Sasural Genda Phool 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashyaps Dislike Titli’s Father

Sasural Genda Phool 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli finishes her dinner and keeps rotis for her father. Jagadish returns home inebriated in a richman’s attire. She laughs and asks where he had gone to con someone. He says he had gone to her fake in-law’s house. Titli is shocked and scolds him. He says when she does it, its business, and when he does it, its wrong; she is right that they are weird people are stuck to each other and are always in crowd. Titli says they are normal people and not thieves like them, they are true to each other and don’t lie like them, etc.

Family complains Ishan that Titli’s father visited them and he seems to be more corrupt than Titli, he was heavily drunk and was talking about burglary, buying liquor at half price, commission, visiting jail often, etc., so he should stop seeing Titli as she got a wrong upbringing by her father. Ishan says they can’t judge Titli by her father’s behavior and gets adamant to marry only Titli. Rano warns to dare not to followed by half of the family. He walks out adamantly to his room. In room, he thinks half of the family hates Titli and soon they will reject her. Ishika walks to him and supports family. Their argument starts, and he gets adamant that he will marry only Titli.

Ishan meets Titli at a restaurant and praises her for sending a fake father who misbehaved with his family so much that they hate him to the core and opposing their alliance, soon he will reject Avni’s proposal and then Titli’s job is over. Titli says its good as she is tired of his family’s goodness, anyone would get diabetes if they meet his family, etc. Ishan continues joking on her fake father. She gets angry and says if he had insulted her father, she would have broken his face. He asks her to calm down. She walks away without having food and thinks he was right, but why she is feeling bad.

Back home, Ishan shows Jagadish’s video to Badimaa where he flirts with Rano and says Rano is opposing his and Titli’s wedding. Badimaa says his happiness matters and assures to convince Rano. Rano hearing that confronts Badimaa and says if they get Ishan married to Titli, they will see her dead face.

Precap: Badimaa suggests Ishan to bring Titli home often to make family like her. Ishan thinks what if family really likes Titli. Titli slips and falls in Ishan’s arms. Their eyes lock.

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