Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
viren and jeevika shows arshad his room and ask him to have some rest. He then again says to viren that whatever he said about vidhi isn’t a joke take it seriously. Jeevika says talking to her so immediately won’t work we have to wait a little. They both leave.

Scene 2
phone rings, vidhi receives and a man is laughing terribly. He says watching you so sacred shivering is amazing. You can’t see me but i can see you from so close. She disconnects the call and shuts all the windows down. Phone again rings and he’s is again laughing. Vidhi gathers the courage to speak. She says you can’t be here where i am you can only scare me as always. He says just wait and watch what i do soon you’d find me in front of you.

Scene 3
beeji asks manvi to eat. Manvi says you have done what you could she says to bari beeji asking about the home made medicine for feet. She tells her how to make medicine. She says one of the ingredient is not at home manvi says i’ll go out to bring it. Beeji stops manvi but she leaves. Monty uncle calls her when she’s walking on road he informs her that he’s going to meet his family. Manvi says i hope your reunion will surely happen today. He’s is though in front of her but she couldn’t see him passing the car. Monty gets out of the car heading towards house. He touches the door and looks in from a window. There he sees bari beeji sitting and smiles looking at her. He listens her saying this girl is exactly like her dad but beeji says by girls aren’t like him. Beeji says their father has died already i won’t even let his shadow fall upon my daughters. Don’t talk about him again. Monty listens and cries silently. He turns his face and beeji sees his back.

Scene 4
jeevika says i’m really happy that arshad is taken for vidhi at first sight. He even wants to spend his life with vidhi knowing that she’s our surrogate. viren says but i’m a little confused if we should talk to vidhi or not looking at her past . Jeevika says arshad has all those qualities that a good husband should have

We don’t know if she’s ready to marry. Jeevika says one day she has to get married and forget her past. Arshad is a really nice guy. He’d be the best partner for her. He says just like you have given me the best life partner. He exchange smiles.

Scene 5
manvi applies the medicine on dont me beeji. Beeji asks her to go and have the dinner . On table she thinks to call monty. She asks her how was your meeting with your family? They must be so happy to see you after so long. He says it’s not like that they don’t need me. They don’t even want to see my face. They’d never forget me the way i left them alone. Manvi says you should try again. He says they will never pardon me i dont deserve one. She thinks what should she do for him. She calls him again and says i want to tell you a story. Once, there was a crow who was so thirsty and finds a water pot. He throws the stones in it and drinks it. I’m telling you this that you should have a thirst like that crow. You should keep moving no matter what happens. Your family will surely forgive you but you just need to have patience. He thinks what is his relationship with this girl she never lets him fall. Manvi there prays please God make the reunion of monty uncle with his family. Bari beeji pats at her shoulder and says wow you’ve grown so old i was listening everything.

Scene 6
there in chandigarh, jeevika goes to vidhi saying you’re seeing wedding dreams. A good life partner is all a girl needs. Vidhi says a good partner is just in dreams and to very lucky people like you. She tells her that there is a friend of viren who has fallen for you and wants to marry you. He saw you in library he’ll make you so happy. I know you’d also like him. Vidhi is so startled. She says lets go to meet arshad vidhi pulls her hand back. Vidhi says no jeevika i don’t wanna meet anyone i don’t wanna marry. Please i don’t want you to take me there. I’ll do whatever you want but i can’t marry. I can’t say anything more. Jeevika says okay lets to go to have dinner she say no. Jeevika says okay i’ll send the meal to your room . Jeevika thinks why vidhi reacted to weird.

precap-says yesterday i told viren why i can’t marry now i’m telling you. Suddenly arshad says from back you’re shining like a red flower in red suit. Vidhi is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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