Saraswatichandra 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras flying the kite. Kumud says not like this and guides him. He thinks about the past. He turns and she moves the other side, just the way she did before. He thinks about her. Mann ke dor……………..plays……………..Kumud flies the kite and slips. He holds her and they have a sweet eyelock. She asks does he remember anything. He says yes. She smiles and asks really. He smiles and nods yes, I remember that ….. he looks at the watch and says its time for me to take medicines, I will go, its aching a lot. He holds his leg and leaves.

Kumud gets upset and thinks how can she forget her, he identified her by her feelings, how can he forget her first look. Saras says sorry Kumud, but this time when we meet, we won’t have any fear and regret between us, till then you have to wait for me, I m sorry. He leaves. Kumud sees the smiley and smiles. She touches it and music plays…………….She thinks he has given me hope that he will remember everything.

Everyone discuss who would have harmed Saras and Kumud… Either Prashant or Kalika, or anyone else. Yash says we can know it only from Rohit once we get him. Ghuman acts mad and fools the lady constable. She tells the inspector that it looks she went mad, we have to send her to mental hospital, else she can harm anyone. Saras and Kumud are together. He asks will you make me fly kite again. She says no, come with me. He says he is feeling better. He sees mud and says I couldn’t make it good ever. He says he can’t make it. She says I m telling you the story of Saras and Kumud, once you start, you will know it. He says fine, we will make if you are insisting.

They shape the pots together. Kuch na kahe bad chup rahe……………plays………….She holds his hands and looks at him. He turns and then looks at her. Rahe na kuch bhi darmiyaan………………plays……………Kumud says the same lines as before. Saras thinks in FB and says the next lines. She says do you remember it. He says yes partly, someone told me this. She smiles and says Saras tried and made many pots. He says oh, so he was potter. She leaves annoyed. Saras says this is the punishment for me to be away from you.

Danny asks Anushka not to go alone. Anushka says she is going to take medicines. Danny says take someone, as Rohit can harm you. He calls Kabir and asks him to take Anushka to chemist. Kabir asks Danny to go. Danny says I have to go office with important work, please go with her. He leaves for office. Kabir says I will bring the medicine. Anushka says its ok, I will go. Kabir says did you not hear, its not safe for you. He leaves. Anushka thinks Kabir is not trusting me, I love you, I know I did big mistake hiding everything from you, but I trust you more than myself.

Kumud sees her and Saras’ wedding pic and touches it. Badimaa comes and sees her upset. Badimaa asks her to keep it, if Saras sees it. Kumud says I want that. Badimaa says doctor said he should not get any shock. Kumud says he remembers few things, if we tell him everything, hen will remember. Saras comes and hears this. He stands outside the door. Badimaa asks Kumud to have faith and do right thing. Badimaa shows Saras to her and asks her to manage. She leaves telling the same to Saras.

Saras walks in and asks what are you doing here, I had my medicines. Kumud says sorry, I came here without your permission, but I want to show you something. He asks what. She shows him the ship. She says that guy made this for that girl, as gift for 1st wedding anniversary, but he could not complete it. He asks why. She says you will know it, as you are that guy Saras and that girl is me, Kumud.

Saras says he does not understand. She shows him the pic and says its us. He acts like he does not know her. She says I m Kumud, whom you can’t forget and can’t live without. She says you made this ship to surprise me, but I got up and…… She cries and asks does he remember. She draws smiley on his hand and asks you used to make this for me, which you made today also. He says I made the smiley there, but I don’t remember anything, how I came here, I m really sorry. She cries and runs out of the room. He says sorry Kumud, to hurt you so much, but till I make you sure that my identity is by you, I have to do this acting. I love you.

Badimaa comes to Kumud. Kumud says I failed Badimaa. Badimaa says no, my Kumud can never lose. Kumud says Saras had to go through this and lost his memory because of me. He says I decided to go far from him and see the fate. Badimaa is hurt seeing her cry. Kumud says I have to remind him that I m Kumud, his love, I m living this moments again with him, but he is not remembering anything. Badimaa asks her not to blame her. Kumud says no, I know if he gets well, something will happen to him again only because of me. Saras hears this.

Badimaa talks to Saras and asks till when will this drama continue, Kumud’s heart is breaking. Saras says she is living the moments again and she is realizing her thinking is wrong, I m sure our mission will be successful. Kumud stands far and hears this with tears in her eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Saras mum is cmg back in serial wth mmry los.

  2. sars mum stil in pst thnkng sar as chld nd ghmn’s affr wit sarsdad.

    1. harshitha reddy

      yeh………………..even i read it in tellychakkar………….itzz givn dat ghumaan wuld trap her………nd haan………plzz yaar izz serial mein aisa kyun hota hai……ki hamesha kisina kisi jodi ke beech jaghde hote hai……..either dansum…..or samud……….or anubir………..lekin haan…..i’ve doubt…..dansumr married bfre samud……….den howcum dey showd der marriage celebratns but nt dansum’s………nd no evn talkd about dat in any scene….????……O.o

  3. I heard tht SARAS is not leaving the show I am sooooo happy 😀 n Yeah SARAS’s MOM is coming back with memory loss xcited to see it 😀

  4. hapy B’day Saras Aka GAUTAM.

  5. Is It Saras ki B Day Anashrah??

  6. s shy.gautam b’day is n 14th august 1987.

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