ( pulls the dinning table chair indicating her to sit). What are you thinking? I have already prepared for us. I know you think too much but you should try to avoid it.
Kriya wants to say something but avoids and complies to sit.
While eating

Kriya: i think i m blessed to get you as my friend. You care so much about everyone.
Amaya smiles: now stop talking and have you breakfast
kriya: its yum you are a good cook to
amaya: stop praising me its not very good
The door bell rings. The ringer is continuosly ringing the bell.
Kriya: who’s this person who’s continously ringing the bell.??
Amaya: it can be only one person. Lemme check.
Opens the door a young kid about 11-12 years gets in.
The boy straight away runs to the dinning table. And sits on a chair.
Amaya: hey kezar what happened today? Again why you are come here? Your mom does not allow you to have breakfast a what?

Kezar: she does so but you don’t remember your deal that we are supposed to go out today .
Amaya : yeah i do so but what about your mom?
Kezar: you don’t worry about her . I’ll manage to escape from her.
Amaya: ok then let me get ready.
Kezar: yeah yeah. But who’s she? (Pointing out to kriya who’s lisenting to their sweet talk)
Amaya:she’s kriya. My friend and she will stay with me.

Kezar : ohhk. Hii kriya!
Kriya: hii !
Kezar: Don’t you get bored with this amaya i mean she is so damm boring na.
Kriya: no
kezar : you will definetly say so coz you met her first . If i had to meet you before her this wouldn’t have happened.

Kriya smiles
Amaya: ehh shutup chotu ! I m going to get ready you have this ( gives hin a glass of juice)
kezar: yeh juice. Come quickly and help me in getting permission from my mom
Amaya : that you manage till i get dressed. If you don’t come I’ll leave you and go.
kezar runs out after finishing his juice and amaya gets in her room while kriya clears the dinning table.
Scene2 waiting for kezar
Amaya: now where this fellow has disappeared?

Kriya: may be he’s not coming
Amaya: he and not coming. He will somehow manage his mom to allow him to send.
Kezar comrs and the trio leaves.
Kezar: hey where we’ll go?
Amaya: malpe beach
Kriya: beach that’s so cool
Kezar: what’s so cool in that ? By the way its the isolated beach. Only few people will be there
kriya: teah it is cool because i come from dheradun and thete are omly mountains there.

Amaya: ohh we’ll go then and chotu you keep mum you are not allowed to tell us. Our deal was that I’ll take you anywhere and you are not supposed to tell me.
Kezar: stop calling me chotu. And yeah we’ll go anyways i haven’t visited beach from many days.
They leave for malpe beach.
scene 3 @beach
They walk for few minutes and sit on a bench away from the shore.
Kezar: what you people are? You’ll come to beach and sit here. One must play in water or walk along it not sit.

Amaya: hey lemme enjoy the peace here. You go if you want to.
Kezar : I’ll take kriya with me. ( in a pleading voice) will you please ( dragging the ease) come with me?
Kriya : yeah sure why not! Melted by his cute please. You are so cute chotu.
Kezar angry stop calling me chotu but the cute word suits me.
The duo leave. Leaving amaya near the bench.
While amaya sitting there alone and enjoying the peace hears a guy talking on the phone.

Guy: yeah baby i am coming. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon i am here for urgent work. You better don’t go out with your friends.
Amaya thinks what urgent work this guy got on this isolated beach and that to telling his gf not to go out with het friends while he’s enjoying here. Liar.
The guy sits next to the bench and keeps he’s phpne on the bench and digs he’s bag while he’s locket falls on the either side when turned to take his phone.

Amaya thinks he is so cute and handsome but a liar. And why am i so intrested in him. Till then she notices the locket.

She calls out to him but in vain. She thinks should i leave it here but thinks it might be expensive. I’ll take it and keep it with me.
If i meet him again i can give it to him.

Ohhk guys thats it for today and yeah i m sorry if any mistakes are there. And the boys entry will be comlpetely shown soon so please bear wi me for few days. Thank you for reading and please do comment.

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