Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2013 Written Update

Siddharth refuses for the marriage and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. He leaves from there and comes to his room. He’s very angry and starts throwing stuff around, but Prem comes and stops him. He tells him to relax. Siddharth says, they know how much I love Roli and still talking about my marriage. I am not going to get married. Prem asks him calm down and gives him a glass of water. Simar is standing at the door and watching. Prem says in his mind that he will have to find out truth about Naina soon. Simar says in her mind that she is also with Siddharth in his decision.

Khushi is happy and tells Naina about the marriage. She says everyone is taking your side one by one. The way she was taking your side, it seemed that she will definitely get your marriage done with Siddharth. Naina is happy. Khushi says, we will have to make sure this marriage happens fast. Naina thanks Khushi and cannot believe she is going to get married with Siddarth. Khushi tells her, but I do.. and watch how your life will change after the marriage. All property will be on your and your child’s name. Now she does drama. I will be left out lonely.. I won’t have nothing. Naina says, because of you I am getting biggest happiness. I don’t want anything else beside Siddharth. You can keep everything else. She tells Khushi you’re very good and leaves. Khushi smiles and says in her mind, to get property I will have to do something quickly so this family gets ready for Siddarth and Naina’s wedding.

Roli recalling words of Veery about getting remarried. She says, I said yes for the marriage.. but I am not ready. How can I explain this to him and how can I get out of this situation? Veeru comes there smiling. He asks her to close her eyes. Veeru opens a box and gifts her wedding saaree. Roli asks, what is this for? He says, tomorrow is our marriage.. that’s why. He says, I am going now.. I have to get lots of preparations done. The saaree reminds Roli of her past, but she can’t exactly remember who was the person who gave her same saaree.

Bhardwaj family is discussing about Siddharth and naina’s wedding. Everyone says that Siddarth is not in condition of getting remarried. They ask Mataji to think about Siddarth and Roli before making a final decision. Sujata says, what about Naina? what about her child? I agree with you all that Naina is nothing to this family, but there is no fault of her child. He’s blood of our Bharadwaj family. We can’t ignore the truth. Siddarth is coming down. Mataji also goes against Sujata and says this marriage won’t happen. Naina and Khushi are shocked. Siddarth smiles. Mataji says, but this family will take all responsibility of her child and we won’t discuss this topic anymore.

A group of ladies come to talk about Navratri with Mataji. Khushi smiles and asks Naina to go with her. Mataji says, as you know what happened with Roli.. but we have to pray for matarani so we will just keep normal prayers this time.

Group of ladies is leaving and they hear Khushi and Naina’s conversation. Naina tells Khushi, I know this family will take good care of my child, but in end he will still be called illegitimate child of me and Siddarth. Group of ladies get shocked.

Khushi tells Naina, I can’t see your sorrow but what can we do? They turn around and see ladies. Khushi says hello to the ladies, but ladies just leave. Khushi and Naina smile at each other. She says, I will see now how can this family stop this wedding. She laughs and says, whether with smiling or crying.. this family will have to get your marriage done.

Prem calls a guy and says he needs information of Naina very soon. Guy says he’s trying to call his ex-boss and he hopes he will get good information from him. Mausiji comes and asks Prem with whom he was talking about Naina. Prem tries to lie but, she catches him and asks him to tell her. Prem says, first promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this until the right time comes. Prem says, I have doubt on Naina since long time. He tells her everything that he saw between Naina and Khushi.

Prem says, I hired a detecting to get information about Naina. Mausji asks him if Simar knows about this. Prem says, she is already tensed taking Roli, so I didn’t tell her anything. Mausiji tells him, so many problems are going on this house.. you won’t find any information about Naina. Instead you will go out and search information about her.. I will keep eyes on her in this house. Prem says, you made my work easier now. Mausji says in her mind, Naina stay alert now and screen freezes.

Precap: Veeru tells a lady to go and tell Roli that none of her drama will work this time. This time, I will put mangalsutra and sindhoor as well. Roli is coming out. Lady asks Veeru, so that means, you two are not married yet? Veeru says, no. (I don’t know if Roli heard that or no)

Update Credit to: Shreya

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