Balika Vadhu 13th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th April 2013 Written Update

Anandi is sitting alone. Shiv is approaching to her. As she has drunk bhang, she sees 4 Shiv’s. Shiv asks her, won’t you dance with me? Anandi says, I want to, but with which Shiv? There are 4 of them. Shiv says, naughtiness with me huh? Hold my hand. Anandi holds her ears and says, I am sorry collector sahab. After 3 tries, she finally is able to hold his hand. They dance on Holi Khele Raghuveera song. Sanchi remember Anandi’s call and says, it’s showing effect of bhang on bhabhi, now I can easily find out who is in her mind, Shiv or Jagya. It will be fun when Anadi will say truth in front of everyone. She goes to her and asks if she had fun. And she had more fun here or at Jagya’s place. Anandi says had equal fun here as well. She then asks who she loves. Anandi says, with whom am staying since long time. I am very lucky to have him. She doesn’t take any name. Sanchi asks her to take name. Someone calls Anandi to join holi celebration so she leaves.

Other side, Jagya’s family also dance on song Ude Re Ghulal. Jagya (he has also drunk bhang and it’s showing effect now) sees Anandi passing. He says how can she come here? It’s just my imagination. He takes drums and starts playing it. Jagya sees Anandi in Ganga. He stops playing drums and stares at Ganga. He then takes off the drums and says, Anadi you’re back to me? You knew am waiting for you.. how wouldn’t you come?

Sanchi tells Anandi, you were going to tell me his name.. but didn’t say it. Anandi is near Shiv and says loudly, here’s your answer.. Everyone looks at them. Anandi continues, whom I love most is my Shiv.. my dear Shiv. Everyone smiles and claps. Celebration continues.. Shiv plays drums and Anandi dances around him.

Other hand, Jagya is approaching to Anandi urf Ganga. He hugs her tightly. The celebration stops and everyone glares at them. Ganga doesn’t know what’s going on. Jagya says, happy holi, Anandi. (Only Ganga heard that I think) Ganga is shell shocked. She pushes him back. Jagya realizes that it’s Ganga. They both stare at each other. Ganga doesn’t feel comfortable and runs away from there. Jagya regrets for what he has done.

Celebration is over and everyone back inside the home. Ganga is busy working and doesn’t want to eat/drink anything. Dadisa says, whatever happened today wasn’t good. Bhairo comes and asks Dadisa what happened today. Jagya comes down and looks at Ganga recalling what happened in the celebration. Ganga gets busy in her work again and she seems to be angry. Jagya goes to her and says, I can only apologize to you. Please forgive me. I am very ashamed of what I said to you.. but I didn’t do it purposely. It was a mistake. She is walking away, but Dadisa stops her.

Dadisa says, Jagya shouldn’t have done what he did, but at least listen to him what he wants to say. Basant says, Jagya respects women a lot. Bhairo says, I don’t know what Jagya said and what happened, but I agree with Basant. Ganga says to everyone, what do you think I am feeling bad for myself? I would have forgiven him thinking this happens when you’re drunk. But Jagya hasn’t done wrong with me.. he’s done it to Anandi. I was in front of him, but he saw Anandi. Now you all tell me, did he do right thing?

Voiceover: Broken relationship may not be in front of your eyes, but it still stays somewhere in your mind. Didn’t get 2nd line..

Precap: Ganga tells everyone, Anandi is married.. and the way doctor sahab (Jagya) hugged me thinking Anandi, even in drunkenness, is not right. He promised Anandi that he will forget everything and move on, but he hasn’t forgotten anything.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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