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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to himself in his room. He says whats wrong to kiss Ishita, its normal, I will practice now. He takes a pillow and says ishita goodnight and is about to kiss it. Ruhi sees him and asks is he a fish, why is he making face like this. He thinks of Ruhi’s words before and gets an idea. He says Ruhi can help me and tells her about someone challenging Raman to kiss all ladies at home, you know my fav. Its Ruhi and kisses her. He says then how to kiss others, will you help me. Ruhi says sure, you will win this challenge. He says good, get the imp lady of this house. She leaves. He says now she will get Ishita, she went on me, I will kiss her now.

Ruhi brings Simmi and Ananya and asks him to kiss them. Simmi asks what is it now. Raman kisses Ananya and Simmi. Simmi asks is he fine, why are you kissing everyone since yesterday night. He says is it bad to love family. Simmi says I feel you went mad, take rest. She leaves. Raman asks Ruhi to get imp person and asks who is remaining now. Ruhi says yes Papa, I will get now. Raman says get Ishita now. Ruhi comes and brings Neelu, shocking him. Ruhi asks him to kiss her. Neelu says what. Raman says Neelu go and work. She leaves. Raman asks Ruhi to get imp person, you are duffer like Ishi Maa. Ruhi says I forgot Ishi Maa. Raman says she will feel bad, get her. Ruhi leaves.

Ruhi brings Ishi Maa. Ishita asks why did you bring me here. Ruhi says Papa will kiss you today. She says what. Ruhi says Papa kissed everyone today and will kiss you now. Ishita says but why, its not needed. Ruh says as I m saying, come on Papa kiss her. Ishita says sorry Raman, and asks Ruhi not to say this. Raman divers her and kisses on her cheek. She is stunned. Hasne laga sehra…………… plays………………. Ruhi jumps happily. Raman and Ishita look at each other. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……………… Ruhi says I will tell everyone that you win the challenge. Raman signs Ishita asking her to go. He comes in her way. She signs him to go and he leaves. She smiles.

Its morning, Mihika hears Mihir taking 15 lakhs loan for Shagun’s marriage. She thinks how to explain him he should not waste time in this, as Ashok will not marry Shagun. Mihir asks Mihika to come and introduces her. The man says I can’t give personal loan. Mihir gets annoyed and says I have banking relations with them, you may give me loan on FDs. Mihika asks him to give loan on her name, and the man agrees. He thanks them and leaves. Mihir says you are perfect, I m so happy thanks and kisses her on her forehead. She says don’t get emotional, I will take money back and laughs. He says I will surely return.

Raman sees Step 2, to help the wife. He says how to help her, arrange her sarees, no she will bite me, last time I opened wrong drawer. He says I will track her heart through food, I will cook. Neelu says Ishita made all food. He says he did not come to make food and asks is tomatoes fresh and washed. He comes in loo and thinks to help Ishita in washing clothes. He puts white and colored clothes together and starts the machine.

Later on, Ishita sees all mess and asks Neelu about the clothes mixed. Raman says ask me, I have washed it from my hands. She says you, very nice, come and see. She shows the foam all over and clothes. He asks who did this. She says what did you do, you ruined all clothes, don’t do work if you can’t, what will we do now, you have put all together and its off by overload and clothes of all colors together, what will I do now. Whats the need to wash it, it was clean and had to just dry up, you manage office, don’t do this. He says I did not know this will happen. She asks Neelu to give him tiffin and send him to office, check clothes if its fine, keep it else burn them.

Ishita gets angry and gets Mani’s call. Raman looks on. She says she will talk later. He asks her to rest. Ishita says Raman troubles me so much, he has put clothes all together in washing machine, how will I manage all this, they don’t cooperate. Mani says relax, I will send mechanic and make everything fine. She says really, you are a savior, you are my hero, thanks. Mani says you are most welcome. Raman hears this and says she made him hero and me villain. She asks him to ask her before doing any work, its good Mani is managing everything. Raman gets annoyed and comes in room.

He says no husband and wife can be happy, if its that, then it will be cross connection. He reads next tips to be friendly with wife’s friend and gets an idea to make him drink scotch. Ishita comes and is angry seeing this. He says no, I m gifting this to Mani. She says very sweet, you got manners, good. Raman murmurs. Neelu gives the man all the clothes. Ishita gives expensive clothes and asks him to deliver tomorrow morning. The mechanic says washing machine is fine now. She says she will talk to Abhimanyu. They all leave. Raman comes from office and hears Ishita thanking Mani for helping her, she was so worried.

He says if she is free, then give him food. He goes to room. She says Raman, listen…. And tells Mani that she got angry on Raman a lot today. Amma talks to Mr. Bhalla and says she wants to help Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla was worried and I told her I will clean house. Mr. Bhalla says Simmi and Neelu will manage. Amma says no formalities. Amma cleans the house with Neelu’s help and sees underbed. She asks Neelu to clean it and sees the wine bottles. She says Ayyo, wine chee, how will home get Shuddh if wine is here. She throws the wine and tells Neelu that she has thrown it, keep bottles outside, spray in the room.

She comes in Raman’s room and says my Ishu keeps her room so clean and smiles. She asks Neelu to see. She sees the wine bottle and flushes it. Mr. Bhalla talks to Simmi. Ishita says how Mani helped. Raman is annoyed. Ishita praises Mani so much. Raman says rule my 3, make wife’s friend my friend. He says I will message him.

He looks at Ishita and says I will play band of her Mani one day. Mani calls Ishita and she thanks him. He says what happened to Raman, he thanked me in message. She says really so sweet, he also got a gift for you. He says really, what is it. She says its surprise wait. He says fine and ends the call. She comes in room and sees him taking out clothes. He asks where is the bottle and calls Neelu. Neelu says Amma has seen it and flushed out wine and thrown bottles out in dustbin. Raman gets angry. He says your family always makes me mad. She says why did Amma do this.

Ashok makes Mihika wear a necklace and she gets angry. He says show me, it looks very nice.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. this is so sweet 🙂
    raman is trying really hard 😀 and ishu isn’t
    i missed their taunts though
    aww..raman kissing ishu …awwww!!!!
    im in luv with this couple <3

  2. ohoh Raman finaly kisd Ishu.i am so hapy.ofcourse al ishra fans r vry hapy nw.

  3. bledy ashok

  4. ishra cnfs ur lve isra fans r watng eagrly.cute nd funny scene(kis)

  5. what the hell going on this serial

  6. whats wrong with this ishita?

  7. wow yaar raman u did it was amazing man.u made all ishra fans happy.but we want more scene btw ishita.first ishu was behind raman but ishu y dont u understand what raman is try to do.bus aap two plz feel for each other and confess ur love.we r waiting for that moment guys.anyways it was superb.and shyness of ishu and expression r mindblowing.and thank amena for picture which u posted was so cute.

  8. it was so cute raman i luv u ishra:-*:-*

  9. not happy with the way this show is progressing. ashok first stole shagun and now mihika. raman will kill ashok for sure. scenes between ishra r not appealing now. they might not win the fav jodi next time around. all scenes r too silly and immatured. just irritating the audience. raman is acting a small kid who does not know anythng. Wonder if it is the same raman who we knew al these days.

  10. I thk ye ishita aur mani mile hue h Raman ko jealous ke liye otherwise ishita is a dumb…

  11. Totally agree with u 123, the writer is really stupid a man needs a manual to make his wife happy? And the kissing story just takes the romance out of the couple, there are so many intense loving scenes between Raman and Ishita, which is supposed to climax into a kissing scene…..he has to kiss all the women in the house in order to kiss his wife on the cheeks, this is ridiculous! Like I said this writer needs to write for kids….I give it a zero!

  12. why r some people here so rude n pessimistic!
    its better not to speak if the words r mean -.-

  13. Its second marraige of roman and his behavior is very un realistic

  14. Pls can they make ds story more realistic. They are killing the vibes of the show already.

  15. the writer is focusing on the comedy quotient as comedy movies r huge hits these days but he is not aware of the fact that the comedy movies just last for a few days. the mood is not sustained for long. how can u make a love story look so silly. u shld have kept some funny title and the mood shld have been maintained on the same lines. we were expecting something extraordinary from Ishra. all gone in vein. the only fine period so far was the period when Ishra were standing against each other during the court scenes and the love feel was really captivating then. How can Ishita act so dumb. She once said that she sees so much love in raman’s eyes but that love is for Shagun and not for her. Can’t she see that love for her now. How can she treat her husband in a rude manner. How can she get angry on him. not good for the eyes.

  16. So romantic moment the scene Raman Ishita only kiss is not so better it also hug then will better and by the by all raman Ishita fan’s are very happy best of luck

  17. So romantic moment the scene Raman Ishita only kiss is not so better it also hug then will better and by the way all raman Ishita fan’s are very happy best of luck

  18. i m missing the fights…but the mani fact is getting very long.i hate the matter….

  19. Raman & Ishu…… Wow.. Great… Ishu madam .. don’t forget the return gift aa.. Change ur hair style Ishu.. Partion didn’t suit u at all.. Ur looking like a real patient…What about the BALA’s mystry..?!

  20. This serial is really good except for that ‘Amma’ over acting. Her dialogues start and end with ‘AYYYOOO’. LADY…, stop saying ayyo for everything if you dont know when where and why to use it…. its used at certain times only not for every expression like you. Happy or sad or angry for everyrhing ayyo and her accent is so annoyingly disgusting.

  21. Thanks for pics amena

  22. Why mani has come between 2 lovers

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