Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with sujata telling prem that he shouldn’t feel that he is alone and his mother and his family is with him. Then prem says emotionally maa. But then he says that there is difference in making someone a mother and saying and then he says that there is the same difference between sujata and yashodha maiyya. He then gives an example of devki and yashodha ma and kanha and then says that there is a difference in his story. He then says that he knows that sujata has given him so much love that his parents also could not give him but by this his truth won’t change. Then sujata and all get shocked to hear what prem says. Then sid goes to prem and says that his family is standing with him and he is not alone. He then goes on to say that he is not able to believe that the same prem is standing infront of him who trusts his family alot and in 20 hours the relation of 20yrs changed so easily. Then prem says that he agrees that this family gave him alot and loved him alot but there was a reason behind that and the reason was to hide their truth. Then prem and sid have a heated argument on that and both of them turn their faces from each and go away angrily. Then simar and roli go to prem and sid and try to explain them but prem is not ready to listen and then after roli explaining to sid , sid agrees. Then simar suggests to prem that on rakhi day we should invite dadi and janvi then he agrees. The whole bhardwaj family is sitting in the hall and waiting in for simar and prem to come. Then mausiji jokes to make the tension a bit lighter. Then mausiji says that now they should start to tie rakhi. Then prem stops mausiji and says that everyone has come then uma asks now who else is left to come as everyone has come. Then janvi and dadi come from behimd and dadi tells prem to sit down for the rakhi cerermony then he sits and janvi ties rakhi and she gets emotional. Then prem asks he rwhata does she want she says nothing but on his insistence she asks him to give a promise that he will never leave her and dadi alone and always take care of them be it any situation. He gives her this promise and everyone is shocked as janvi and dadi are trapping prem in their webs.

Janvi hugs prem and he says to janvi that he does not want to see tears in her eyes and only happiness. Everyone is sitting on the dinning table and all are sad. Mataji looks at the chair where prem sits and gets his fb’s. Then she says to everyone controlling her tears to eat food and then she looks up and sees janvi and dadi. And up janvi and dadi are making plan to make this family’s happiness hell. Then mataji looks at simar and motions her to call them for dinner. There dadi and janvi are saying that they won’t let this family be happy. Then dadi sees simar coming from the photo frame. She calls them for dinner and asks them to have dinner with them but dadi refuses saying she wont even drink water with the person who has killed her son. Then she says that yet she is happy to see that her grand DIL is cared for them and asked them for food and then she blesses her. They leave while simar is tensed that mataji is trying her level best to get the families together but dadi and janvi are not ready. The episode ends on simar’s tensed face.

Precap:- sid slaps janvi and then prem shouts siddharth and says that how dare he slap janvi.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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