Shastri Sisters 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Peeya talking to Neil about the Janmashtami. She tells Neil that the sisters will also participate in hitting the Dahi Haandi. Anushka makes the idol and Peeya likes it. Devyaani calls Alka. Alka says she did not remember Janmashtami. She apologizes to the Lord. Anushka asks her to get ready. Peeya says we will go for puja and then break the Dahi Haandi. Alka says she won’t come. We will do ouja, and then you all can go, I will be at home. Devyaanis ays don’t get sad, lets enjoy our life. Anushka asks Alka to come, as anything can happen tomorrow, so lets enjoy today. They pray to the Lord. Shastri ji does the puja.

This sisters come outside to break the Dahi haandi. Everyone is seen dancing. Sareen shows them Delhi’s Janmashtami. Sareen jokes. Anushka asks Alka to come. Alka says he mood is not good, and asks Anushka to go. Neil and Devyaani argue. Devyaani challenges him to break the Dadhi haandi. Everyone dance on the song Go Govinda……………..Neil goes on the pyramid to break the haandi. Neil breaks it and smiles. Shastri ji says this is the beauty of our festivals, it unites everyone and makes them forget the pains. Everyone dance happily.

Everyone come back home. The sisters have a talk. Rajeev comes to talk to Alka and says I will take you now. She asks him to go, as she told everyone about him. He says now I will take you to Kanpur. Alka says leave my hand. Anushka says leave her else…. Rajeev asks else what, now I will not stop, no one can stop me. Shastri ji comes and slaps him. Rajeev falls. He asks whats going on here, how did he come here, how dare he, I will break your legs. Alka cries and says its not his mistake. Shastri ji says Rajeev? You are the kirana shop owner’s son, how did you come here.

Alka says he came to meet me, as I love Rajeev and Shastri ji is shocked. He asks Rajeev to leave else he will call police. Alka and Rajeev look at each other. Rajeev leaves. Shastri ji scolds Alka. Alka says she did not do anything that would bring shame for him, she just fell in love. He says this is Pandit’s house and I m hearing this, I have run short of my values. Alka defends Rajeev. He scolds her and says he won’t accept this love marriage, she is not alone, three more girls are there to get married. Alka asks for her rights, not just responsibilities. She asks him will he give her rights or not. He looks on thinking by her emotional words. Alka leaves.

Pammi comes to Minty and talk about Alka. Sareen comes and Minty changes the talk. She asks him about Shastri ji taking time to say yes. Anushka tries to talk to Shastri ji. Sareen calls Shastri ji and asks about his final decision. Shastri ji says he will tell. He tells his daughters that Rohan’s family wants to meet for fixing engagement date. He asks what to tell them now, I don’t have that right now. I have not give any right to Alka, and gave her responsibilities.

He gets hurt by Alka’s words and says for a parent, every child id equal but Alka got much love being the first child. Everyone cry hearing him. Alka says I used to see my inspiration in Alka and how he used to be happy seeing her. He says if I did not win her trust, I should not decide about her life. He asks Anushka to decide who is better for Alka. He says I will accept your decision and leaves.

Anushka talks to Alka. Alka says I can be happy with only Rajeev, you cancel this marriage. Anushka says if you marry Rajeev and dad feels ashamed, then what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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