Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baa says I will give you pain that you will never be able to endure. Prem’ lawyer says I wanna show a video to the court as well. Its of Vikrant’s house’s last night. When he held simar in his arms to take her to his room. everyone is shocked. roli says this isn’t true. sid says you are right but who has done this. Lawyer says this is the reality of the relationship of simar and vikrant. this is what they always hide. This shows why simar became sunnaina. Truth is in front of world. He says I know its a sin to invade someone’s privacy but we had to do this to expose the truth. They are making stupid stories and wasting everyone’s time. I want you to consider these photos when you take your decision. simar syas some robbers came to Vikrant’s house. They hit me and after they leave he took me to my room. Vikrant says she is right some people attacked my house. They were 4 people and they came to rob. Lawyer asks did you file any FIR? vikrant says no. He asks why? You are a lawyer what were you waiting for? vikrant says I decided that I will file a complaint after this session. lawyer asks what stuff did they steal from your house? vikrant says nothing. lawyer says point to be noted . 4 people came to his house but didn’t take anything. And he let them go without complaint. H is hiding truth with these stupid stories. I wish that phantom could come here and save simar. Siamr says please listen to me prem ji. Its a conspiracy againt me. Prem stands up. Siamr says prem ji please listen to me. Prem says I want divorce and that’s final. right now. Everyone is shocked. Prem says these papers don’t matter to me anymore. The relationship of our heart is already broken I don’t care about you anymore. I want to be free. simar says I know what you are going through. trust me for one last time. Our relationship can’t weaken like this. Prem says this relationship is like a corpse for me that I can’t keep. I want to do its funerals. Say yes for divorce and live just as you want. Simar holds prem’s feet. SHe recalls prem’s words. Simar stands up and says I always did what you said. How can I say no today. I am ready to divore you for your happiness. Simar says tell me prem ji where do I have to sign? Judge asks everyone to take their places. She says this court givs simar and prem a time of 6 months. if they feel like patching up they can after that they will be divorced. Siamr looks at prem.

outside, simar looks at prem and recalls all their moments and so does prem. he leave along with rest of family while simar is in tears.

Scene 2
Everyone comes back home. mata ji asks what happened? why are you all quite? will anyone tell me what happened in the court. mata ji says oh you won the case you must be happy prem. why is yoru head down? Heads are down when humans know they have made a mistake. I have a verdict as well. From now everyone has right to do what they want. No one will be interlinked with others.
You all can do what you want. I will never intrude in your lives. Rajhnider says don’t punish us like this mata ji. Mata ji says why shouldn’t I? When you all can even approach courts without asking me. You don’t need ny advise in anything else. Sujata says you can’t leave us alone like this mata ji. Mata ji says why? You all can take your decisions. The respect our family has already been shattered in courts.
You all are free to do what you want. Everyone will have a separate kitchen ib this house.

precap-prem says to mata ji give us blessings I have a very important contract to sign today. Mata ji doesn’t look at them and says hope you get successful.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. wow mataji y r u saying all this today that simar is the one who unite ur family and support also but u should be may tell this long back then may be simar may with u.but its really late.and perm aaj bhi iam saying the same thing ur good for nothing.feeling bad for perm.

  2. atleast mataji have some senses this prem is nothing useful atleast in hongkong they come close

  3. I just hate prem and that shameless pari and surbhi. I wish to see vikrant and simar get married rather than that dogi prem and simar.

  4. where have ur mind been al this while mataji i mean seriously from taking the keys from roli and tname the house sasural surbhi ka?u just wake up now?

  5. mataji did u just remember to cover ur self with blanket when its morning already how mpathetic that family can be seriously OMG

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