Gustakh Dil 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan requesting Nikhil to come in her birthday party. Nikhil agrees and says I will come only for you. She hugs him thanking. Nikhil smiles. Lajjo practices some English. She talks to someone who comes to take work from Sagar. Lajjo says don’t worry, Sagar will help you. The girl meets Sagar and says I m Maya. She says I want to work with you. He says you are kate, the auditions are over. Maya stops Sagar holding him while Lajjo looks on. She says but Sagar, give me a chance and touches him in wrong way saying I will do whatever you say.

Sagar asks will you do what I say. She says yes and smiles. He says let go. Get out else I will call the security. Sagar gets angry. Maya leaves. Lajjo is puzzled not understanding what Maya did. The party starts at Barkha’s house. Nikhil greets Gunjan and says I m getting bored. Gunjan asks him to cheer up and don’t try to leave the party.

Nikhil says fine, I will be here till you cut the cake. Gunjan reacts. Barkha welcomes Ratri and introduces her to Gunjan. Ratri sees Nikhil. She meets him and says I met him before, he helped me to drop me at home when my car broke. Nikhil does not look interested. Barkha thinks they know each other, so my work is easy. Barkha gives Ratri a drug and sasy you know what to do, it will be asy for you as you know Nikhil. Ratri smiles.

Lajjo asks Sagar about Maya. She says she wanted a chance and you said get out, why, she was ready to do anything for you. He asks do you know whats its meaning. Lajjo says anything means anything. Sagar says you don’t know anything, its better you be quiet. Lajjo says I know, she was helpless and was finding work, she was ready to do work. Sagar smiles and says you are very innocent, how to explain you, I know she needed work, but her way was wrong, I can’t work with such people. I don’t use anyone’s helplessness. He leaves.

Ayesha thinks about Adhiraj’s words and is upset. Gunjan and Nani come to her and she acts fine and smiling. Nikhil asks Gunjan can he go. She signs no. Ratri smiles seeing him. She asks why are you going seeing me. Nikhil says no, I know you are mum’s friend, but how is it related to me. She says I m sorry for that day.

Barkha keeps an eye on them. Nikhil says we should be professional. Ratri says I m sorry knowing you are a good human being. He says its ok. I accept your apology. Ratri says friends. He says fine, friends. She smiles. Ratri takes Nikhil to dance with her.Nikhil says I m sorry, I m not in a mood to dance. She holds her hand and says come on, just one dance. Barkha smiles seeing them dance. The music changes and a romantic song plays.

Ratri asks Nikhil to have a drink and insists. She mixes the drug in his wine as he looks at other side. He asks him to drink it. He drinks it and his vision shakes. Barkha looks on. Ratri gets closer to Nikhil and hugs him holding his hand. The photographers take their pics. Ratri says I m sorry, they follow me everywhere. Nikhil moves her back and gets up. His head shakes and he feels unwell. Ratri holds him and poses. Nikhil asks are you ok. She says yes. He holds her and they take the pics. Barkha signs Ratri to go after Nikhil. She smiles.

Nikhil sees Lajjo in his room and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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