Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajaram goes to Ranga sangeet and is informed that Shyamrao had come. He runs and meets Shyamrao and says he can tolerate him slapping, but not snatching his Ranga sangeet. Shyamrao says he needs money or Ranga sangeet. Raja says after Chaddha sees his drama today and gives money, he will return his money by 12, and if he does not , he will sell Ranga sangeet to him. Shyamrao gives his watch and says it will remind him time. Raja leaves wearing watch.

Raja’s family gets ready for the show. Aayi gives Devika her necklace. Devika says she had pawned it. Aayi says she got it back and says Devika got only this necklace from her parent’s house and she wants Devika to wear it and show it to Rajaram when he performs today. Devika touches her feet. Aayi says she proved today that bad and good times come and go and are not constant and only as a united family, they can tackle any problem. Family then goes to ranga sangeet and stands on its door to greet people, but people go to Chitra talkies saying show is free there. Kethki and Aayi angrily tear chitra talkies posters.

Devika goes to Raja’s makeup room and shows him necklace. He gets happy seeing it and then goes on stage to perform. People gather and Raja’s performance starts. He dances and sings Naaache man patanga. Ananth silently throws chitra talkies pamphlets in front of audiences and they all leave silently. Chadha sees hall empty and stops Raja in between and asks where are audiences. Raja says they will come. Chadha says he is a businessman and cannot invest without audiences. Raja asks if he liked the show or not. Chadha says only if audiences come, he will get profit. Raja says he worked really hard for this show and says his Aayi stitched curtains, his wife worked even with swollen legs, his children sticked pamphlets around village under mid afternoon sun, his artiste friends also worked hard whole week. Chadha gets emotional, but Ananth interferes and says people are going to Chitra talkies and will not come here, so he will lose his investment. Chadha excuses Raja and leaves.

Raja starts laughing and asks Devika to take children Aayi home, he will come later. She says she will stay and aayi will go home with children. He says he will finish work and come and asks her to lock door from inside and open only if he comes. He becomes mentally unstable and starts laughing and playing tabla. Shyamrao comes with Ananth and says 12 passed long ago. He gives some money and property papers to sign. Raja signs papers and continues playing tabla and laughing. Ananth takes money and escapes.

Precap: Raja dies while practising. Pandit says last rituals can be performed only by elder son. Ananth sends his son, but Kalyani stops and says she is elder child of this family.

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