Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu is traveling in a car with Arnav. Neeraj follows her. Shikha calls him and asks if he is following Madhu. Neeraj says yes and asks her not to worry about Manav. Aditya repeatedly calls Madhu, but Madhu does not pick his call and throws phone out. She gets down at a temple. Jai says Madhu will not go out without driver and they should check driver’s phone. Aditya calls driver who informs that he brought Madhu to an old temple. Aditya informs about it to Mohanto and family and asks them to reach there before Madhu does something.

Madhu enters temple and shouts for Shikha holding a gun. She says Shikha that she brought Manav there as per instructions and asks her to come out. She gets irritated hearing Manav’s cries and asks him to stop crying, else she will kill him. Neeraj watches her and gets tensed.

Aditya, Samaira, and Mohanto’s family reach temple and run towards Madhu. They are shocked to see Madhu holding gunon Manav/Arnav and asking Shikha to come in front of her. Aditya asks if she has gone mad. Madhu asks him not to come in front of him and asks Shikha to come and take Arnav and to leave her. She says Aditya that she is doing it for their safety, if Shikha does not get Arnav, sh e will kill us all. Samaira takes Arnav from there while Aditya and other family members hold her. Madhu bites Aditya’s hand and takes gun from him. She points gun on Samaira and asks her to give Arnav back. Samaira says she will not give back Arnav even if she gets killed. She asks why does she wants to give her son to a ghost. Madhu shoots, but bullet hits on tree bark and falls on Arnav injuring him. Mohanto slaps Madhu and asks Aditya to take Arnav to a hospital. Aditya and Samaira leave in a car. Samaira starts crying seeing Arnav crying and asks Aditya to ride fast.

Madhu asks Mohanto why did he let Samaira take Arnav. Sunaina asks her to think of Arnav than acting madly. Madhu says Shikha will not spare us and she runs into her car. Sunaina says what happened to Madhu. Jai says she has gone mad totally.

Madhu asks Mohanto to come with him as she cannot go alone. Jai says we should take Madhu to a psychiatrist.

Aditya and Samaira bring Arnav to hospital. Arnav is taken into ICU. Samaira starts crying vigorously looking at Arnav. Aditya tries to console him and says nothing will happen to Arnav. Doctor comes out and says he could not save Arnav. Samaira gets devastated and runs towards Arnav. Even Aditya starts crying seeing Arnav. It is just Samaira’s dream. Aditya thinks why is Samaira so tensed about Arnav, it must be because Arnav is a small kid.

Avinash informs Mahi and Sudha that Neeraj informed Manav is unwell and is in hospital. Sudha says she wants to see Manav right now. Avinash says if she goes there, everyone will know Samaira is Shikha and they cannot get back their Manav. Sudha starts crying and prays god to protect Manav.

Samaira/Shikha prays god to protect Manav and cries. Avinash comes there. Shikha hugs him and cries. Avinash consoles her and says nothing will happen to Manav. Shikha says she did a big mistake and risked Manav life due to her plan. Avinash says whatever she is doing is to get back Manav. He gets tensed seeing Aditya standing there. Even Shikha gets tensed. Aditya comes there and says Samaira is tensed about Arnav. Avinash gets relieved that Aditya did not hear anything.

Samaira informs doctor that Arnav is her child and she gave birth to him. Madhu hears her conversation.

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