Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Manik asks Nandini of what she is doing here and she walks away while Manik follows him. She comes outside and Manik repeats his question. Nandini says that you texted me so I came, Manik mocks her and tells her to stop lying as you are not able to. He says that were you spying on us and Nandini is flabbergasted and says that this is a college and a you can go anywhere. Manik says that tell me or otherwise… he then takes some dirt and throws it Nandini although she tells him to stop. The go into a fight throwing dirt at each other and are now all muddy. The hold hands and Manik holds Nandini in his arms. She strangles away and the fight continues with the awkward romance.
Nandini slips and Manik holds her up and says that I have you now. Manik is about to kiss her when Nandini starts to talk about what she was up to and what the rest of them are doing. Manik says that Harshad got Cabir and he says that this is not good and leaves the place. Navya is following Muktii and goes in the bathroom. Muktii searches her bag and Muktii realizes that this is a girl’s bathroom and goes inside. She stares at Muktii and says that what kind of song you prepared. Muktii says that Harshad sent you to do this enquiry. Navya says that why he would send me, Muktii replies saying because he doesn’t like losing and he knows that this time he got lucky.
Muktii says that Harshad uses his smart brain in cheap tricks like these. Navya says that she won’t hear a thing about Harshad. Muktii says that are you day dreaming and says that do you really think that Harshad is in love with you. She says that Miss Navya Harshad doesn’t love you and just hangs around with you. Muktii says that you should not feel bad because if he loved you then you would not have been safe.
Cabir comes home and sits down on the couch and his mom is scared to see him. She asks him if he is Okay as she has never seen him come home in such daylight. Cabir says that he is fine and came home because he is going to a party. His mom says that this means that you are totally fine and are still the same stubborn child. Cabir replies saying that he will remain that way and she asks if he wants to eat something but he says that nothing.
Cabir is taking out some shirts when he gets a call. The person says big night tonight and Cabir replies saying that did you call me to tell the story of your life. The other person says No bro and he is about to return him something as he was camping near the China border. The other guy looks identical to Cabir as if a twin. They talk as if they are brothers and Cabir complains about Rose when suddenly he cancels the call as his mother comes and offers him apples.
His mother asks of who he was talking to and he lies saying that he was just talking about the party and asks for the new party shoes. Her mother says that tell me with whom you are going and then I will tell where your shoes are. Cabir says that these are the same old friends and no new people. Her mother says that tell me otherwise I will tail the CID after you. Cabir tells her mother to come close and kisses her and then tells her to leave as he has to change.
Nandini is holding the phone in her hand and is wondering whether to ask or not. She then decides to call Manik , he receives the call and she says that she should not have called. Manik says that why did you and end it then. Before Nandini said anything Manik says that he doesn’t have a whole life and tells her to hurry up. Nandini says that he looked woriied when she talked about Harshad and Cabir and says that if she can help. Manik asks if she can stop Harshad and then tells her to stay out of it.
Nandini says that if you are searching for Harshad and I can call him and asks. Manik says that do you expect everyone to be like you and they both of them get in a fight again. Nandini ends the call saying I don’t know why I even called you. Manik says that thank god I know now what Harshad’s intentions are. Cabir is standing near a café and calls someone when Harshad peaks on him. Cabir runs inside when Manik comes and punches Harshad and they get into a fight. Raghav comes and sees them and decides to leave.
Cabir comes and holds Raghav and they kiss each other and Cabir says Happy Birthday to him. Raghav says that this is a reckless thing to do and his birthday is tomorrow. Cabir says that we are trying to bring the two together. Manik and Harshad are still in the fight while Cabir says that he wants this night to be special while Raghav says that he as well but not here. Manik sees the two of them and stops Harshad from turning around.
Raghav leaves the scene but Dhruv says that he can’t and goes to stop the fight. Cabir says that this is not the space academy and you don’t want the rest of your night in lock up. Manik drags Cabir to the car while Cabir says that what you are doing here. Manik explains how he got here and says that he has no right to know the secret before us. Cabir says that this is so funny as he has no secret and then lies about his girlfriend. Manik screams and tells him to shut up and says that he saw you kissing him. Cabir sits by the car and says that he wanted to tell but was scared.
Cabir says that he feared if they would have understood. Manik says that we are your friends and all you had to do was walk up to us and says that this is the person I love. Manik says that no matther who the person was we would have accepted us. He says that no one is normal and that’s what makes us special and human. Cabir says that it was difficult and he tried to suppress them and thought they would go away but they grew with time. He says that he didn’t want to be the clown and didn’t want to be socially unacceptable and some people even use this as an abuse. Cabir says that sometimes he thought that god is punishing him and I used to pray that why didn’t he made him normal. He says that tried many times but failed. Manik says that I am your mirror and face me and say what you want to say. Cabir accepts and tells it to Manik.

Precap: Cabir tells his mother and asks if she would accept him and she hugs him. Aliya calls Dhurv and says that you should tell her. Dhruv says that who are you talking about and cancels the call. Aliya says that if this is the way to bring Manik back then she has to take charge.

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