Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Juwla says the decision has been made. She fires a shot at roli baba comes in front of her. He falls on the floor. Juwala cries she says calls the ambulance.
Simar tells prem and sid where they have taken roli. They head towards it.
Juwala cries and says what I did God. You will be fine baba. Birju calls for ambulance. Roli says the truth is don’t know him at all. Juwala says this has happened because of you. Baba opens eyes and says don’t do anything to her. She is my jhumki. Please I love her.
Prem and simar are on the way. Sid has gone to ask fro the place. He comes and they head to the garage.
Roli says your son love jhumki and she looks exactly like me. My whole family knows her. I wish you had asked me before doing this. baba says you are muy jhumki. juwala syas I am with you baba. I will not let anything happen to you. Birju says ambulance is about to come. He dies. Juwala shouts. Roli says what have you done juwala. You killed your own son. I you listened to me your son would have been alive. You should open your eyes and understand that this way is wrong. Birju says I won’t leacve you. You are responsible for his death. Roli escapes. She says where should I go. She is on the road. She fins birju’s car and sits in. Birju and his men come and follow her. Its raining. Roli wonders where to go. She sees a car coming. She can’t see where to go.

Scene 2
There juwala is sitting her son’s dead body. Prem, simar and sid reach the garage. They see juwala with her son. They look fro roli everywhere. Sid asks where is roli juwala devi ? Tell me where is she ? I will kill you all. Police comes and says let us do ur work mr. Sid. They see juwala with her son’s body. They call ambulance. Inspector asks what happened juwala devi. Simar says we have seen everywhere. Roli is not here.

Scene 3
Roli is driving. Se doesn’t know where to go. Her car stops. She wonders what t do. Her car strikes with something. She says it was some car. I should go and see who it was. She see birju and his men coming to her. She sits in the ca again and starts it.

Scene 4
Simar asks please tell us juwala where is roli ? I beg you ? Juwala says in killed my son I killed my baba. Prem gets a call from and says we are coming maa. he tells simar and sid that roli has reached the house. Cops take juwala to police station.

Roli is in her room. Mata ji asks what happened to you ? Tell us. Prem, sid and simar reach too. Siamr hugs roli. She is crying. Siamr says don’t worry roli. Jwuala is arrested. Sid says don’t worry roli. She hugs him. He says everything will okay. DOn’t worry. Mata ji says I don’t get it. Why she abducted roli ? Roli says because of her son. You all remember jhumki. Sujata says how can we forget her. Roli says she is deceived. Juwala’s son loved jhumki and she thought it was me. She kidnapped me, to take the revenge. Siamr says now everything is okay don’t worry. Mata ji says simar is right. You are in your house now. Nothing will happen. Just forget it as a bad dream. Mata I says she need some rest. Simar you stay with her we all are going out.

Simar and roli sit. ROli is crying hard. Simar says everything is fine now. Don’t worry.

Scene 5
At night simar come with milk for roli. Roli is in deep thought. Siamr says drink this milk. Why are you so scared ? Roli says I have done something wrong. When I was on my way back, I hit someone with my car. I wanted to see but birju was following me. Siamr says are you sure that your car hit another car ? Roli says yes I am sure it was a car. What if it had killed someone. Simar says nothing bad would have happened? Tell me where were you at that moment ? SHe syas old cliff. Siamr says okay I will go there tomorrow and ask if something happened there. Don’t be scared. Nothing is gonna happen to you. Don’t tell this to anyone. You should sleep now. Roli places her head in simar’s lap and sleeps.


Precap-Simar goes to the old cliff. She can’t see anyone there. Simar calls roli and says no one is here. Roli says thank you. You cleared all my doubts. When simar turns someone shoves her from the cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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