Saraswatichandra 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud winding the fan for Saras thinking she slept. Saras is awake and smiles thinking she did this last time too. Kumud says you are unable to identify me because of me, but I will remind you everything, our love, our relation. Saras thinks he will make her feel nothing bad happened with him because of her, and her love completes him. Saras sleeps. Its morning, everyone gather at the dining table. Avinash comes and Vidyachatur asks him to join them. He says see whats madde for you today. He sees Anushka upset and says Kabir will take some time to calm his anger, if he took time to understand his love, don’t worry, Saras will explain her. Avinash plays games and Yash says he played many times.

Everyone sit for breakfast. Yash and Avi talk over games. Kabir comes and looks at Anushka. Everyone smiles. Danny takes his seat to make him sit next to Anushka. Kabir turns to go, but Daanny stops him asking him to have food. Vidyachatur asks about Kumud and Saras. Badimaa says I will ask Kumud to call Saras. Saras waits in the room and sees Kumud coming. He acts like he is upset. Kumud asks him to come for breakfast. He says I think I should have food here in the room, as I don’t know anyone there, so what will I talk to them. She asks him to come and its his fav food. He says really? What do I like? She says come and see. He says fine, if you are insisting, I will come.

He acts he has leg pain. She runs to help him. He says no I will manage. She scolds him t agree and do as she says. He asks is she teacher in any scold to scold like this. He thinks Danny is right, I should get award for my performance. Vidyachatur talks to Avi and says I like sweets a lot. Saras comes them with Kumud’s support. Vidyachatur stops Danny. Danny thinks Kusum is not here and everyone looks upset, I have to do something to cheer their moods. Saras greets everyone formally. Badimaa says we made your fav food and Sheera too.

Saras says Sheera and says do I like Sheera? Everyone smile. Badimaa holds Saras asking him to control. Danny asks him to have it and serves him. Saras says no, I think it has much sugar. Danny shows all his fav food, but Saras can’t eat it as Kumud is watching. Saras says no, and controls himself. Danny gives laddoos and smiles. Saras says I feel it has lots of ghee in it. Everyone control their laugh seeing Saras act. Danny says this dish he does not like, lets see now. He makes her have the Methi Ka roti and Kerele ka Achar, which Saras does not like. Saras says no, I don’t think I like this. Badimaa stops Danny. Kabir smiles.

Kumud asks Danny not to do this. Dann says no, this is good combo. Saras is stuck as Danny makes him eat by his hands. Saras thinks I will beat him, I hate this. Danny asks who is this. Saras says very nice. Danny asks him to have laddoo now. Saras says yes and eats it, asking who made it. Danny says Kumud. Saras says my Maai makes better than this. Kumud looks at him and asks what did he say. Everyone get stunned. Saras says what did I say. Avi says yes I heard he said Maai. Saras says I don’t know. Who is Maai here, can you tell me. Badimaa thinks I will tell you who am I. Saras lies. Kumud thinks Saras is thinking few things slowly.

She says take this laddoo, my Maai made it. He asks who is your Maai. Kumud looks at Badimaa. Saras says oh you, Namaskaar, I will have it. Badimaa says have it with love. Saras eats it. Everyone smiles. Saras says good laddoos and eats like kids. Danny teases Saras. Saras asks Danny to leave him to his room. Danny says why me and gets tensed. Kumud says I will leave you. Saras says no, I want to gossip with Danny and takes him.

Saras beats Danny in the room while Kabir laughs. Danny gets inspector’s call and he asks about Rohit. He tells Saras that they did not find Rohit, he is smart and changed his phone too. Saras asks did dad call. Danny says yes. Saras asks did you tell about my accident. Danny says I said it was small and you are fine. Saras says he is already worried because of work and could not come in Kabir’s marriage, so don’t tell him. They see Kabir. Saras signs Danny to leave. Danny says he will check accounts and leaves. Saras talks to Kabir about Anushka.

He says it was not Anushka’s fault. Kabir asks him to rest and leaves. Saras comes out looking for Kumud. He sees her with kites and turns. She stops him. He thinks why did I come here. She asks him to know the next happening in story. He says I can know that later, I m trying to think about my life. She says maybe it will help you in knowing your life. She says fine, fly kite with me. He thinks he was afraid, as she will make him lose again. He says I think I don’t know flying kites. She says I will teach you.

She tells about the girl in the story who used to fly kites. He asks about guy. She says he did not knew to hold thread. He thinks yes, make more fun of him. She says then she taught him to fly kites. He asks why, if she did not show her face. She says like I will teach you now. The FB scenes shows Kumud teaching Saras without showing her face. Kumudd asks Saras to fly the kite and makes him hold the thread.

Kumud shows the ship to Saras and says this was the gift for the girl on their first wedding anniversary, but the guy could not complete it. He asks why. She says only you can say it. He says I? She says yes, as the guy is you Saras. Saras looks shocked at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. hahaha… kya acting ki saras luv u so much 😉

  2. wow saras ur just amazing yaar.saras danny scene r mindblowing.and expression wise ur the best saras.

  3. Muah….. Lajawabe acting tha SARAS, loved it 😀 ^_^ :*

  4. harshitha reddy

    wow…………..saras and danny scenes wre mindblowng…………….wow danny dramebaaz…………….missng kusum nd danny scenes………..plzz show der scens

  5. Oweeks!
    Wowoow saras!! *-*
    Your acting is justttt tooo superb!!
    I evol you loads samud..
    And kumud you are damn pretty!
    Hats off to your acting beuty queen.! :*
    Aewnn.. 🙂
    I love this serial.. 🙂

  6. Today episode were amazig

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