Madhubala 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan comes near Madhu n she is shocked

Sultan says tears are costly and RK is cheap.. so dun shed tears for him .. Madhu says stop it and asks what is he doing here? Sultan takes divorce papers from her hand and says RK din sign yet? maybe waiting for his death n Madhu says stop..!

Sultan was last day of life given as alm to RK .. n asks why she din take a sign. .n Madhu says he will ..told him everything..!

Sultan asks if he is ready to sign or not? He turns her around forcefully and Madhu says then what? She puts knife at his throat and says.. if she cuts his throat no one will know..! Sultan says good idea …she will be free from her pain ..but will she be able to do it?

Sultan forces the knife at his throat and Madhu removes her hand and cuts his face..! Sultan points knife at Madhu n she asks him to kill her n Sultan says how can he..have dreams for her.. all this hardwork is for her..!

Madhu asks if she remembers … the name RK used to call him with? Gangster gunda.. so all this suits him only ..not her..! He says she gave him pain by not signing papers . so he will too .. n says.. she will declare to the world.. about her separating from RK …!!

Bittu is on the phone as Sultan walks down the stairs of the mansion ..n sees Bittu in time.. and hides..! Dips sees him and hides him in time.. before knocking down a decorative piece!

Bittu screams who is it and all rush out .. to check…! He says theres a thief..

Bittu opens the door and screams… its Dips with facepack on She shouts on them ..for entering the room without knocking and Dips asks what she doing in guest room n Dips says.. not ! Radha asks why here n she blames Sikkys snores..!

Bittu asks Madhu the matter as ever since she met RK . .he is in bad mood but Madhu says firmly later

Lawyer tells RK they will get bail today and gives some papers to him but RK is lost in Madhus words…and spins the paper weight.. !

Bittu tells RK to listen but RK asks him to leave n Bittu says. .at home Madhu is not talking and here he is not.. so what to do? RK says not concerning him … Bittu says.. his pareshani n Madhus berukhi is concerning him ..!

Bittu gives divorce papers to RK n says…Madhu asked him to get RKs sign on them..!

Part 2

Bittu says on top of it..she asked to give press release about it..and asks how is it possible? Rishbala separate..!

Bittu says..saw these papers during hosp also.. but she snatched these papers.. ! RK says.. at hosp also she did this? He asks for pen and signs the papers..!He says to give these papers to the woman.. who wanted divorce when he was fighting for life… the woman ..who promised to be by his side always..but left him in need… n says to give it to Madhu.. to end Rishbala relation..!

Part 3

Bittu comes to Madhu n asks if her work is done and he says yes.. RK signed..! Madhu is packing her stuff..!

She asks him to leave.. n Bittu asks if she told all? Radha ?? Will she leave like a thief? Madhu says leave… ! Bittu says.. never gave press release of RKs divorce..n asks her to dictate and Madhu says Mr. RK and Mrs.Madhubala Kundra are not together!

Bittu says.. this surname? Madhu is speechless..!

Precap — Bittu says.. ..this man who is ready to burn the world.. when he gets even a thorn touching him ..this man.. he should have been shot that day… ! Sultan should have fired the bullet..on this man (RK)! Madhu fumes and slaps Bittu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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