Sasural Simar Ka 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says I mean roli is repentant and she is here to apologize. Roli sasy yeah I am really sorry. baa says no don’t touch my feet there is no need of it. Mata ji says that’s the responsibility of kids. Roli touch her feet. Roli bows down, baa says what a feeling. She says you realize your mistake that’s enough for me. Look nirmala ji its such a small thind but creating a chaos in the house. Mata ji asks them to come to the hall. She says you have to come or I will feel like you have not pardoned me. Vikran says baa you should go I am coming. jahnvi says you got the glow bhaiya. Mausi ji says its of surbhi’s love. Everyone applies turmeric to prem. simar is upset seeing all this. She recalls everything. Sid says in heart i know simar what you are feeling simar. The song ‘kaisi hai yeh udaasi’ roli holds simar’s hand. Baa says i wish you and surbhi live together. Surbhi smiles. baa says turmeric is doing the work of onion for simar. Baa says there is something in my heart. I feel like the heart of simar and sunnaina are even same. What if sunnaina applies the turmeric to surbhi first. My heart says simar must be happy. pari says to achan even siamr’s doppelganger is taking my right. Achna says keep quite don’t stop the ritual.

Simar applies the turmeric to surbhi. Khushi says to surbhi roli bhabhi bhabhi doesn’t want this ritual to happen. you are going to take the place of simar and her doppelganger is here. That’s all I wanted to say.

Simar says we don’t have time. Roli says what will we do ? Sid says we have to find mr Gandhi. Baa is here that mean karthik is with Gandhi. Surbhi comes in to talk to roli. She sees sunnaina and says have I disturbed you people ? Roli says not at all. She asks roli to come with her. sid asks simar to stay there while he goes out. Surbhi says to roli as a friend I want to ask you something ? Are you ready to accept prem and my wedding ? I know its not easy for you to see someone at simar’s place. Tell me if there is anything in your heart. I want to fill in simar’s place. If its hurting you then I deserve to know this ? I trust you and I hope that you trust me too. Sid says roli had a misunderstanding. We were talking about that. Prem comes there too. Prem says sis is right surbhi. roli likes you a lot. I have now realized that you are the real part of my life. After today I have accepted you completely.

Simar is in tears. She recalls doing the ritual to surbhi. She recalls prem saying to surbhi that you are the real part of my life. Simar goes to sanju and says come on sanju take the food. Jhanvi comes and says to simar Anjali is crying she is not taking her medicine. Simar says I am coming in 10 minutes. Simar says to sanju its important to give Anjali the medicine. I will make you eat after I give her the medicine. Sanju sits on her sofa and looks at the food She starts eating herself. Vikran comes in. He says why are you eating alone ? Where is your mom. Baa comes and says I was scared of this. it hurts me to know that sanju will suffer all this. vikrans really angry.

Simar asks Anjali to sleep she says jhanvi will tell you the story. Vikran comes in and says sunnaina come out I wanna talk to you. Simar goes out. vikran says you know very well that sanju can’t eat yet you left her alone. Simar says its not like that I asked her to wait for ten minutes. Vikran says you have forgotten your promise. you have started to show your real colors. I have to remind you everything I guess. The day you break your promise I will break mine. simar says stop threatening me. I don’t need any promise to take for sanju. Roli never met an accident. I could come back here by the time I knew that. But it was important to bring the culprits to their spot. Two years, I never broke my promise. I did just as you said. I treated your daughter like mine. i lived in an unknown city and house. Vikran says okay i am giving you one chance. There should be nothing like what happened last time. My mom and kathik shouldn’t be hurt.

Scene 3
Next morning jhanvi asks oma what are we going to do at the mehndi tonight ? Uma says we will enjoy the mehndi and eat lots of food. Pari says i will put mehndi on my feet as well. Simar over looks them and says everyone is so happy in the house. Uma and pari bhabhi are so happy like kids. Keep them happy God and give me chance to expose baa and karthik so i can go back to my family. Baa comes there and says you must be enjoying your husband’s husband. the color of this mehndi will be on your face. Won’t you give some new idea for this mehndi ceremony. Should i help you ? roli sees them. Baa goes to the lounge and says nirmala ji should is say something. Mata ji says yeah sure. Baa says there should be dance and fun. The voices of today’s happiness should be heard till the wedding day. that’s what my sunnaina thinks. Mata ji says that’s a good idea. Baa says sunnaina has organized so may parties in or house. She has many plans. Mausi ji says our roli has many new ideas as well. Baa says so roli and sunnaina will decide the party. Sujata says that’s the good thing. She asks all the people to give their suggestions to them. Mata ji says so roli and simar.. i mean sunnaina have all the responsibilities of today’s event. Sujata asks roli and simar is that okay ? They nod. Roli stops sid and says you’re going to office will take me to market? he says yeah lets go. she asks mata ji that she wanna go to bring Anjali’s dresses. Mata ji allows her. baa says in heart what are they both planning now. I have to figure out. Simar goes to her room and calls roli. baa overhears her. simar says i hope this plan works. We have to work on weak point of the opponent. Karthik is baa’s weak point. We will try to catch karthik. baa says i have to warn karthik. Simar smiles looking at the door. She sees baa going and calls roli. she says baa listened to it. This is the only way we can find sunnaina.

Precap- baa says i have to call karthik. Simar takes her phone baa stands up and drops her phone. Baa says in heart i have to talk to karthik. Karthik comes to meet baa at the bharadwaj house. simar says what if baa warns him now. i have to do something.

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