Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona and Suhnaina thanks the Tantrik for helping them out and Suhnaina pays the tantrik. The tantrik says there is no need to thank me as its my duty to stop someone who is doing wrong let it be human or spirits. The tantrik leaves and Suhnaina says Sona, now you better go and hide before that mother and daughter sees you. I will go and and give them some prasad saing i did some Pooja for Chitrasi and Sona leaves. Chitrasi is sweeping her room while Shakuntala says i am going to leave from here. Chitrasi asks what do you mean by you are leaving? Shakuntala says you made the mistake and i’m getting punished too? Chitrasi asks what are you doing? Shakuntala says didn’t you hear what Sona’s soul said? Anyone who helps you will also die in her hands. Did you saw how she controlled the tantrik? I am leaving from here. Chitrasi says i never expected this. I am your daughter and you too wanted these properties. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Shakuntala says yes but only if i would be alive. What would i do with these properties if i die? I am not going to take even a single thing from this house and i am leaving now and Shakuntala leaves towards the door and Suhnaina stands at the door and gives prasad to Chitrasi and Shakuntala. Suhnaina asks where are you going now Shakuntala? Shakuntala says i can’t stay here longer and i need to leave now and Suhnaina asks what important work and goes behind Shakuntala and Chitrasi is speechless. Suhnaina and Sona laughs together with the latest development. Suhnaina says its already night now and all of them are going to be back. You go and hide yourself in the store and Sona says alright and as Sona turns, she sees Kanhaiya’s T-shirt. Suhnaina says its Kanhaiya’s T-Shirt as the button came off. Sona says let me do it and Suhnaina says alright but go and hide fast before anyone sees you. Suhnaina watches as Sona takes the T-Shirt and sews the button on the T-Shirt as Suhnaina watches and smiles. Suhnaina asks Sona to do it fast before anyone comes and Sona says mummy ji, let me go to my room for once. Suhnaina says i can understand your feelings but Kanhaiya will be back anytime. Don’t forget that Chitrasi is still in the house while Sona says please, only once. I will keep the t-shirt and leave. Sona says that is the room that i have so much of memories and Sona says alright go but make sure you go and hide fast. Sona enters the room and places the t-shirt in the cupboard and looks around the room. Kanhaiya is walking towards the room while talking on the phone and Sona hears Kanhaiya’s voice and looks around to hide. Sona decides to hide inside the cupboard while Suhnaina comes to the room and looks around. Kanhaiya walks towards the cupboard and Suhnaina gets scared while Sona closes her eyes inside the cupboard. Suhnaina calls Kanhaiya, i wanted to say something to you for sometime. Can you come to my room for a while? Kanhaiya says i will come in a while and Suhnaina says no one cares about me while Chacha ji have dedicated his life for his family. Come and see all his documents for a while and Kanhaiya says now? Suhnaina says yes, come now or i would forget and Suhnaina brings Kanhaiya and leaves the room while Sona comes out from the cupboard. Chitrasi is praying in her room reading some chalisa in fear.Chitrasi says to herself that her mother have also left her alone and Chitrasi suddenly ses her room door opening and closing ownself. Chitrasi hears a voice saying Jai..Jai Hanuman and sees Sona standing in front of her in her white saree. Chitrasi gets scared seeing Sona as Sona stares at Chitrasi. What did you think? You would keep doing bad after bad and when you pray, god will help you? You think god didn’t see what you did and Sona walks closer towards Chitrasi. Now even god can’t save you from me Chitrasi!!

Part 2

You will die just like how i died and no one will save you now. Sona opens a bottle and gives it to Chitrasi and Chitrasi screams save me and closes herself with a blanket and Sona quickly gets out through the window and everyone else rushes inside the room asking what happened. Chitrasi says she was standing here and everyone asks what happened. Chitrasi says that Son… Son.. I saw a ghost standing in front of me just now and Kanhaiya asks what are you saying? You are imagining things and Bheema says there is nothing here. Such things don’t exist and Deva asks if you are scared to sleep in this room, go and sleep in other rooms. Chitrasi thinks to herself that she can’t tell them what happened and if they know, they will bring a tantrik and Sona will kill the tantrik and me. Where have Maa ji gone and she can save me. Chitrasi is in tears while everyone else leaves. Kanhaiya sits next to Chitrasi and asks her not to be scared and all of us are here. If anything, just shout out to us. There is no ghost here and Kanhaiya shuts the window. Now just sleep and you will feel better and Kanhaiya leaves the room. Chitrasi starts reading the prayers again. Kamal asks Deva if ghosts really exists and feels scared while Deva says ghost don’t exist and Kamal shuts the light and faster runs to Deva. Someone knocks on the door and Kamal is scared to open the door while Deva goes to open the door and drags Kamal along. Once the open the door, both get scared seeing someone standing in the dark and Kanhaiya comes from the dark and asks what happened? Kamal and Deva blames each another of feeling scared seeing ghost and Kanhaiya says ghost don’t exist, now go and sleep. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. The next day morning, Kanhaiya wears a brown t-shirt and Kanhaiya sees Sona in the mirror. Sona says again? How many times do i need to say that this combination doesn’t suits you. Why don’t you listen to me? Dark blue t-shirt would suit your blue jeans and Kanhaiya looks at Sona and Sona says change quickly. Kanhaiya looks again and realize he was imagining Sona. Kanhaiya gets sad and says that he keeps thinking of Sona always. I know i look good in this and Sona ji was wrong. Kanhaiya was about to walk out and looks at himself in the mirror again and decides to change to the blue t-shirt. Suhnaina enters the room and sees Kanhaiya talking to himself and says you look worried. Is there anything? Kanhaiya says do i look worried? Suhnaina says its alright but i am worried about Chitrasi. I been observing her for a few days where she looks worried and i think we should bring a person to hypnotize and find out why she is worried. Kanhaiya says you are right and Suhnaina says but i can’t say this to her as it won’t look good. You need to make her agree and Kanhaiya says i will speak to Chitrasi and you can call the psychiatrist and Suhnaina smiles.

Precap:The psychiatrist is swinging the pendulum and asks what is Chitrasi’s name while Chitrasi answers one by one questions the psychiatrist asks what is the reason of Chitrasi’s fear while everyone is watching it including Sona who is hiding.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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