The Buddy Project 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 13th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th August 2013 Written Update

There’s something in Piddi’s fist which the Professor notices. He asks Piddi to open his fist. Piddi reluctantly does so. It’s that Junglee Stone which Piddi hold so beloved in his life. Piddi says he gets strength from this stone and Professor lets him off the hook. Relieved, Buddies also get down to finish their paper as only 30 minutes are remaining. When the time is up, everyone submits their papers; Kiya being the first and KD being the last. RV, who had been waiting for KD under the pretense of collecting his stuff, asks KD where he was and what happened to his hand as soon as KD approaches the table where their bags are kept. KD tells him everything. RV breathes a sigh of relief when his worst thoughts are proven wrong.

Outside the class, RV makes a plan to go

to canteen together but KD excuses himself. Confused at his behavior, Piddi follows KD. RV says to the girls that they all can go but Kiya also excuses herself. Panchi requests her to join them but she leaves saying she has to head home.

Piddi catches up to KD and says right now he doesn’t care about KD’s mood, he’s only concerend about KD’s bandaged arm and asks what happened to him? KD replies that as he was running towards the exam hall, his arm got strained as it hit the wall. Piddi sprays some relief spray on his wound. Promotion ki promotion, concern ka concern! KD says he wished he got this before the exam as he would’ve written the exam more properly then. He leaves thanking Piddi.

In canteen, the troubled foursome are together. Panchi gets up saying she has to head home as she promised Avi that she’d spend time with him. Ruku also gets up saying she has to prepare for the next day’s RS. RV angrily stops them and tells them to sit. Then on a pleading note says until KiSha’s problem is solved, they won’t go home. They owe this much to their friendship. The girls sit down and Piddi says a lamba monologue that lover’s tiff causes no one but the friends problem. At the end of the day the lovers get together but the friends are constantly in trouble during and after the tiff. They should just away from their tiff! RV slaps Piddi and scolds him for saying bad monologues when he should be helping his friends as KD always helped him in his time of need. RV calls Piddi a bad friend which first angers Piddi but then gives him an idea and he starts laughing (Panchi’s reaction is the best here! she was all W T F?! ) Piddi says his “ghatiyapan” will patch KiSha up and tells them that he has a very cheap idea. Of course, the three don’t like his bright idea without even listening. Piddi doesn’t pay attention to their uninterested expressions and gets ready to set the wheels in motion for his cheapest idea yet by taking Junglee Baba’s blessings. The Buddies are glaring at him when he’s done and he just tells them to keep doing as he says because his cheap idea will be the reason KiSha will be together again.

KD is shaving in his room when Piddi comes running there and cooks up a story about Kiya hurting herself while in the library. KD gets worried and runs away towards Kiya (Ye tha wo mahaan idea? So damn predictable and bakwaas. While I can see that this reunion will give fans a KiSha confession which they wanted so hardly anyone would complain but seriously? That’s the best the CVs can do? ) When KD is gone, Piddi gets happy and calls someone saying, “Mere Karan Arjun ayenge…zaroor ayenge!”

KD is shown running through the corridor with shave foam still on his face.

Panchi tells Kiya that KD slipped from the staircase and Kiya immediately gets up and runs from there. Behind her Panchi gets happy.

KD runs and reaches the medical room, outside which VeeNi are shown standing with a morose expression. They tell him Kiya is inside and KD runs inside. Pdidi comes there and hi-5s RV.

Kiya is shown running. Before she reaches, VeeNiPi are sitting relaxed but as soon as Piddi sees Kiya approaching, they take VeeNi’s previous position of being all sad. Kiya also rushes inside the medical room and the Buddies get happy seeing their plan succeed.

Inside, KiSha come face to face each concerned about the other and they hug. When they break apart, KD apologizes for not thinking about her. Kiya apologizes for taking out all her anger on him and KD jokes if she hadn’t taken it out on him, who would’ve she taken out on? They ask each other to forgive each other. Long story short, they patch up.

Outside, RV is concerned whether their plan worked or not? Piddi smirks that he was the Mastermind behind it, of course it would work. RV says fine, then Mr. Mastermind will open the door and see the results of his plan. Piddi gets scared that KD might hit him and RV says Piddi will get beaten one way or the other so he should just open the door. Even the girls teasingly push him to the door and makes him open it.

Piddi creaks open the door and sees KiSha hugging. He calls the Buddies and says Aashiqui 3 is being made here, they were worrying for no reason. The Buddies cheer and applaud and enter the room. After the initial cheering, Piddi gets scared and apologizes to KD for lying to him. KD pulls him towards him while Piddi keeps apologizing. KD says first time Piddi did something intelligent and he is apologizing? KD hugs Piddi and RV says they have no idea how relaxed Buddies are now seeing KiSha together. Kiya hugs Panchi and RV hugs KD and Piddi complains that all he gets is thanks while they are hugging other people. Kiya hugs Piddi and Piddi makes KD stand with Kiya. Panchi says this calls for a group hug and Buddies group hug at the end of which, Panchi stops smiling and looks at her watch.

Avi is waiting in front of his car. He gets mad and he sits in the car. Before he can go, someone knocks on the window. It’s Panchi who asks him where is he off to? Avi coldly replies that he is off to home. Panchi asks why already? They had made a plan to spend some time together. Avi retorts they made many plans but if she hadn’t ignored his calls, things would’ve been different. Panchi checks her phone and is shocked seeing so many missed calls from Avi. She apologizes and says that because of KiSha tension she didn’t realize…Avi cuts across saying he had been calling her and waiting for her and worrying about her for the past 2 hours but she’s more interested in others’ love stories than her own life! Panchi says her friends were in trouble, she owed them this much. Avi replies she has all the time for her friends but she has no importance of him in her life. Panchi is hurt and says he knows that’s not true. Avi retorts he doesn’t! For the past two weeks, she is too wrapped up in KiSha! Their date, their patch up, their this and their that! Panchi says they are her friends, he would’ve done the same for his friends as well. Avi replies he would’ve but his girlfriend would’ve always been his priority. He asks Panchi to prioritize as he can’t wait for her 2 hours everyday and he goes away in his car without hearing any further explanation.

Precap – Ruku saying to RV on phone that his birthday is after two months. RV replies he won’t cut the cake without her as all the Buddies are waiting for her. Ruku at RV’s home and saying she thought everyone was there. RV says he lied to her as he wanted to spend time with her. Ruku gets mad and says she doesn’t like any of this and RV tries to calm her down but she slaps him. RV is shocked (Does this mean we are gonna get a RaHi track soon? Please say yes! )

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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