Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi is going in. Ragahv says i can’t live without you for whole year. KAlpi says we can’t meet Ragahv. Raghav says why can’t you ? Vitthal comes and says why are you annoying my daughter when she doesn’t wanna talk to you. Stay away from her. I told you why you came closer to her. Kalpi tries to stop him. Vitthal says go in Kalpi, I wanna talk to him/ Nettu comes and says come on kalpi lets go in. Vitthal says once you left her that doesn’t mean you will do this again and again. Kalpi is on stairs. Pakhi sees Kamla coming. Everyone is shocked to see her. Kamla is shocked at what’s going in the chowl.Kamla says what are you doing here pakhi ? Pakhi says me and Raghav were on the way to home. Kalpi was looking for an wuto so we dropped her here. Kamla says that good. I will come to meet you. You shall go to home.Kamla says come on Vitthal. Raghav says Kamla maa.. Kamla says lets go Vitthal. They go upstairs. Kalpi looks at Raghav and then follows Kamla. Nettu says kamla ruined my plan. Raghav looks at Pakhi and then sits in his car. Pakhi follows him.
On the way, Pakhi thinks this is the first time are on a drive together. I won’t waste this chance. Someone has to break the ice. Pakhi says thank you. Todays; lunch was so special. Afetr wedding this is the first time we ate together. SHe says in heart i vow Raghav i will love you so much that you will forgive Kalpi.

Scene 2
In the house Vitthal is so angry. Kalpi is quite scared. Kamla says whats wrong vitthal ? Vitthal says why you sat in Raghav’s car kalpik. Were we dead ? Couldn’t you call us ? There would have ben a rickshaw instead of car but we would pick you up. Kalpi says my phone was dead. Vitthal shouts and says were the PCO’s no there ? Nettu says its not her mistake she is Pakhi’s friend. Its better that they brought her or she would have been here alone. I was so worried for her. Its not easy to look for an auto in rain. Its better that someone known left her here. Kamla says she is right Pakhi’s is kalpi;s friend. She must have asked her. Vitthal says she asked and kalpi agreed ? Couldn’t she see Raghav driving the car ? He left gher alone in the wedding hall. Tell her not to meet Raghav again I won’t leave him. Kamla says calm down I will talk to her. Kamla wonders what will Vitthal do if he finds out about the sindur.

Scene 3
Gauri says I have told this girl to stay away from Raghav. SHe is trying to go close to him. Raghav and Pakhi come home. Gauri says should I serve the food the Rahav ? He nods and leave. Pakhi is about to go. Gauri holds her hand and says listen don’t act smart like your mom. Ragahv doesn’t love you. This wedding is part of my plan. Don’t do anything for him again. You will hurt yourself if you go close to him. She leaves.

Scene 4
Vitthal says its the first time I have been loud with my daughter. kamla says you are her dad you have the right to scold at her. I know kalpi will understand you. Vitthal says when will she ? How can I make her believe that it sets my heart on fire when I see her with Raghav. I have never felt this weak in my life. I wish I could give kalpi all her happiness. I don’t wanna see tears in her eyes. Her should never be broken. Kamla says don’t think like that Vitthal. Kamla says I know you acre about kalpi so much. Ragahv sees the dupatta of kalpi’s dress. he says how it got colored ? Isn’t it the same dress I brought for her birthday. this is sindur. Kamla says h we went to temple so some sindur fell on it. I washed it, will wash again. Let me take the clothes from outside. Vitthal wonders why is kamla so tensed.

Kalpi is sitting out with the sindur Raghav sent her. She recalls when he put sindur in her head. She recalls Kamla saying hthat you broke my promise. Kamla comes to her and sit near her. Kalpi places her head in kamla’s lap. She says please forgive me ai. I never thought I will hurt you and baba. I never wanted to sit with them but I couldn’t say no to pakhi and Raghavv. Kamla says I know I trust you. don’t worry about what baba said. He is worried because he cares about you. Everything will be better with time. Kalpi asks you did pooja for bith of our names ? Whose pooja did God accept ? kamla says kalpi forget Ragahv. You saw that your baba was so angry when he saw Ragahv with you. he sae your dupatta with sindur. I lied to him first time. I can’t see you down in his eyes. Just imagine what will he feel when he finds that Raghav put sinfur in yoru head. Forget him, that’s the wish of your dad and God’s decision. Kalpi says I can’t forget him. He Is my everything. I never knew that he will become this important for me, This is the truth of my life. This sindur is my truth. Kamla says you are not understanding the intensity. Kalpi says how can I forget him. we are one soul now. I am his wife how can I leave him. We are together forever Vittahal comes and turns her towards him. Kalpi says baba I.. Vitthal slaps her and the sindur box falls down. Kamla shouts and says Vitthal stop. Vitthal says its all your mistake. you concealed this such a big thing from me. he goes to kalpi and says you betrayed me. I was ready to fight with the world for her. Vitthal says you forgot how he left you alone in the wedding hall. I am defeated by my daughter. I thought that you are sensible but you felt down and you brought my self respect down too.

Precap-kalp is trying to collect the sindur from the floor. its has rained all over it. Kalpi dips her finger and puts it in her head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. hello, mon, ek, net, girjaji, anshu, ap and all other tu friends. guys i love when vithal scolded kmla she deserv it. yes feeling bad and sad for kalpi and raghave .now my hope is also gone and thought that one day pakhi will get raghave (get pregnat) sleep together (in fame of kalpi) i am broke fully. kalpi loves him a lot and showing and caring this true love with her on behalf of him as well but he is doing wrong.. pls get back our past raghave pls take decision be strong and treat ur mom, pakhi , kapoors, kamla and all in ur rude way and do ur revenge and get ur love ints not revenge now its ur true love with purity. pls do not stay ad dumbo and under pressure of ur mom, pakhi marriage, kamla and all no way. u r much mature and intelligent men u have guds and mind that you can take all of selfish person and show them their way specially paakhi and neetu. i like gauri words she is correct pakkhi is doing same like her mom. i just want that raghave show her real imge and say what is diffrent then her and kalpi and why he loves her always. he slap hardly and say how she is. pls raghave get back ur senseble character and fight with all of them for ur revenge and love. and keep bring light up of u true love in dream and reality. pls pls this is called ek muthi asman.

  2. hatekamlapakhi

    Pls end the characters of Pakhi and Kamala. Both are so irritating. Getting on my nerves

  3. For your kind information nothing will going to happen. because what ISHAAN tweeted and we all dint know SHIRINA SINGH -PAKHI is a PART OF DJ CREATIONS. so leave EMA . now i have come to know she is in the management and works

  4. Yes girija ji i left ema
    Just come here to read cmnts

  5. anshu i send friend request to ur face book account. you accept it

  6. Raghav-Kalpi Voted As Most Popular Jodi Of Indian Television
    In a recent poll conducted by Tellyexpress, where viewers were asked to vote for the most popular jodi of Indian Television; it was Raghav-Kalpi (Ek Mutthi Aasman) of Zee TV’s popular show Ek Mutthi Aasmaan produced by DJ’s Creative Unit who won the Poll with a whooping 37.7% of the total votes (107,000) cast.
    2nd Place: Rudra-Paro (Rangrasiya) 30.86% (88,404 votes)
    3rd Place: Zain-Aaliya (Beintehaa) 15.75% (45,113 votes)
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  7. Whenever kamala cries i take as joke and enjoy. EMA become the comedy show where kamala always cries for nothing.

  8. hi chocopi mon dd girjaji anshu and all tu frns i watched yesterdays epi and noticed how kamla eyes and face expressions changed(aag ugalne lagti hai) while som one talkig to hurt pakhi ………………when vithal was beating kalpi she didnot stop him an said vithal u have right to scold ur daughter……………………..double standared women ……….not treating her daughters in same way stupid

  9. frns one thing also irritating me that no one ask kalpi ki hua kya that bs listens only one sided story and starts scolding kalpi…………………………kamla fulfill all the wishes of pakhi and wants that kalpna fulfill their wishes what a irony …………………….parents only nourish their children does not want any thing in returns

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