Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi ji says I miss simar when we all celebrate together. sujata asks jhanvi to tie the rakhi to her brothers. Jhanvi ties rakhi to all her brothers. Surbhi comes with her mom. Achna says I am on right time. she gives a gift to prem and sasy give I to jahnvi. I have brought a gift for jhanvi. The most expensive one. There is just one sister of prem. Mausi ji saus jhanvi has so many rings. You must have brought tomatoes. Jhanvi says thank you you thought so much for me. For me the smile of my brothers is everything. Prem says I wish your relationship with anurag always gets stronger. Jhanvi says in heart how can I tell you that this wish will neve come true. She says I hope next rakhi you won’t be sitting alone. Surbhi will be with you. Achna looks at sunnaina and says this is siamr what will happen to my daughter now. pari says she isn’t simar mom come with me I will show you everything. Roli says in heart I know what jeju and didi must be feeling.

Scene 2
Sujata asks roli to get the turmeric mixed. Roli says pari and achna will arrange the turmeric. Pari says mam couldn’t do this in chandigarh. Sujata says you are prem’s sister in law you ahev to be with him here. Mata ji says I have to thank God for all this blessing. uma comes with curtains and says these will separate bride and groom. Simar comes downstairs and sees the arrangements. Mausi ji says we have a wedding ritual today. All the functions will happen at our house. Go get ready. Roli sas let me help her in selecting the sari.

simar comes to her room crying. Simar says I won’t be abvel to see this. roli says we will find a way out. simar says we are lying too much. This shouldn’t get here, I am so scared. roli says I wantd to expose the truth before the wedding starts. This all is so abd for prem and surbhi. what can we do ?
Roli says I want everyone to know your truth before the wedding. Simar ays vikran should know about karthik and baa. roli says we still have 5 days in those days we have to do something. baa comes in and sasy oh I got tears by seeing this love. Baa says this is the game of mind. there is going to be a drama at your house today. I wont stop you if you cry after losing. Stop it if you can. She leaves.

simar says roli baa is so clever we have to be careful against her.

Scene 3
The ritual starts, sid is still angry with roli. Prem comes downstairs. simar looks at him he stares at simar for a while. Prem says in heart I always feel like you are near siamr. I feel you, simar. stay with me always. Siamr says in heart prem is alone without simar I am so near you but I still can’t stop this. Vikran comes downstairs. Prem comes and surbhi comes as well. Baa says in heart game will start now. Khushi comes with the turmeric. Baa makes her fall and all the turmeric is on the ground. Mata ji says where i your mind all the time. Mata ji aks roli to bring thr turmeric again. baa says if you don’t mind i have turmeric would you like to use it ? Achna says that’s better. roli says mata ji how can we take it from them ? The turmeric in house should be used. Mata ji says they are living with us as well. Baa brings the turmeric. Roli throws it before someone could apply. Roli ays we can’t use it. Pari says you did it deliberately.

Surbhi says there must some reason behind doing so. Roli says she is right, baa comes there and says pardon me i guess you dislike my turmeric. Roli says there was something mixed in that turmeric. Sujata says what are you saying. Baa says i thought you’d like if i bring the turmeric. I know i should have stay in my limits. Sujata says its not like that, Ia am sorry if we have hurt you. Sid says there is a misunderstanding roli would not have done otherwise. Vikran says this is what you do to you guests. roli has insulted ba and you are defending her. Sid says no vikran i know roli. Mata ji says vikran is right.
Baa says leave it they are kids it was my mistake i shouldn’t have been so close.
Sujata says this all was so wrong i should talk to baa. Mata ji says no leave her alone. Her self respect is hurt. I will talk to her myself. Lets get ready for the ritual.

Baa says she is doing all this to get back to her family. I considered her my daughter in law for two years but se doesn’t care. How much will she hurt me? Vikran says baa calm down. Baa says was i wrong tell me? Vikran says we will go from here. Mata ji says no you are not going any where. She is with roli. Maata ji says guest are so precious for us. Roli will apologize for mistake. Roli says sorry. Baa says no don’t be. Don’t touch my feet there is no need of it.

Precap-Baa says i was thinking if sunnaina could do the first ritual to surbhi. simar applies turmeric to surbhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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