Fanaah 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Anshuman and Irawati are sitting on a hill and Anshuman tells her that whatever condition today is Preet is in is because of him and his love and mistakes. Irawati says that whatever the reason is the truth is that Preet wants to become the most powerful in the world. Anshuman says that today is the night of full moon and the night when he betrayed her. He says that Preet will try her luck without wasting anytime. Preet is walking through the mansion and turns the candle on and then sets fire to the curtain. She says that she has waited enough for him, she loved him every minute but not anymore and now he must come and you will as this is the 18th year. Anshuman on the cliff cries with tears of blood. Preet suit gets on fire and she walks away.
Vivan comes asking where Preet Madam is, and Miss Fareeda asks that what happened and where is the trophy and says that if he didn’t won it. Preet Madam comes down and says that Vivan always wins; Vivan says that he won and now will represent his school in the cross country competition. He tells them of the place that is Mussoorie and says that he will not leave them as he has to go for one week. Preet Madam says that he must go as she is about to tell him something after which he will want to go there, she comes and says that Dhara is there in Mussorie.
The Mussoorie high school in the girl’s hostel. Vivan says that she was so close you didn’t tell me. Preet Madam tells him that Dhara wanted her to not to tell anything to him, but that luck wants him to go there. She asks if he stills loves Dhara and whispers to him that don’t let time slip from his hand and meet the girl to whom he waited for so many years. Vivan says to Preet Madam that he can’t return her the happiness she lost but wants to add some and gives a box as a gift with a bracelet. Preet Madam says that it is very beautiful but her happiness is from him. She tells him to go and bring Dhara back and that will make me very happy. Vivan says that he will return quickly.
Vivan is going through the jungle as he takes the shortcut while someone is watching him and he hears it. He again senses something and says that I know you are near Anshuman. He sees different writings on trees reading ‘don’t go to Mussoorie’ and ‘stay away from Dhara’. He says that it was a mistake of him to trust him. He remembers of what happened to his family. He screams and says to Anshuman to stay away from Dhara and that it was a mistake he told him about her. Anshuman says from behind the trees that you have no idea of the powers you are fighting but that I will protect you even if you like it or not. Later he stops to fix his cycle and a man is caring love birds and he remembers when he told Dhara about the love birds.
A few girls are calling Dhara and she comes out and asks them of what they are doing at this time of the night. They say that they are waiting for her to come. Dhara says that what if the warden comes to find about it then what. The girls say that they will return before morning and if she doesn’t come then the whole plan can be cancelled. Dhara therefore decides to go with them.
Vivan comes and tells a man that he has came for the cross country race. The man tells him that all the students are coming tomorrow then so should he. Vivan asks that if he is the senior most guard of this place, the person replies and says yes. Vivan wants to enter the place therefore tells the guard that there is a snake in his cabin. The man goes to look and Vivan quickly grabs the keys and goes in through the door.
Dhara is sitting by the fire and is holding a candle, remembering how Vivan put out the fire the first they met. She then hallucinates about him and remembers the time they spent together. In reality Vivan is watching from behind the Bushes and remembers their past and smiles. Dhara’s friend some and ask her that where the boys are Dhara says that she doesn’t know and so they leave. Dhara stands up and roaming around the fire when she almost falls because of the fire but Vivan holds her up. She again turns around and Vivan stops her stepping on it again. He then picks her up in his arms and remembers when they played the bench game for the first time.
He puts her down and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away again. He follows her and says that he had been waiting for this moment for the past four years. Dhara says that she doesn’t know him. Vivan says that you are still the same and he thought she would have become nicer. He tells her that he drove his cycle for eight hours and didn’t know that she was here. Dhara asks her that who he is?

Precap: Dhara slaps Vivan and says that do you want to cry? Vivan replies in the same way and says that whatever you do you cannot make me cry. Adrij the college captain and the son of the owner, he says that Dhara is the most beautiful girl is therefore hers and no one can come near her.

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