Best Friends Forever 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 12th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in the police station where Braun bails out rohan and sanju and Braun fight and sanju says”tum election jeetne ke like kisi bhi had tak gir sakte ho” to which the inspector asks them wether sanju did all this win the college elections to which sanju replies no and the inspector says enough and asks them to leave.

Outside the police station varun pleads sanju to talk to him and believe I’m but sanju shouts at him and says the the truth will come out some day and sanju and vinnie get into the car and leave.

On the other side someone kidnaps Ella and it is revealed that mac kidnapped Ella and mac says that now I am going to do something I should have done a long time ago but Ella pleads him mac goes very close to Ella then comes back and orders Ella to change his cars tyre to which Ella gets surprised and asks wat then mac replies ya you like to puncture my tyre so now you will have to fix it as I have to take my gf jess for a long drive then Ella gets a call and it is vinnie a call mac says that Ella is busy right now,she will call you later

In the car vinnie tells sanju that Ella is with mac and sanju says thank god she is safe with him.

Sanju and Ella reach Sanjus house and find that the door is open and they go in and see and then they hear a noise then sanju and vinnie rush to the kitchen where the noise came from and find that the stalker has escaped and then they get scared and go to sanju’s room and find that the whole room is messed up by the stalker and they find a letter left by him for sanju.sanju reads it and it says the sanju will never be able to reach him but he can reach sanju where ever she is and that he can be anywhere now reading this sanju gets scared and hugs vinnie.

Ella has changed the tyre and tells mac that they should forget everything and that she can give him another chance.mac replies that she should understand that she is out of his life and that there will be a day when she will be alone and no one will ever talk to her.hearing this Ella becomes very sad.

Ella reaches a canteen where sanju and vinnie are then sanju sees her and hugs her and apologises to her for what happened in the school canteen.ella says that she does not want to be alone and then the bff’s have a group hug and then sanju asks Ella what was she doing with mac and that what were the marks on her hands to which Ella replies that she was changing mac’ veichle’s tyre then sanju shows the stalkers message and says that they have to do something.then they show the bff’s following rohan and they find that rohan is involved in the illegal bike races.rohan sees them and says that now they can go and report to the police about this.sanju asks him what is all this then he says that he is doing it for money and that varun knows about it that is why he bailed rohan out

Precap:rohan tells sanju that varun was stalking sanju then he sees a car coming to hit sanju then rohan pushes sanju and the car hits him then falls down and blood is coming out from his head.

Update Credit to: Apoorva

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