Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha tensely asks Avinash why is inspector not finding Madhu’s location. Mahi suggests Avinash to call Shikha and find out. Avinash calls Shikha who says she found Manav’s blood stained clothes and does not know where Madhu took her, she is very worried about Manav. Aditya comes there, Shikha cuts call saying she will call him later. Aditya informs Shikha that Madhu is in a nearby resort and we should reach there.

Avinash says only Mohanto Jagannath can help us now. Sudha says he did not believe us then, why will he believe us now and help us. Avinash says Mohanto listens to only one person. She asks who is that.

Shikha and Aditya are in a car. Shikha prays god to protect Arnav. Aditya thinks Arnav is safe and she should think of herself.

Avinash/Amrit Seth reaches Mohanto’s house and says he knows Arnav’s life is at risk and Madu has eloped with him. Mohanto asks who does he know about it. Sunaina says Samaira must have told her. Avinash says Arnav is actually Shikha’s son Manav and says he is Avinash Gupta, Shikha’s father. He removes his fake beard and tells him the whole story happened. Mohanto says he betrayed him and Aditya/Madhu and will get him arrested. Avinash says he is telling truth and asks him to judge by the fact that Madhu has eloped with Arnav and Shikha is risking her life for Arnav as she is his real mother. Sunaina says we should first save Arnav and then think who is his mother later. Mohanto agrees.

Shikha and Madhu get into a fight. Madhu pushes Shikha injuring her. Shikha gets up, snatches Arnav and runs from there with Madhu following her. She crashes withi Aditya and requests him to protect her from Madhu. Aditya takes Arnav from her, says not to worry as this woman alone cannot harm you, goes and stands next to Madhu and they both laugh shocking Shikha.

He then says we both will harm you, calls her shikha Gupta and asks if she liked the twist. Shikha tries to snatch Manav from him, but he pushes her back and gives Manav to Madhu. He asks why did she come back after getting insulted once, says he fell in her love and got fooled, but not now. Madhu says we both are together again and Aditya says Madhu opened my eyes on time. Aditya says Shikha he saw her plastic surgery video and says though she is courageous, she is not witty enough. He says he was trying to trap her instead of helping her. Shikha reminisces how Aditya fooled her. Aditya asks what did she get by coming, she could not get her Manav. Madhu says we should give her something at least, should kill her.

Precap: Madhu asks Shikha to sleep in a ditch, else she will strangle Manav. Shikha obliges.

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